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1. Introduction to Subconscious Mind:
The number one problem that many traders face is not what they think, and they are also widely misunderstood. The problem is not in the markets, lack of capital, opportunity or lack of discipline on the part of the trader. It is a self-destruct problem to calculate currency trading and occurs mainly for one reason.
Your subconscious mind, which is another part of you, but on a more informed and more direct level, tries to protect you and tries to do the right things. What many traders regard as normal circumstances, fueled by feelings and mistakes and endless battle with discipline, is actually self-destruction.
When everything is as appropriate and as it should be, the natural conditions are calm, confident and a sense of security. There was no doubt, anxiety, insecurity and sometimes fear, signs that something was missing.
The mistake is to think that emotional trading is the way things should be done, and the fallacy is the notion that good trading comes only from desire or discipline that goes beyond emotions.
Your emotions are simply your subconscious mind telling you that something is wrong and you have to deal with it.
If this is true, …
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1- Trading as a performance activity
It is important to consider trading as a performance activity that requires the same level of discipline and commitment as chess, professional sport or military training.
As Steenberger asserts, a trader should acknowledge the need for a "high ratio of time spent in practice/rehearsal relative to actual performance." Generally speaking, a trader should spend more time analyzing economic fundamentals or refining entries with historical data, than executing trades. They should also spend significant time testing strategies before taking them onto a live account.
Steenberger outlines further similarities with performance activities, such as the need for "rapid and comprehensive feedback to allow performers to learn from their practice/rehearsal and incorporate changes in future performances".
There is also a need for "a teacher who guides rehearsals by creating demands sufficient to challenge the performer, but not so overwhelming as to create frustration and failure."
A trader can fill these voids by immersing themselves in a vibrant community in which to exchange ideas, and interact with successful and struggling traders who are undertaking the…
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               LIMITLESS-"the true is out there”Genesis                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       At the beginning there was the a telephone. On the one side there were you and on the other a broker. Graphs were somewhere in between, drawn on paper and scattered around the room. The time between placing an order for execution and closure continued infinity. To see the current results he had to wait for the morning newspaper Nowadays, many things have changed. You can easily find loads of charts, pivot points, fibonacci tools and ratios, moving averages, trend lines and all of many indicators that are complex and sophisticated to the limits of possibilities. .One thing is the same...proportion of people who win and looses. I believe those people who use advanced technologies could also can work without them! The problem is elsewhere!      Limitless state of mind - CORRECT STATE OF MIND Probab…
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