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Слышали об индикаторе Stochastic? Уверен, что да. Весьма полезный инструмент в толковых руках. В этой статье я расскажу о "стохастическом поглощении" и его применении в торговле на валютном рынке Форекс. В статье также будут отображены все возможные фильтры, которые помогут более продуктивно использовать данный метод торговли. Данный термин придумал я сам, поэтому статья уникальна по своей сути.
Рабочее пространство
Первым делом начнем с настройки рабочего стола. Нам потребуются четыре стандартных индикатора. Список индикаторов с настройками:
  • Скользящая средняя. Период 200. Красный цвет.
  • Скользящая средняя. Период 50. Синий цвет.
  • Stochastic. Период 5,3,3. Цвета синий и красный.
  • Stochastic. Период 21,3,3. Цвета зеленый и красный.

Так это должно все выглядеть на графике.
Работаем только на временных интервалах от четырех часов и выше. Ловим только чистый рынок, шум нам не нужен.

Как и в любой торговой стратегии у нас есть фильтры. В роли них выступают две скользящие средние с периодами 50 и 200.
Если скользящая с периодом 50 находится ниже скользящей с периодом 200, то движение нисходящее и мы будем искать вход только на продажу. Если же скользящая с периодом 50 ок…
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Scalping is hard. It takes a lot of time, it can be emotionally draining and extremely stressful. And if you’re not careful with your risk control scalping can ruin your trading account. But there’s a time and place for every trading style and sometimes scalping should be your system of choice.
You Need Rules!
Scalping requires a quick mind and fast fingers. You need to have rules for both entries and exits, as well as for your risk management (more on this below). These rules need to be clear, simple and easy to follow. There must be no room for second-guessing yourself or thinking too much. In scalping, there’s just no time to analyse the charts to death and you can’t work out a plan after you enter.
Setting Up Our Charts
Time to setup our charts. My one minute system uses three indicators, two moving averages and one oscillator. For the Moving Average click on ‘Add Indicator’ in your J-forex platform, then open the ‘Overlap Studies’ folder and pick ‘MA - Moving Average’ from the list. The default values here are Simple Moving Average applied to the closing price, so you only need to change the initial value from 30 to 25. Now repeat the same process and add a second SMA with a v…
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miriam1313 Enju OlgaBLR Thank you ladies!

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As always, I'm open to any questions you guys might have.

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I have taken it upon myself to create a strategy that is profitable and can consistently win prizes in the Dukascopy strategy contest, I know this is a big ask but I am willing to settle for a strategy that does well eight months out of the twelve months in a year. That would give me a winning percentage of approximately 67%.
For as long as I can remember, my biggest losing trades have been when I traded against the prevailing trend. These experiences have formed and hardened my trading ideology, which is to always trade in the direction of the market, and above all never to try and predict market tops or bottoms.
I have also looked for ways to sharp my trading edge; trading in the trend direction is not always good enough, one has to look for the best entry points to maximize the profits that can be gotten from a trend. This lead me to the Elliot wave theory and its numerous wave counts; there is a picture below that summarizes the wave counts.
My interest was kindled by the length of the various waves; waves 3 and waves 5 in particular. The theory was simple, after a trend begins, there is usually some kind of pull-back or correction before the trend continues on its way. The i…
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CD1V1... this is really right approach to succeed in trading, I use the same I call it ICE  : (i) Impulse + (C) Correction >>> lead to (E) Extension
...Great article

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very useful information, great article

