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Hi my dear Dukascopy traders. Some of my forex trader friends in Azerbaijan say that gold is the one of the most difficult commodity to trade. Over my 4 years of monitoring the gold market noticed me many profitable strategy. Today I will show you my gold strategy. I have tested this several times and gain many pips from the trading and I am sure that this strategy will useful for you.
WARNING: Please read this article carefully and test it in you demo account 5 or 6 month.
In this strategy we will use 3 indacator (Moving average, MACD and RSI)
1. Add 4 Exponential Moving Averages
  • 25 days Exponential Moving Averages (color blue)
  • 50 days Exponential Moving Averages (color yellow)
  • 100 days Exponential Moving Averages (color green)
  • 200 days Exponential Moving Averages (color red)

Exponential moving average show us support and resistance, indicate take profit and stop loss. I use moving averages to track the candle and put take profit and stop lose.
2. Add MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator)
  • Fast EMA - 12
  • Slow EMA - 26
  • MACD SMA - 9
  • Apply to - close
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Good job !

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klintons 19 Jan.


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Experto 26 Jan.


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xDamko 1 Feb.

nice work

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samme2 21 Feb.


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I chose today one of the most important technical tools that investors rely on in the long term and also adopted by most analysts in their analysis of all financial markets and most of the graphs you find in it because some consider the border and the most important between the ups and downs for a share, commodity or currency and use shall be for the daily time frame and above.
The name of this indicator is (The moving average 200).
There are many experts and analysts who rely on buying and selling decisions on this average without other tools and that is due to its credibility and strength in all market conditions, I have tried this average for 6 months at different time periods such as four hours and hour and others and found many positive and negative observations in the work of this indicator on different periods and that we are talking about the currency market also found a difference, even if simple results or credibility from one pair to another.

My way of taking advantage of the 200 SMA:
First, I will explain to you quickly the concept of technical averages and indicators for analysts and how they will be used in their trades and decisions based on the amou…
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maikfx 29 Dec.

Esta estrategia es muy buena!!

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Skif 31 Dec.

interesting article

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areesha 16 Jan.


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inswe7 21 Jan.

very good

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Experto 26 Jan.

excellent analysis

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В этой статье речь пойдет о классическом индикаторе Moving Average и нахождении областей поддержки и сопротивления при помощи него. Для определения конкретной точки входа мы рассмотрим некоторые приемы Price Action.
Индикатор Moving Average
Moving Average или Скользящая Средняя является классическим индикатором и имеется в каждом торговом терминале. Скользящая Средняя рассчитывает среднюю цену цены за определенный интервал времени. Период равен количеству дней.
Есть несколько разновидностей скользящих средних. Например, Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted. Мы будем использовать Exponential MA, поскольку она дает более точную картину происходящего.
Начнем с настройки рабочего пространства. В терминале наложим на график 3 индикатора Moving Average:
  1. Moving Average (EMA) c периодом 50. Цвет синий.
  2. Moving Average (EMA) с периодом 100. Цвет зеленый.
  3. Moving Average (EMA) с периодом 200. Цвет красный
Так это должно выглядеть на графике. На рисунке мы наблюдаем отчетливое нисходящее движение. При восходящем движении все наоборот.
Сперва определим необходимый нам отрезок, где мы будем искать область входа. При нисходящем движении скользящие должны располагаться в следующ…
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TradeSem 9 Feb.

Хорошо работает также на сутках.  Сутки- зона (как в статье), Неделя- фильтр ( по машке 200), 4 часа-точка.

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Ну , с моей тс, конечно , не сравнить . Но все на уровне????

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Трейдить на 15 минутах не так уж и плохо , а риски можно анализировать и так же с успехом открывать и закрывать сделки

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А статья довольно-таки неплохая , очень разумно разъяснено. Спасибо

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Milian 15 Feb.

