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The Euro and the ECB Although not apparent at this stage of the global economic crisis, nobody surprised that the monetary authorities of the major currencies are now all for making tremendous efforts to depreciate their currencies. Implementing right and left its monetary policies, setting meager interest rates and well weighted here and there, massing the asset purchase programs (such as "quantitative easing") in the United States and in Japan etc.. They say that soon the green shoots come for all economies, and meanwhile printed and printed paper with no real monetary value .. Broadly speaking, we know that with all these tricks and they only seek whippersnappers keep their exchange rates to boost exports reduced to necessarily make them more competitive against the periphery countries and the third world who are always the big losers. Now regarding the Eurozone, we know The ECB not has among its institutional mandates direct or indirect intervention in the currency markets. It is known to us who follow daily the exchange rates in forex whenever you publish or magnify certain information on the economic status of the Eurozone (or leaves Draghi to chatter) which usually have …
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Fundamental is good to trade if you have sources to the figure and broadcast, Nice article

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AdamFx42 10 Aug.

Well done, sir +1

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amerfx86 31 Aug.

nice article +1

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Diary of a newbie trader: part 1 Just a half year ago I didn’t know anything about the Forex market, currency pairs, technical analyses and so on . I am just your basic guy, married, 2 kids, working hard and having fun. My experience with the stock market was characterized by losing money because I had to clever idea of entering the stockmarket just before the bubble broke. Still, I was always fascinated by the market and technical analyses when I read about. When I saw an article on retail traders in the Forex market I was surprised that the currency Market was opened to the average Joe like me. In my dreams I saw me trading against Warren Buffet, the big hedge funds and National Banks. I then made a decision and reserved a couple of thousand Euro to start trading on the Forex market. I am not a “fast & greed is good” guy and I want to take my time and enjoy the path of learning this new trade. This path took me over months through hours of videos, Forex “schools”, (web) articles, forums and more. One tip for other newbies; skip all vids and articles that will tell you that it’s easy to make money on the Forex market, and try to find those that have realistic view on the (playe…
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Ivolux 4 Feb.

For someone only trading for 6 months your are doing very well, keep up the good work and I predict you will be successful trader

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SpecialFX 21 Feb.

It's good to see that after only 6 months you already have found out the ingredients of profitable trading as seen in your 3 trading rules. People can spend years foolishly trying all kinds of approaches when the answer is simple: go with the trend, no intraday, good risk/reward, job done :)

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amadi1 25 Feb.

nice one.

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Efegen 28 Feb.

Loved it. Please continue :)

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