Do not do what others do!

This was one of the first things I was taught when trading forex. Indeed, that makes sense as if everyone traded similarly, they would either lose or get a mediocre outcome of trading. Firstly, I developed my own tactics, that proves being efficient. But that was not enough for me. I found out that FX trading drains my strength even after I had learned to manage stress. Additionally it seemed impossible to always get on time with major fundamental events, as they tend not to be at the same daytime. I found out my own way to always be high spirited, focused and energetic when trading. The answer lied in herbs and chemistry- I took scientific approach to emotions. Results outmatched my most daring expectations, especially the side effects are only positive- it is 100% natural, after all.

Herbs for focus:

Ginseng - it is a well known energizer and memory enhancer, easier to find in a form of addition to tea in supermarkets. Though if you are lucky to get a pure root, you can simply chew it for best effect.
Side effects: Body ages slower.
Siberian ginseng - increases focus and strengthens organism. Wears of fatigue. Also helps to maintain stress.
Side effect…
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