Great work)

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Review of last week
Last week began with a low-volatility due to the bank holiday in the UK and Memorial Day in the US. On the first day of trading we had data on inflation in Germany, which were in line with forecast and were 0.3%. The same day, but in later times, Japan has demonstrated its unemployment data which were steady at 3.2 which is not much change market.
The first excitement came after the article in Bloomberg that Abe prime minister has made a decision on the delay tax rise, to hit the yen and the yen reached a bottom after that during the last few weeks under all currency pairs. However turnover occurred after confirming the news when became the official, Japanese yen did not fall on the first notice that after a few hours strongly strengthened against the dollar from the 110.70 to 109.
On Tuesday we had confirmation that inflation in the Eurozone was at the expected level in the amount of 0.8%, which is just above last month for 0.1%. GDP in Canada was weaker than expected and the news affected the fall of Canadian dollar despite rising oil prices, which in the last week trading for the first time this year was above $ 50 per barrel. Ends week brought the excitement…
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great article



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amerfx86 30 June

Thanks a lot all, for your opinion.

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klintons 4 July


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paglu 2 Aug.

Very important

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Данная статья посвящена принципу работы, созданной мною стратегии, на основе индикаторов T3 и S&R (ссылка на стратегию ). Также, в статье представлена инструкция, о том, как получить данные по трейдам и индикаторам на историческом тестере (шаг за шагом).
Условие открытия позиций
*Risk % рассчитывается в привязке к SL и каждый трейд будет нести риск во столько процентов от депозита, сколько вы укажете. То есть если SL = 10 pips , a Risk % = 1 то при депозите в 100 000$ объем сделки будет равен 0.01 mio итд.

Когда значение индикатора Т3 меняется с DownTrend на UpTrend и наоборот, стратегия проверяет условие: меньше или равна дистанция от индикатора до последнего значения S&R поддержки(зеленые точки), значению SL SizeLimit, как показано на изображении ниже.
При нисходящем тренде SL SizeLimit измеряется от синих точек индикатора S&R.
Закрываются позиции по ТР или при смене тренда.
Анализ данных на историческом тестере.

Для того чтобы получить данные следует установить настройки как на изображении ниже. *Тестер, по окончании работы, сохранит отчеты и сообщения в папку Документы, на вашем компьютере.
Запускаем тестирование.
Полученные данные, открываем в программе MS Exc…
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FX90 29 Feb.

thank you and good luck

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Illya 29 Feb.

Thank you too!) And wish u good luck for the following month!

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FX90 29 Feb.

@Illya thanks a lot

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Luck for everybody!! Yiiiiha!!! :)

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Illya 29 Feb.

@Natali_Niyazova Right Natali, Luck for everyone!)))Yooopppiiii :)

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Trend lines are most popular in Forex for technical analysis of market. Most successful traders are using them. But only trend lines are not enough for trading because trend lines show many fake signals or breakouts. Ali’s strategy is new strategy in which many filters can filter the trend line signals and we can prevent fake signals. In this article i will discuss a professional Forex trading strategy with entry, take profit and stop loss rules. Money management will also discuss in it.
How to draw trend lines?

Trend lines are very important level of market. We draw trend line from peak to peak point of market. A best trend line should touch minimum 2 peaks of market. But trend line on more than 2 peaks are more perfect in trading.
Correct trend line example
False trend lines example
Buy Entry Rules:
- Trend Line break and close above by a bullish candle
- Moving average below the price
- Bar signal indicator maximum green
- RSI also break trend lines above
Sell Entry Rules:
- Trend line break and close below by a bearish candle
- Moving average above the price
- Bar signals maximum red
- RSI also break trend line below
Take profit :
Formula: …
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Rita1808 28 Oct.

Good article!

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Great article, msharjeel  An original ideas, and really impressive approach! Thank you for sharing this information.

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Annabel21 17 Nov.

Very interesting, clear and straight forward article, thankyou.
I am still reading and learning, how do I apply the bar signal indicator to my demo account, is it possible to apply on a demo account?

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#Annabel21  yes you can apply on Demo and live both accounts

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Thank you guys, you can always welcome

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Dear Traders,
this is the fourth article in my series Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets. In the first article (December 2014) I described how you get in and out of the trade when we are in a trending market. In the second article (January 2015) it was all about managing Stops and Take Profits. The third article (February 2015) was part 1 of how to determine a sideways market.
This is the part 2. In this second part we go further into the selection of the underlying moving average.
I keep the selected chart with the same settings as in my last article so you can easily compare the different settings. So, let’s go with the EURUSD pair on a daily chart.
First of all, I want to include the standard Bollinger Band settings. The underying moving average there is the EMA – Exponetial Moving Average.
EURUSD, Daily, EMA - Exponential Moving Average (standard setting)
When comparing to the following charts, you see the flaws of the EMA and how you can select a better match.
EURUSD, Daily, KAMA – Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
The Kaufman adaptive moving average KAMA was developed by Perry Kaufman. He presented it in his book "Smarter Trading" in chapter "Smarter Trendfoll…
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Insightful - very well done!
There are some useful tools introduced informative and helpful. A brilliant article, good luck :)

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Airmike 6 Mar.