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I have participated actively in the strategy contest for the last 25 months, and I have been unable to win a cash prize. I have carefully examined the performance of all the strategies I have used over this period, and I believe I have been able to narrow down the reasons for my unsuccessful months;
It may not be surprising to note that this is one of the reasons several traders are also unsuccessful; not sticking to one particular strategy in the strategy contest. I have used a different strategy for almost every month out of the 25 months of my participation; this has greatly narrowed the probability of me winning any prize.
Looking at this from a mathematical perspective, if we were looking for “tails” from a coin toss, and we tossed the coin 25 times; there is a possibility, no matter how slim it is that we would get a “tail” from one of those 25 tosses.
Not getting a tail after 25 coin tosses would mean the coin is either not well-balanced, or the person tossing the coin is extremely unlucky.
So a well-thought-out strategy would also be successful as long as that strategy is employed consistently in the strategy contest. It does not mean the strategy would wi…
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Contrary to popular trading beliefs, there are actually such things as perfect trade setups. The reason a lot of traders say perfect trade setups do not exist is because they rarely have the patience to wait for these perfect setups.
My definition of a perfect trade is a trade that has the following characteristics:
  1. It should be in the direction of the trend.
  2. It should have minimal risk and have a good risk-to-reward potential.
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There are many studies made about trading the financial markets, and many agree that the best and most profitable way to trade the financial markets is to go with the trend. Going through many forex forums, I have discovered that the most successful systems on display are those who use a trend-following strategy.
Before we had fancy indicators and high-tech market analysis, there were thousands of people who made money from the stock market by simply following a moving average. As simple as that sounds, it goes to show that effective trading must have two things: trend-following approach and a simplistic application.
This was my inspiration for the creation of my September strategy in the strategy contest. My aim was to create a system that would first determine the trend, and then take trades after corrections in the direction of the trend.
The Project
My first task was finding the right indicator to determine the direction of the market and the appropriate time frame to base trading decisions on. Many recommend using a big time frame like 4-hour charts or daily charts; these time frames are very reliable in identifying the trend, but I was looking for a time frame to help me c…
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What an interesting strategy!

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can you suggest the SL, TP you apply for the strategy?

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If we want to find the most important tool for the technical analysis of securities we just couldn't find a better one then moving average. Traders was using it as an earliest tool for finding profitable buying and selling points. Moving average is still used by traders and investors from all hues as a major reference point. All of the variations that are existing are trying to remove the noise …
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The principle behind most trading systems is to trade in the direction of the trend. This is because trend following systems tend to be more profitable than counter-trend trading. As long as the markets are trending in a particular direction, trend following systems can be very rewarding.
“A market trend is defined as a tendency of financial market(s) to move in a particular direction over time”. That is the definition according to Wikipedia.
Investopedia describes a market trend as “the general direction of a market or of the price of an asset.”
From the above descriptions, there are two main attributes of a trend. It must have a given direction, and it must have moved in that direction for a certain period of time. There are essentially two types of market trends; a bullish trend is when the market prices are steadily going upwards, while a bearish trend represents a steady drop in market prices.
Bull Market
Bear Market
The problem with determining the trend is that there are many time frames to choose from, so what could look like a bullish trend on a 1-hour chart could be part of a bear…
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Interesting article!! Well done

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In the spirit of learning and sharing, I am going to convert my Catch a Trend Strategy into a JForex trading robot. I did not find it challenging implementing on Visual JForex compared to automating the Day Scalper strategy, which utilizes moving average envelopes and complex entry methods.
As I always state when sharing my trading strategies, there is no holy grail in forex trading. Every strategy will lose at a point no matter how advanced it is. What carries the day is proper risk management.
Multiple Bots Lowers Risk
With automated strategies, I have learned that spreading the risk across multiple robots with different entry methods and trade management systems greatly lowers my losses even if it is on the same pair. I risk 10% of my live account and run 10 to 15 bots concurrently on a VPS.
As seen from the following image on a demo account with Dukascopy, multiple bots were able to cover losses and end the period in profit. If I was running only 1 bot, the chances of profit or loss would have been 50%.
The next image shows the performance of many bots over a period of 30 days, but not on Dukascopy.
Note: I count pips made not the money.
As you can see, one bot trading GBPUSD …
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very interesting- at least I see first advantage of automated trading- when trading manually it is rather imposible to incorporate 15 different strategies

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Pipx: Thank you for your generosity.
Can you please help me for this strategy:
I want to get email alert for different symbols.
1.  I want to select XX (number ) symbols (currency pairs): Example, I select 12 pairs.
2. I want to get alerted two conditions are met:
3. out of selected pairs  XX pairs are moving
(a)  in any one direction. Up or down, but must be in same direction.
(b)  if have gained (for up direction) or lost (for down direction) by XX pips
3. As I can't sit (because of back pain)  to watch I want to receive email and push notifications.


