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Today I am going to discuss in this article in detail about the use of the Technical Analysis to trade Forex Binary Options. Before we proceed, we need to understand- what is Binary Option and how to trade it profitably?
Well, it is nothing but to predict the price of any instrument at a particular time will be above(CALL) or below(PUT) the strike price(PRICE OF OPENING THE TRADE). If one thinks that the price will be higher then he opens a CALL option and if he thinks that the price will be below the strike price then he opens a PUT option. To know more about the concept of Binary Trading one can go here.
The essence here is to predict it and earn the fruits. But the market is no slave. It does not do what we say. But we have to see the rhythm of the market and predict its direction. Of course, it is not a simple task. Many of those reading know it already that predicting markets is very difficult or next to impossible. But the idea here is not to be correct all the time but to be correct most of the times.
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