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                                                                                                                 HOW TO LOVE YOUR LOSESIn this article we are going to discuss the psychology of the losing trades, and the tools and view I use to approach them. When we understand what a losing trade really is, you don't fear them anymore or don't try to avoid something that is unavoidable. That way you can LOVE YOUR LOSES.                                                   CHANGING THE DEFINITION OF A 'LOSS'The best way to fix the emotional pain when price stops us out is to look for the root of the problem, your mind. The information that the market reflects (upticks & downticks) is completely neutral, is no good or bad. Your approach must be the same with any kind of trade, winner or loser; try to think like the market perspective. Losing trades are the cost of doing business, that’s all, losing is part of the game and the key is how you lose.  Said this you can qualify losing trades in two categories, in reality you don’t need to care if a trade is a winner or a loser (is the same) there are two categories for any kind of trade, if the trade followed the rules of your trading plan o…
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Nice Article +1

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positive 16 Feb.

emotion & loss - they go together. In trading it is indespensable to have control over both of them.Good stuff from your end. Keep them coming.+1

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ritesh 26 Feb.

Losses are the business cost of doing forex trading. this is the best article +1

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Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good luck +1 ;)

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYBODY !!! In special to Dukascopy Experts evaluation, they definitely know to appreciate the real good material. I shared my best experience in this trading years, in the hope that everyone can be a profitable trader !!


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Eclipse 20 Sep.

Nice article +1

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Some good pointers here. +1

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doctortyby 27 Sep.

Guys, once you realise You sell your TIME for Money, you will know that you are not free... Preapare yourself for the type of Trading that gives You freedom, not for that Time consuming Trading that Consumes all your TIME (Full Time Trading)

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Good insights, but if you're not able to place your order at market when you want to that means your broker is crap not that its a general problem :)

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