A follower of mine once messaged me: - “i really like your article and i would like to ask you if
you want to teach me more things . i am 29 years old and i leave at greece
.forex is my dream . not just for the money but because i think it is the top
brain skills. i always like to work my brain . 8 hours i sleep 1 excursing my
body and the rest my mind . no tv . no games nothing to waste time without
taking somethink back. but to learn something at this life you have to do it
yourself or somebody who knows have to teach you . i can understand from what
you say that you know many more things that i do no know . i would like you to
be my teacher if you want to .”At first glance I ignored the message. But later on, the continued
chat amazed me about how much the trader is serious about learning more in trading.
While speaking with other traders I realized that there are a few who are
really serious about learning to trade for living. There are a lot of others who want to learn how to interpret the indicators but shy to come forward. Hence I decided to write a long and in depth
writing on how to use the tools available to trade to win.Trading, A mind game:Trading is basically an emotio…
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