To many MA. but like anyway :)

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anna_t 6 Mar.


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Olga18375 11 Mar.

Well done!!! Nice article)

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Nihad 19 Mar.

Interesting,Good luck

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Dear Traders,
this is the third article my series Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets. In the first article (December 2014) I described how you get in and out of the trade when we are in a trending market. In the second article (January 2015) it was all about managing stops and take profits.
In this one, it will be all about how to determine a sideways market. This is the time frame, when we don’t trade at all, since we have no underlying trend. Don’t underestimate this – staying aside and waiting for good opportunities is a big part in successful trading.
Te keep things simple and concentrate on the active trades I showed that you are in a trending market when the middle line of the Bollinger Bands is consistently rising or falling. When this middle line – which is just a moving average – is flat or directionless, we are in a sideways market.
This all is completely true, but we can do better: In standard Bollinger Band settings the middle line is a exponential moving average. The parameters don’t matter that much, the key is to keep them on a fixed level to get the feeling how they move.
Back to the middle line - there are numerous ways to alter that line. Jforex is …
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Milian 27 Feb.

хорошая работа!

verindur avatar
verindur 27 Feb.

Thank you : )))))

garisan avatar
garisan 27 Feb.

Interesting. Me myself like the wma because I don't like the line continuously touching the candles. Also another indication of a possible consolidation is when start to appear goups of very short candles side by side, when that happens you have to watch carefully. Waiting for 2nd part :)

fullmoon avatar
fullmoon 28 Feb.

Hi @garisan, short candles or long candles, like the four above in week 6. Reading Price Action is fun. When I trade my Bollinger Band strategy, I try to keep the Bands always on and only adjust the underlying MA. WMA works great with slightly adjusted parameters, then it's not that slow.

Annuuta avatar
Annuuta 28 Feb.

Well done!)

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"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Benjamin Franklin
After several months of trading in the forex market, I can confidently say that I have found a strategy which is to a large extent very reliable. The strategy is literally making me thousands of dollars in cash prize in the Dukascopy trader contest.
The last screenshot is for the month of June 2014. It has not yet been officially announced, but that third place position is looking very good.
Trading for me has been a very interesting learning process. It took me a while, but I finally found a trading strategy that I was comfortable with, and that was relatively profitable. This article is about my trading strategy and its performance during the month of June 2014.
It is a trend-following system that uses the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), 200-day EMA, 84-day (Commodity Channel Index) CCI and 18 -Time Period (Time Segmented Volume) TVS.
Entry Rules
Long trade conditions:
  1. Buy when the hourly candle closes above the 200-day EMA
  2. The 20-day EMA is pointing upwards and below price
  3. The TVS indicator is above the zero line
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Tinktank 17 July

Very nice! Best of luck this month

CD1V1 avatar
CD1V1 17 July

well done, i can see you in 7th place. Good luck this month.

dej avatar
dej 18 July

your strategy is simplified enough even for a novice. it shows in-depth understanding of price action in relationship to support n resistance levels. very useful .

Panzer avatar
Panzer 30 July

Your strategy have nice look for trading :))

MyiDEA avatar
MyiDEA 31 July

Very nice

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Before continuing I would reccomend to read the previous steps where I explained the bases and some core concepts. You can find them following these links: part 1 here and part 2 here.
The fourth element

The concept is always the same: everything has a clear (eventually complex) function but has to be as much simple as possible. At this stage I'm going to implement the order engine, so meaning the whole code structure that allows to open positions in the given instrument.
As I already explained, any MA-based strategy is definetly not stable: always ends with an overall losing result, no matter what timeframe or instrument, but in the same time there are really good opportunities happening in particular conditions.
To simplify and improve my trade decisions, I need the maximum amount of informations and commands in the same chart so I found useful to sligthly modify a simple tool found in the Strategy API: the widget.
Chart widget
What triggered in my mind this idea is simple: since the full automation doesn't work (for this MA-based strategy), I will execute the trades manually, but I wa
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scramble avatar
scramble 19 Feb.