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This article is the second part of my last article titled June Chronicles I . These articles are essentially an analysis of market behavior purely from a technical analyst’s point of view. For the analysis, we are focusing on 3Ts: Technical Analysis, Trend and Timing.
The technical analysis method is the use of trend lines on four hourly charts to confirm the market direction. To determine the trend, we use a Simple moving average with a value of 100, and the periods for best entries will be filtered using the Average Directional Index (ADX) indicator.
The last five trading days have been very eventful; if there is anything I am learning from this month’s trading activity; it is that even though technical analysis will show you the way, fundamental information is the spark that lights up the trend.
Going into the month of June, the first sign that the trend was changing on the Eurusd occurred around 07:00 on the 2nd of June, when the market closed above our 100SMA.
A few hours later, market volatility was confirmed when the ADX indicator went above 25; signifying a strong trend back by volatility and momentum.
The final confirmation was when the market closed above the t…
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good work! very useful!

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Good article. Very interesting that you are using ADX for Trending behaviour. In my opinion it doesnt show the trend just volatility. Its a little bit dangerous because an uprising ADX can mean short or long.

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Many people argue that trading the forex market is a major gamble; because the trader has no idea where the market is going or how much it will move in a specific direction. To some extent i agree with that view, but i also know there several traders have made millions from these same financial markets. I know they did not all count on luck, rather they employed a defined trading approach and stuck to it.
This article is about my trading strategy and its performance during the month of May 2014.

It is a trend-following system that uses the 20-day EMA, 200-day EMA, 84-day (Commodity Channel Index) CCI and 18 -Time Period (Time Segmented Volume) TVS.
Entry Rules
Long trade conditions:
  1. Buy when the hourly candle closes above the 200-day EMA
  2. The 20-day EMA is pointing upwards and below price
  3. The TVS indicator is above the zero line
  4. The 84-day Commodity Channel Index is above the zero line

Short trade conditions:
  1. The hourly candle closes below the 200-day EMA
  2. The 20-day EMA is pointing downwards
  3. The TVS indicator is below the zero line
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I like view on success in trading that one who want succeed should have own trading approach and stuck to it.

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Is it possible to be consistently ‘lucky’ in the currency market and produce profitable results on a monthly basis?
This was the question I asked myself, the answer is NO. You cannot be profitable every month based purely on luck. In my search to become a better trader, I read a book titled “The New Market Wizards” by Jack D. Schwager. The book contains a series of interviews with some of the greatest traders of our time. After reading the book, I found out a very profound truth; No trading success is based on accident or luck. These great traders interviewed all had one thing in common; they had a defined methodology or strategy. And they stuck to it and they made consistent profits.
Consistent profits from trading require a methodology or trading system;this is what led me to my “Golden cross strategy”. It is a trend-following system that uses the 20-day EMA, 200-day EMA, 84-day (Commodity Channel Index) CCI and 18 -Time Period (Time Segmented Volume) TVS.
Entry Rules
Long trade conditions:
  1. Buy when the hourly candle closes above the 200-day EMA
  2. The 20-day EMA is pointing upwards and below price
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Nice article! Its good to have a disciplined approach to trading. And congratulations on your performance in the trader contest. You are did well. Best of luck this month brother.

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PS: i subscribed to your signals, i am very expectant.

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3rd month of the elaboration of the subject. Congratulations on your success anyway. I didn't follow the blog, but i know your style so far. And one truth - you would NEVER leave the strategy on the real account. This was fooling around (maybe you had too many eggs) that cost you big time. Just to prove the strategy works

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January 2013 was a very interesting trading month for me; I learnt more in that month, than all my months of trading combined. I learnt to SEE the trend. This might seem funny to a lot of traders, because most traders open their charts and can tell easily if the market is bullish or not. The essence of this article is to share my trading setup and some trading tips which have helped me become a better trader.

Before I begin, there are some basic trading principles which we must consider.

The markets trend and they can trend for several weeks or months.
The best place to enter a trade is after a trend has been confirmed; this would probably mean placing trades in the “middle” of a trend.

When the trend is up, we buy dips and when the trend is down we sell rallies.

