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Trading-Tactical Approach The major distinction between pro traders and others are deeply associated with their trading approaches. Depending on the approach some will grow up as pro trader and some will go to the paths of gambling. Unfortunately, there is tremendous tendency for people to want to follow a guru, or anyone who speaks with authority instead of developing their own skills and without awareness they fall to the latter category. So, I will share with you my experience of how I am developing my skills (I must say that I am still on learning curve). “House Building” is my concept to build competitive edge in trading business. (Figure 1) The principle of gaining skill in trading is a like building house. You need strong foundation, floors, walls, pillars, windows, ceiling and roofs. The “House Building” concepts I used will provide you with a powerful idea on trading methodology. Your intra-day decisions will be better timed and you will have more confidence when you use all of these tools. Figure 1. Trading House Foundation-Discipline. You must have a strong base for a profitable structure. To build base in the trading is the discipline (the foundation). Without build…
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Ne_juli 9 May

Like always nice article about trading my friend

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Well written article! Keep going :)

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AAAnya 10 May


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vugarali 13 May

interesting article

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Dominos 23 May

good article

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Technical analyzes and strategy is the essential for profiting from trading but not enough for being successful for a long time. Psychology is the factor that impacts our trading the most. I mentioned this in my earlier articles. We may have internal reasons or reasons from outside that impact our psychology, which in its turn impacts our trading. We can be cautious about it or not. For keeping emotion away and achieve stable profitable trading we need to build rules. In this article I will share rules that help to stay successful in trading.
“Trading is not guessing, feeling! Trading is not creativity and breaking rule! Trading is about following rule and recognizing patterns and signals!”

1st rule: Follow the rules!

This looks very simple but it is not! We all have gut feeling that guides us. Sometimes it works but mostly it does not. We tend to think that we are smarter than others and can fool others, even market. We tend to hurry and take earlier decision and then lose. If we don’t want to get surprise move and lose then we have to follow our tested and proven rules.
TIP 1: Read the rules before starting the analyzing the market and second time when you want to open a trad…
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Good job


good job

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klintons 31 May

God job !

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NataAzov 1 June

Интересная статья!

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Economic basis
As Central Banks slowly start to play on the piano of interest rates, interest rate differentials in different currencies become, again, attractive for carry traders.
A carry trade in its basic structure involves a credit in low yielding currency and the investment of this credit amount in a high yielding currency.
A naïve carry trade simply follows the rate differentials. A more sophisticated carry trade looks for reason and shelter. For example a special country has a well-defined exchange-rate-policy, meaning, that the exchange-rate for its domestic money vis a vis another country or a set (basket) of countries shall deviate only xy basispoints from a defined target rate.
For achieving such a goal Centralbanks apply interest rate policy. Historical examples are the European Currency Unit (the predecessor of the EURO) or the long-term peg of the Swedish Krona to a basket of currencies.
A current example are the efforts by the Swiss Centralbank trying to prevent further appreciations of the Swiss Frank, by dictating even negative interest rates.
The trade
Foreign Exchange contracts are a simple way to effect such an “Interest Rate Arbitrage”. Instead of exch…
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good article!

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Good information about carry trades.

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Sebine 18 Apr.

Good job!:)

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Here I will write a nice correlation between two kind of sports - Fishing and Trading (Yes from different point of view trading is not only the process of making money but currently I see it as a different kind of online gaming sport) What Fishing Is - This is the process where you have prepared a few things, bait, tools (cord, fishing tackle net and other).
Similar in trading are the instruments (indicators, charts and others).
The main object in the fishing is the fish. For me the main object in the trading is the volatility. Why? Because like for the fish you have to wait whole day (some times weeks or even moths) just for several seconds to few minutes of huge market movements The problem with the volatility is that is can be very hard to recognize it correctly and like in the fishing you can catch a small fish instead of the big one. In trading you can make two things either take the profit before the huge movement in your direction or it can be false volatility with several rangy movements which must be very carefully avoided.
The problem is who is the fish, you or the market. The market is setting several baits so that you stay away when the real movement comes. If you wan…
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Very good article!

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RahmanSL 26 Sep.

I too have compared trading the forex to fishing which requires tremendous amount of patience and interest....when the market is not moving much, I compared that to small fish nibbling on the bait but then, suddenly, a big fish comes along and strips line off which is similar to sudden market movement which cause the currencies to spike.

