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In this topic we will talk about the expected movement for the pair EURUSD , Based on fundamental analysis and technical,
Fundamental analysis:
Next week (November 14 to November 18) we have several important news,
we must focus on jobs news and CPI, Because the Fed will focus on the decision to raise interest rates
If released in a positive way We must think about selling the euro In the medium term and vice.
Other news will be a short-term impact
About interest rates, in my view it will be Hike in December
Technical analysis:
We will use the waveform analysis in the analysis,
In the weekly time frame, price is in sideways direction And it did not come out yet, The chart shows us the model triangle.
If the price level exceeding trend line and Shut down the level of 1.0800 , We made sure from the beginning of the downward trend.
In the daily time frame , we have in the chart sideways direction but Inclined for landing,
So we say that the trend has become bearish we need Close down the level of 1.0840 to start selling
but if the price close above trend line the trend is become bullish so we can start buying
Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Oct)
Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Oct)

Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Oct)
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TInna 1 Dec.

very well!

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good article!

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mermaid 9 Dec.

Спасибо за обширную информацию.

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tdbatinkov 22 Feb.

well done

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1. OverviewThere are a lot of theories in FOREX market. You can use various indicators, trade signals, copy others trades, etc. But in every such a case you will use some theory, which will be used by many others. Of course it is great job to choose relevant method and apply it during right conditions. But can you create your own theory? This question arises sooner or later after spending some years in FOREX market.2. Movements prediction method descriptionWhen creating theory for predictions some kind of statistical method could be used. I will assume that if some pair is in the middle of its highs and lows (lets assume analyzing only 10 past years) from statistical point of view it is unlikely that during coming 2-3 years such pair will break highs or lows. Of course it is from statistical point of view as in real world different matters could occur and ruin statistical predictions. But there is no 100% accurate predictions in any case.For this analysis monthly charts will be used.Further on from statistical point of view if we will take shorter period lets say 2 years and look at highs and lows for this period and if rate is somewhere in the middle again once again from statisti…
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marius24 21 Aug.

a new idea in this article..good job :)

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rokasltu 28 Aug.

First test of strategy had a result of >+150 pips, you can check it Next month I will trade in Trader contest using this strategy!

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apsu 28 Aug.

Good article!

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The pair EUR/USD is one of the most popular inside the foreign exchange market known as FOREX, (Foreign Exchange). It is one of the most volatile, which grants a potential high place to him of generating high benefits in the short term associated with a level of considerable risk. A pip is the smallest amount of movement a price quote can make. For example,when EUR/USD moves from 1.2815 to 1.2814, it has moved by one pip. It is very important to know the behavior of the coins to be able to project the maximum acceptable losses " Stop Loss ", which together with a good money management will allow to execute profitable tradings. Basically it is reduce the risk, and you increase the odds the trades successful. Always have a trading plan. Let’s take a look the charts. Here information about price action EUR/USD currency pair. The data is: Bid/Close Price. Interval: 60 minutes.Pair: EURUSD.Here we can see the behavior of the pair EUR/USD throughout two weeks, in which the market offered us the opportunity to make concrete operations of purchase with benefits that courted the 100 pips as well as also operations of sale with benefits beyond 170 pips. There is posibilities of gaining …
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fxigor avatar
fxigor 20 Nov.

Hi, I have question: What is the differences if I use daily Average True range as daily pips movement range for intraday trading?

slopezve avatar
slopezve 21 Nov.

Hi fxigor.
True Range value equals the High minus the Low.
Typically, the Average True Range (ATR) is based on 14 periods, is the average of the daily True Range values for the last 14 days.

Pips movement range presents the maximum range of the price movement on the horizon of a week. Not always equals the High-Low of the week or the average of the highs-lows. See graphics.

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 Nov.

I still don't understand what is the difference between the ATR indicator with setting of 100, 200 or maximum period and the Pips movement range. You can use the weekly chart ATR for the weekly TF?? Just the fact that you can see the range upside and the range downside, from the 0 starting point?? TO establish to possible TP and SL?? Thanks

slopezve avatar
slopezve 25 Nov.

Hi doctortyby

The ATR is the largest of the:
- Most recent period's high minus the most recent period's low
- Absolute value of the most recent period's high minus the previous close
- Absolute value of the most recent period's low minus the previous close

PMR presents the maximum distance in pips between of the highs-lows of the price movement in a week. See graphics.

EUR/USD maximun movement, 179 pips down.
Indicates that at some point in the week there was a fall (maximum) in the price of 179 pips.

someday777777 avatar

Hin but how can you deduct the number of pips  in movement  , from arange chart , as you see it's  0.1....0.3... and so on??

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