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I strongly believe in psychology and optimum mindset for trading success. It is way above technical indicators and perfect trade up. I have had very good setup and I did prematurely booked profits so as to not lose small profit or fear that trade will turn into loss. It is all mind game. Mind tricks us. Also we have to have big heart to accept profits. But generally traders accept small profits and big losses. Imagine these scenarios
  • You see breakout from range and then take the right trade. But after some time you close the trade in little loss because you thought this is false break
  • Doubled down on a losing trade
  • You see one trade which you thought of but did not took only to see it in direction of profit and then you jump in to fear of missing out only to lose.
Now I will touch base a little on Mindfulness with a recent example. Mindfulness technique of meditation is helpful to stay aware in present and it can be used in Micro or Macro level events. As you know trading is very dynamic and every minute trading base rate changes. Reacting to events being aware of micro and macro level reality is the key to be successful in trading. And it is better to be aware of our own interna…
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Yuliya_N 30 Sep.

So interesting! I will try to use it!

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Granchio 2 Oct.

ottimo lavoro

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valter 2 Oct.

отличная работа

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vikyllya 5 Oct.


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psychology and optimum mindset - 90% for succsess in trading.
good article, thank u!

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Welcome every one to the concluding Part of De-stressing The Stressful Trader series. Here are the links to the previous editions of articles of this series. De - stressing The Stressful Trader:- Part -IPart -IIPart -IIIPart -IV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing from last week........Energy wheels work as the bridge between mind and the body. That’s why, to have sound body and mind, we need balancing of the energy wheels. The mind and the body are the best tools of a trader and hence one has to ensure that they are in sync with each other. The difficulty comes here. Body is a visible entity and hence can be controlled to an extent through physical means. However, the mind as well as the products of the mind like feelings, emotions, are invisible entities. Hence no physical means would be able to control these entities. That’s where we end up with a concept called “balancing of energy wheels “or popularly known as “Chakra meditation”.......................................................................................................................…
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xxtazzz 28 May

nice article!!

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slimih 28 May

Keep on! You're on the good truck! Good luck

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batlax 29 May

good article +2

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ritesh 29 May

Great article. +1 Many professional Money Managers I know personally are practicing the Surya Namaskar Yoga daily to keep their mind stable and fresh for every trading session.

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Kirilla 1 June

Very nice article! Clear mind is necessary for successful trading!

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Welcome every one to my fresh article on De-stressing the Stressful Trader.Here are the links to the first 3 editions of this article series.De- Stressing The Stressful Trader  -  Part- IPart- IIPart- III-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So far we have discussed all about the "problem part " . Now we shall move on to the much needed part , the " solutions part " .
To make the things easy for understanding, I have divided solutions in to 2
parts namely,
Mind management
Chakra meditation
        2. Body management
             B. Exercise
(Hereinafter referred to as “M & B management&rdquo
Most of the new traders fall prey to indicators/systems/tips/news and chase
the shadow of dreams and as a result, end up creating enormous stress both on
the mind and the body. Hence mastering body management and mind management is the first
step and only after that comes money and risk management. By…
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pete 21 May

nice article

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Schaolin 23 May

good luck with this article and you want a place in top 10 +1

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MyiDEA 28 May

very nice...

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ritesh 29 May

Reminds of my science class. Thanks +1

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DEMO2Qtrgr 13 June

i pray you always green pips for your every position

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