Yes, it's very important to keep abreast of geopolitical and economic news (fundamentals) because some sudden events will move markets which can be very different from what the technicals are showing.

Good article and well thought out : )

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megajorko 26 Sep.

Thank you very much Rahman. I hope that this knowledge will help us to stop act as fish but be the real fisherman :)

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RahmanSL 27 Sep.

Like many sports fishing can be addictive and, likewise with trading the forex market, we have to curb our passion : )

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annamuzova 27 Sep.

Very very interesting. Good article

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1. Abstract:
I left some possible entries by patterns on few currency pairs. And today's article I want to talk about of the results produced by these entries the last month. The original post you can find here: Post 4 August 2017

There are few who produced high results and other who produced loss, the review process was done assuming a simple money management in this case, was placing an order above or below of "D" point with a risk between 30 to 50 pips, a limit to the nearest zone or at the key levels using Fibonacci numbers, no move the stop loss till the next seven days or more.
At the end I will leave another few pairs with the same possibles entries to be analyzed the next week.
2. Development:
The best is to follow the same process again, and again to improve results in the long time.
So, based on this goal. I will explain each of them with a picture to understand best what the price did after the signal.
The main goal is not to get a 100% correct pattern or signal, more like how good you can manage the trades and risk.
Below you can see the entries of the last post on 4/August/2017 and a summary of the final result at today.
SIGNAL TIME 29/JUL/17 00:00
X = price at that s…
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Very useful article

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Best strategy for news trading I have ever know and at the same time which makes good profit in long run and I have given its name as Double rocket because we will be waiting on both sides to get lunch to sky high in seconds. Rockets are always too dangerous so proper money management requires otherwise we will be busted mean to say our account will become zero in minutes.
In the above picture please check his standing position it’s exactly looks like double rocket position it looks funny but very dangerous. Let’s assume that you’re standing on both the cars and you want to catch the Flight but you don’t know which car will reach the airport and don't know the drivers performance so you decided to check drive capacity and standing on both cars.
Now you have three outcomes:

1. If you selected right car then you will catch the flight and reach your destination.
2. If you selected wrong car then you will get down in the half way and cancel the flight.
3. If you decided to ride on ride on both cars then you will die (Forex account zero) if there is no proper safety.
When and how to apply double rocket strategy?

1. Double rocket will work only at the time of major news release …
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klintons 14 Aug.

Echt cool !

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JuliannaS 15 Aug.

hmm , cool and easy to understand your idea in article

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SmErtNIK 18 Aug.


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Adi001 26 Aug.

Simplest, dumbest, but the best ever :D  just remember to send orders just a  couple of seconds  before release so you avoid the pre release spike. Concerning the news spike, just backtest. Gdp on gbp and usd will always have the spike, usd interest also, nfp when not together with cad employment. These are best to fade, just let it run then go opposite. The rest i think all good for rockets hahah good luck!

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Adi001 26 Aug.

Oh and be careful with nzd, rub, try!  Their data like interest rates and gdp will lag, have huuuge spreads, even get you- instrument unavailable, so best skip the release and enter on retracements

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1, Regulation Regulation is one of the foremost vital factors to think about once selecting a Forex broker. correct regulation helps make sure that your forex broker is satisfactorily capitalized within the event of commercialism losses, keeps your funds in secure and separate accounts, and maintains truthful dealing practices to so your trades are going to be dead at the prevailing market costs. we have a tendency to powerfully advise that you simply choose a regulated broker with a clean restrictive record to learn from these protections Dukascopy is one of our top recommended brokers. They operate in a strict regulatory environment, and client deposits are protected by Swiss bank regulations. 2,Trade Execution
In order to urge your trades crammed at the most effective rates and in an exceedingly timely manner, its essential to seek out a forex broker with smart trade execution practices.Dukascopy offer non dealing desk execution,no reqoutes,guaranteed stoploss and negative balance protection
3, Lowest Spreads
The spreads are a broker’s primary source of compensation. The tighter the spread, the less costly it is for traders to enter and exit a trade. Spreads will tend to va
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yeah no issues with contest money withdrawal.

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Nice article

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anna_n 18 Apr.

so nice!