Actually, I had to remove the downloadable .java because I noticed there is something wrong with order execution. It works on strategy test, but does not work in real mode! Quite strange indeed.... will check out, and eventually post it on comments after I fix the issue :/

scramble avatar
scramble 19 Feb.

Of course.... if anyone has a suggestion will be much appreciated!! Thank you :)

scramble avatar
scramble 19 Feb.

Ok fixed. I thought it wasn't necessary to pass on te IOrder. I was following my idea based on previous strategy which was built in ITick.

scramble avatar
scramble 19 Feb.

I take the opportunity to modify some parts and implement the code to make it work better. I will probably finish before contest expiry date, so will publish everything on last article (just a quick review). Eventually if someone wants the code, I will put it available again. Thank you

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After a month break, I'm back to articles. Once again I bring you a simple strategy and with considerable profitability. Let's call it as: "FPSinScalping" It is intended with this system, inputs and outputs "fast" market. For this purpose goes be used: A chart TF M15.A MA7 (Smoothed) with the price "ClosePrice"A Scalper Band (medium parallel to MA7) with a distance of 21 pips from Central Moving Average WR 18%, with levels of -75% and -25% Once prepared the chart, this is the time to explain to you how the strategy, but not before explaining to you that this method has two alternatives: 1. Reduce volume by 50%, for example if the idea was to enter the market with 1 lot, then get into with just 0.5lot so we can do a reinforcement, when and if the price distance itself 50pips. The objective will be exit in 2 orders in midprice or SL 100pips (considering the 75 pips on 1st order)2. Enter full volume (1 lot for example) but consider the SL 50 pips NOTE: we can still further reduce the amount of input which may increase levels of reinforcement, always considering the respective SL. Having said that, here is the method for identifying the SETUP entry to the market. Signal for Sell Orde…
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LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 4 Mar.

Another great and simple way to trade! I will not promise also automate this strategy because I have had some lack of time and have not done the strategy presented earlier as promised.

Efegen avatar
Efegen 28 Mar.

I wish it was that simple to earn that much pipis without drawdown. My heart is with you but my brain. Adks for more proof.

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 28 Mar.

Thanks for this strategy Bluedragon, I have a question, what is a "Scalper Band"? Is that an indicator? :)

Delossan avatar
Delossan 31 Mar.

I use WR 61%. I is a good and a good articel. +

Ferom avatar
Ferom 22 June

Nice system António. I think it works with the EMA7 and +26/-26 levels too. If you use a lower TF (while looking at the 15MTF) to make the entries It'll be even more effective. Also, i like to use all the money I can, and a shorter SL. 20 pips profit seams to be the most profitable TP. I'll look at it better in the next days... tks!

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The Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator, which was fist created by Gerald Appel in 1960s (DailyForex,2012), has been classified as a momentum indicator and is a valuable and popular implement for Forex traders. MACD shows the relationship between moving averages of two different prices and is calculated by deducting the 26-day exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-day exponential moving average (EMA) which Closing prices are used for these moving averages. In addition, a 9-day EMA of the MACD Line acts as a signal line and identifies turns. MACD can be applied to daily, weekly, or monthly Forex charts (investopedia, 2012) The MACD Histogram represents the difference between MACD and its 9-day EMA, the Signal line. The histogram is positive when the MACD Line is above its Signal line and negative when the MACD Line is below its Signal line. This indicator can be formulated as following: MACD = Short Term EMA - Long Term EMA MACD Line: (12 day EMA) – (26 day EMA) Signal Line: 9-day EMA of MACD Line MACD Histogram: MACD Line - Signal Line There are four general methods used to interpret the MACD as following: 1. Signal Line Crossovers Signal l…
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scramble avatar
scramble 14 Sep.

I used a lot this indicator in the past. You exposed it very well! Well done!

captain avatar
captain 24 Sep.

As is the case with most oscillators, MACD is best used in the context of prevailing trend.

alifari avatar
alifari 24 Sep.

