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In the jungle where a lot of animal species live, every animal is different and has its own lifestyle and the way of living, but all of them are controlled by the same instinct which is the hunger and hunting. The survival and fear of death are enough reasons to keep animals looking for foods and a good hunt to stay alive. Animals are following their instinct very strict and they invented and innovated a lot of tricks and ways to get the food they need to keep alive, some predators wait for days and weeks patiently until an unlucky prey get trapped, hunted and eaten by them. Some animal species such as lions, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, and Wolves share the same goal of getting the prey trapped and hunted but every animal has its own tricks and characteristics which make them very successful hunters.
In fact, the animal kingdom is full of lessons and tricks that strongly associated with being successful and lucrative Forex Trader, and if we closely observe animals we will be surprised on how intelligent and creative animals are. Therefore valuable tricky lessons can be learned and adopted by Forex Traders to improve their profitability and to be successful in Trading. Animals have succes…
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Momentum based trading strategy is an investment strategy that aims to capitalize on the continuance of existing trends in the market. In order to take advantage of the perceived opportunity, a trader takes a long position in a currency pair that has shown an upward trending price, or short-sells a security that has been in a downtrend. The idea being once a trend is established, it is more likely to continue in that direction than to move against the trend.
This article looks at how we can create a momentum based trading strategy in Visual JForex using the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and Stochastic indicators.
What is Visual JForex?

Visual JForex is a comprehensive solution to build, test and run strategies; it is based on a user-friendly interface using drag and drop feature. It has a unique way to develop fully automated strategies using blocks linked to each other to build a complete and ready-to-execute forex strategies. The platform is web based presenting a flash user interface with a Java backend.

Fig 1: Visual JForex platform.

Momentum indicators

  • Commodity Channel Index
The CCI is an oscillator introduced by Donald Lambert in 1980 that is useful …
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Well done)

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well done

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This article is well presented ! I liked the concept of Momentum based on different useful kind of trading strategy actions! Congratulations!

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1.0: Purpose of this Series

The tags cloud below summarizes the abstract context of this series.

2.0: Purpose of this article

I found myself face-to-face with this mess.
An analogy with the optimal dynamic non-linear system I can think of was my decision. Therefore, this article is a conceptualization analogical argument.
Choose your favorite but remember we are determined to find a baseline: a bare minimum.
2.1: Building Custom Tradometers

Many online services offer you to build car's custom dashboard, so will we from scratch and build a catalog of options in each class.
2.1.1: Display Types
2.1.2: Display Units/Scales
2.1.3: GPS Navigation Where? When?

2.1.4: Speedometers

Speedometers measure velocity and hence displacement. See Veyron below.
The Veyron was actually a financial instrument, the elevation is now a bullish candle, and finally the start (open) was replaced by the previous stop (previous close) to include any gap-ups in this case.
Let's take an example of a market's momentum indicator to see what it measures to our previous findings.
2.1.5: Fuel Gauges

Without fuel, you are going nowhere, trading volumes are the fuel for any market mov…
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S61P01: Теперь, вызывающее одно, после проведения концептуальной базовой линии, думал, по той же причине кто-то предпочитает зондировать импульс двигателя или обороты в минуту.

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S61P02: Когда  оборот / мин двигателя увеличивается, он потребляет больше топлива, поэтому прибор-х клещей / мин (ТРМ) означает больший объем.
Это была проверка концептуальной модели.

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Приборная панель включает в себя индикаторы для обоих рынков – Денег и Капитала.
Затем показатели были организованы в цветовой кодировке Affinity Диаграммы.
Это лишь часть четырехсторонней приборной панели.

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S06P01: Аргумент из аналогии

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S07P01: Открытия часто совершаются, не следуя инструкциям,
Сойдя с главной дороги,
пробуя неиспытанное ".
Франк Тайгер

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