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хорошие причины я согласна на все 100

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gargantua 21 Apr.

good article

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1. Abstract.
There are many important aspects of daily trading and one of those is to manage our positions property after and before to pull the trigger.
This can help to increase our win ratio even having some bad trades at the end of the day.
We can do this by own experience or using tools made by financial institutions who release it to their customers with the main goal to help us to improve our results.
This kind of tools goes from a simple position calculator to the most complex report to make investment decisions.
Today I want to talk about of few calculation tools and how important these are, also the experience on each of them.
This information will be useful to novice traders because starting in this kind of business is best to understand the basis, so if we have ways to gain time why not to use those well-designed tools.
2. Development.
2.1 Forex Calculator
The below Forex calculator has located here [Forex calculator], the basis is to help us to get the best position size.
To use this tool, we only need to select few parameters or options. By default on rollover, policy is marked as advanced.
By default on rollover, policy is marked as advanced, but in terms of contest t…
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zarina 19 Feb.

полезная статья !

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well written! 

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FXRabbit 23 Feb.

Good effort!

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One of the main problems of investing in the Forex market is that we are humans (and among other things subject to emotions) and not computers programmed to execute instructions. However, despite all the advantages of automation, it is not enough to simply codify the strategy that we already execute manually. It is necessary to automate following some good practices. This article intends to present the golden rules for having consistent medium and long term gains in Forex.

The Golden Rules to build a profit Automated Strategy:

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jcardoso 25 Feb.

well done ;) Sometimes I'm using the stop loss but in some situations I prefer don't use and let the market run

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jorgepaula 25 Feb.

Good work. I prefer manual traiding and I have some doubts about the performance of automated strategies ;)

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Hi Margarida, with martingale strategy we need more attention with Risk Management. I'm not using much the Martingale...

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Hi jorgepaula the automated is only a tool.... we need a good strategy in both manual or automated ;)


nice article

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What is Risk Management ?
Risk Management is The Analysis and identification For Make Decision of uncertain Investment at Forex Market ,By Using Risk Management We can Control Our Investment Risk and Control Our Profit ,So Risk Management not only Important But also Require For our every Entry.By using Risk Management We can Control Our Live Trading Risk At Forex Market For Safety of Our Trading Fund But Without Risk Management We Are Here Like Gambler ,Our Trading Behave to Market Unjustified,So We Face Lose,Always Remember ,Risk Management reduce Our Trading risk .
Why Risk management?
The main objective Of Risk Management are Below :
Minimize Trading Risk.
For Protect Our Trading Account and Make Money Long Time.
Identify Future Trading risk .
Identify Future Trading Problem.
For Long Term Trading plan.
To Ensure That Risks are identified .
Improved Our Trading Portfolio .
For Stable Trading Career At Forex Market .
Risk Management Process Method
Risk Management Apply For Minimize Trading risk ,Risk Management identify Trading risk and Predict Future impact of all of our Trading.
First_We Should Be Review Our Previous Trading record And Analysis What Type Problem was found and W…
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Thanks for your article, there is many useful information, really good strategy and detail explanation. Well done! Go ahead! :)

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brilliant 25 Jan.

I think there is no high risk limit. but it should be calculated carefully and accepted.

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La gestion du risque est une composante majeure du métier de trader. C’est ce qui nous permet de continuer à survivre dans le temps et augmente nos chance de gain si la gestion est efficace.
Dans cet article je vais traiter un sujet que je considère des plus important à connaître pour tout trader, mais qui malheureusement est un des moins connu et des moins documenté (en tout cas dans la littérature disponible au trader normal): le risque de ruine.
Le risque de ruine est concept statistique qui s'intéresse à la probabilité que a un trader d’atteindre le point de ruine.
Le point de ruine est un paramètre déterminé par le trader lui même, il reflète la tolérance au risque, pour une personne cela peut être 100% du capital de départ pour une autre cela peut être 15%.
2.Méthode de calcul du risque de ruine
2.1 pour une valeur du risque égale à la valeur du gain
Quand la valeur des gains d’une méthode sont égales à la valeur des pertes la formule de calcul du risque de ruine est présenté dans la figure 1
L’unité de monnaie est le nombre de trade que l’on peut effectuer avec un compte au total, elle est fixé par le trader.
Par exemple sur un compte de 1000$ si le trader de…
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redaxis 27 Dec.

très intéressant, merci pour le partage.

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Mariia 28 Dec.

good one

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lelipuzik 28 Dec.

really interesting!

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Obaysha 28 Dec.