MACD is a powerful indicator, if used in conjunction with support/resistance & supply/demand

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INTRODUCTION The plethora of indicators, analytical tools, expert analysis and all manner of information available to today’s trader does sometimes overwhelm even the most cerebral of currency traders. Many traders like to apply a large number of indicators in order to identify the perfect entry or exit signal. Since such a signal does not exist, confusion then reigns with the attendant consequence of unnecessary losses. Therefore, the trader is well advised to concentrate on a small number of indicators and trading tools. I will refer to such trading aids as degrees or dimensions of freedom (DOF). This article describes a trading system with three DOF where the simple moving average is the principal player. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The trading system is applicable to both trending and ranging markets. It comprises three degrees of freedom, i.e. simple moving average (SMA), support/resistance levels and Fundamental event risk. 21 period SMA The 21 period on daily charts approximates a month of trading days. It is also a Fibonacci number. Such numbers have rendered themselves very useful in growth studies, cycle analysis, physical phenomena, financial markets, etc. The SMA is preferred …
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captain avatar
captain 14 Sep.

With regard to degrees or dimensions of freedom, it is important to note that in the physical world, we see best in terms of three dimensions, i.e. length, breadth and height. Three dimensional figures such as cubes are more stable than two dimensional figures, such as squares.

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Continuing for writing for the other parts from Simple Moving
Average (SMA), most the traders use like Exponential Moving Average (EMA). This
indicator is very simple, and we can use for the Shift and the Period like been
explained in the before Article (Simple Moving Average (SMA), for instance for
trading monthly, with Pips (Lot) equals 2, the best period we can use it is
12), so only one way for looking more the Period and the Shift in EMA?
Ussualy, the general Formula for EMA as below
EMA = Pr + {C *
(Price Now- Pr)}                                                       
EMA = Exponential
Moving Average
Pr = The Previous
Period Exponential Moving Average
C = The Smoothing Constant,
where is derived from the time period selected by individual, and ussualy
following with the C = 2/n+1, where n is the period selected.
Furthermore, for
explaining how to look for “Pr” depends on the assumption what we make, take a
look for the example below.
Example 1 :
We make for Pr = 50,
so with the monthly Trading. Based on the before Article, for one month
Trading, we can choose n=12, so tha…
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MrSami avatar
MrSami 14 Apr.

Nice subject... Good luck

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I would like to share my favorite trend following method.  This method is suitable for traders who prefer a high R (return on risk) at the expense of a lower hit rate;  winners are often 2 or 3 times the risk but only around 50% of the trades that the method generates are winners.This method is extremely simple.  Here is what you need to get started.Pull up a naked chart and apply the following moving averages:a)  50-period SMA (dark red)b)  21-period EMA (dark blue)c ) 6-period smoothed moving average applied to highs (dark grey, dotted line)d)  6-period smoothed moving average applied to lows (dark grey, dotted line)Here is how I trade the method:a) the 50-period SMA is my long term (strategic) buy/sell line.  When price trades above the 50-SMA, I only look for long setups. When price trades below the 50-SMA, I only look for short setups. In other words, I use the 50-SMA to determine the directional bias.b) the 21-EMA is my short-term (tactical) filter.  As with the 50-SMA, I must be on the right side of the 21-EMA to take a trade (below for shorts, above for longs). In addition, the 21-EMA must not point against me; if I am looking for a short, the 21-EMA must not point up (it c…
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TBFX avatar
TBFX 22 Apr.

@Comenium88 I will send you a PM with additional examples (not sure how I can post them here).The method can be applied to any time frame according to your own comfort level. I would highlight 3 key points to this method: 1) Simplicity. These filters are enough to give you an edge. 2) the 50-SMA buy/sell line, in my mind, is the same as upper time-frame agreement (ex. you short on the H1 when the H4 shows bearish bias). 3) the tunnel of 6 gives you some, though not definite, signs that big players are participating; it takes a certain amount of cash to move a pair outside the tunnel.

belman avatar
belman 26 Apr.

Good luck my friend +3 like to you

nicadams avatar
nicadams 26 Apr.

Good concept tbfx, i like the tunnel of 5 "filter" idea +1

pmeyer avatar
pmeyer 26 Apr.

pretty cool system +1 for you

Comenium88 avatar
Comenium88 27 Apr.

thx TBFX ;) Looking forward to hear from you soon. Good luck!

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