The Golden Cross is a very popular trading concept used for generating trading signals. The signals are generated when a short-term Moving Average (MA) crosses over or under a long-term Moving Average. Bullish signals are created when the short-term MA crosses over the long-term MA, while we get bearish signals when the short-term MA crosses below a long-term MA.
An example can be seen below; a cross between the 5-day
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rokasltu 19 fév

interesting article and very impressive illustrations; I also made similar mistake in this months trader contest by going short with GBP, it is useful to read about emotions control once more...

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You got good ideas in your article. But, I think that the trend definition is not complete. And the signals' entry analysis is too simple. Really good article for beginners but a lot of other good considerations are missed here to complete your article.

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jezz 26 fév

I love to see a good critique, seems more productive... gives you an idea of where to improve

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nice article

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Nice article. How do we get the TSV indicator for metatrader 4 since it's an important component of this strategy

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EURUSD First Chart Weekly; Second Chart Daily: Last Bar: 22-02-2013. EU almost closed unchanged on Friday after testing 1.3250 resistance level and 1.3150 support level. ON DAILY CHART:An ascending bullish trendline had been broken (on 21-02-2013), however, after the break the pair had respected the support level and other cluster of supports (100 SMA, 50% fib level, 15 EMA on weekly and monthly chart). EU is capped by a descending bearish trendline. This month had been bearish for EU so far, however, we have 1 more week to go before the month ends.The last 6 month has been bullish for EU. There is still a strong bullish momentum on weekly chart, however, that momentum is limited because there are not enough buyers left (The cycle on the monthly chart is high and is turning down). ON THE WEEKLY CHARTThere has been a validated inverse head and shoulder pattern on weekly chart and the pair is now trying to put in the first tradable wave low. If it breaks above 1.37110 it is likely it would go up to the projected head and shoulder target (1.42400). Switching back to daily chart, If the descending trendline that is capping this pair as bearish is broken, we may see EU trade higher to t…
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SpecialFX 26 fév

"Italian elections this week (Feb 25) should move this market." They sure are moving the market. When events like this happen all technical setups lose all importance, good article though :)

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doctortyby 28 fév

Italian ellections indeed have moved the market this week... well not quite... moreover the Speculators have profited on the fundamentals and the lack of a clear coalition between the parties. Monday was a speculation day, and no technical levels did hold or were respected especially on JPY pairs, record amplitude bearish daily candle in those pairs. And from Tuesday till Today the money stayed out of the market so the technical levels still didn't matter... only some SLs from the Order Flow Book were triggered and provided confirmation. PS: 5 Years in FX and you still use MACD and Stochs? :)

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Hi Friends, I am going to share with you one of the simplest trading strategies you could ever come across. This is based on the idea “KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid”. It doesn’t involve any fancy or complicated indicators nor does it involve any complex methodologies. After reading this you might wonder why it didn’t occur to you or if this really works. I assure you that if you follow this strategy exactly as explained here and also adhere to few basic rules and instructions, you will never have a losing week or a month (there could be few losing days once in a while). So if you are ready for it, here it goes- Indicators- Simple moving average 200 (for direction) Simple moving average 10 (for entry) Time frame- Any. Works on 5 min, hourly and daily charts. Day traders could use 5 min charts, Swing traders can use hourly charts and long term investor can use daily charts. Item- It can be used for any currency pair, commodity, Indices or stocks. Long Entry- When the price candle closes or is already above 200 day MA, then wait for price correction until price drops to 10 day MA, then when the candle closes above 10 day MA on the upside, the enter the trade. Stop loss would be when…
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eddies888 28 juin

I am also having issues understanding the exit strategy,any chance of explaining a bit better ...thanks

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im having trouble understanding entry. If im looking to short, and its below the 200 MA and closes what am i looking for a rise to the 10 day? 10 day is below the 200 day MA so do i just wait for the close below 10 day if its below the 200? or?? can you please explain! thanks.

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Muha 29 nov

this is gold stradegy xz thank you so much

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When using the 5-minute chart, how many trades per day do you need to enter to realize your projected 2-3 profitable trades per week?  Same question for the 1-hour chart; How many trades to get to 2-3 profitable trades per month?

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Mr. Sudink:  How many trades per day do you need to enter on the 5 minute chart to reach your projected 2-3 profitable trades per week?

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