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thekrash 30 Dec.

good work

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Firstly :One Day Freelance Outsourcing Was Very Popular Online Earning Method But Now Forex is More Popular Than Freelance Outsourcing ,because Now Forex Trading Open for All Country and Initial Deposit is Very low .So Now Many People From any Place In The World ,Start Forex trading By using internet.
Secondly : Forex Education Factor-Forex Trading is very easy Online Earning Method ,any body Can start Forex Trading From Home without higher education or Contact with any Person but it is very hard For Regular Money Earning From Forex market ,so We need First Learn About Forex Trading and Forex Market.Forex market is Biggest Financial Market and it is also Most Volatile ,so Our Forex Education will be Helpful For our Successful Trading career In Forex Market.
Thirdly: Demo Practice Absent -Forex Education Is The First Requirement For novice Trader But secondly We need Increase our trading experience by Demo Trading practice,Most Of The New Trader start Forex Trading Without enough Demo Trading practice ,so They can not understand trading idea ,trading mistake.We Know Demo Trading is The Key Of Trading Success ,so More Demo Trading practice is The Chance of More Trading success.
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bdpips 21 Oct.


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good strategy for trading

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Yuliya_N 24 Oct.

Well done!

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FXRabbit 25 Oct.

Well written!

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ak10 25 Oct.


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This article is about Einstellung effect on trader behavior in losing trade condition and suggestion to overcome its effects.
Monkey trap

Petr Karel Ontl describes in an article [1] how monkeys are often sold as pets in India, and describes how they are commonly trapped:
The trapper fastens a piece of cord to a tree-stump. To the other end, he attaches a pot with a narrow neck. Into this pot, he drops several nuts and scatters a few more on the ground nearby. He then waits out of sight. Soon a band of monkeys descends to feed. Before long, one of them discovers the contents of the pot. He puts his hand in easily enough, but, having grasped the enticing snack, he cannot pull his clenched fist out through the narrow opening no matter how hard he struggles. The monkey’s fate, for all his cleverness, is sealed. He becomes trapped.
We have three possible conditions whenever we enter the market.
  • Market move pip by pip as per over plan.
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ZaremaAlb 30 Aug.

good one:)

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Хорошая статья и хорошие иллюстрации. Спасибо. 

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А "ловушка для обезьян" проблема многих трейдеров, использующих большое плечо(

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brilliant 17 Sep.

nice article nice photoes

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ikszy 18 Sep.

Useful article,and everyone can learn from this.

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The Greatest part of the emotions that we feel in the trading are is to recognize,
but we hide the avidity very much in deep, so much to leave it to control us.
We fight everyday with this invisible enemy of the Trader, in each operation, base many operative choices on it and fail because of it.
The reason is clear,we do trading because of greed.Be honest,

Whom doesn't interest make money?
Be rich, early and without punch the card?

Maybe someone will disagreed, but the truth is that we are attracted from trading because there is
the concrete possibility to earn more be sit in our room with laptop and internet connection
for some hour at day, who work for a week for someone else (true story).
Let us not deceive ourselves, it's not a game, we aren't at casino,
we no need lucky, no believe fantasy, the dream of trading with iPad on beach in Hawai.
Trading is not for everyone, many never achieve own aspettative, the major part lose own
money and go away.
Trading is like a job and need same diligence,
it need of big mental effort, we have to change our character for the market, not opposite.
The truth Is that almost none born to do trading , statistics confirm it , th…
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TRAD3R 20 July

thanks valter

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you are right

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Armands 23 July

Psychology is often underestimated in trading!

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paglu 4 Aug.

Nice article

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TRAD3R 5 Aug.

thanks everyone for support :)

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In this article, we will review and evaluate the traditional money management method in terms of the percent of our account we should be risking on each trade. Then, we will learn a money management formula that is capable of maximizing our trading system profits. We will finally give some serious considerations to be taken into account before applying this formula.
The forex traditional money management method
successful trading system must has a clear-cut rules for entries and exits, which include rules for exiting at profit targets and rules for exiting at loss targets.
When planning our trade ahead, the risk management process passes the following steps:
  1. Defining a predetermined point of exiting a losing trade according to our system rules (e.g., a stop loss under a support level 50 pips far from the entry price).
  2. Defining A predetermined portion or ratio of our account we are willing to risk on a trade. That portion varies from 1% up to an aggressive 10% (e.g., 2%).
  3. After deciding the stop loss size (50 pips) and the risk ratio (2%), we finally calculate the appropriate position size.
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slavator 27 June

Very interesting. Good acticle!

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Nice article!

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Nice article... fantastic the video!! :D

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pretty nice article

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very insightful article, mathematics is very applicable in trading

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