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Some instruments have daily variations quite limited, and in some cases small or very small variations. The purpose of this article is to present a strategy for using the indicator Bollinger Bands and making some Martingle, taking advance in the limited variations of EURCHF.
The selected pair for the implementation of this strategy fluctuation between maximum and minimum was the EURCHF. The EUR/CHF currency cross (Euro/Swiss Franc) is the relation of the Euro against the Swiss Franc. This instrument is characterized by having very small variations in the day (which does not apply this strategy), or for similar variations in the length of the bars.
The volatility of the pair is also in favor of implementing a strategy of this kind, because the changes are not too large. Thus, is possible the application of Martingle technique. The technique of Martingale [1] is in the event that is applied when an order is faced a negative result. In this case the following order must have a larger amount to cover the previous loss and get profit. If the second order fails again we came back to make a new order and so on. One of the problems of this technique is that it is not possible m[/1]…
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LinnuxFX 15 Sep.

Thanks for your comments, next month I will disclose the code for automate trading this strategy.!!

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fx_lmcap 15 Sep.

Nice strategy!

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Milian 21 Sep.

nice job!

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TInna 22 Sep.


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scramble 25 Sep.

looking forward to see some test results soon :) quite interesting setup!

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1. Overview
In my previous publication "How to create your own theory on rate movements" I elaborated on possible strategy by analyzing EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs movements during specific periods. For analysis 10 year, 2 year and 9 months periods were used. It was very rough estimation on possible entry trades. In this publications I will go deeper in details and present exact formulas for calculation for trades entry points, take profit and stop loss levels.
It should be noted that this strategy is under development and is not suitable to use for real trades.
2. Rate movements levels and duration

3 period max/median/min strategy uses several base points. One set of it are max, min and median pair values over specific period. But also there are other quite important points for determining where to enter trades and with which parameters. In the table below input variables for calculation of trades levels and values are given:
For input to the formula all variables must be calculated based on certain pair chart. Now we will use NZD/USD pair for calculation of all needed variables.
3. Variables for NZD/USD possible trades calculation

First of all we will fetch required variables fr…
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I should study this article more throughly during this weekend.

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honamkts 31 Oct.

NIce friend

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Interesting strategy.

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rokasltu 31 Oct.

by the way after flirting with stop loss EUR/USD sell trade is in positive area now!

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rokasltu 7 Nov.

update for EUR/USD trade - take profit triggered - profit +300 pips. for EUR/USD pair cumulative result +90 pips!

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Introduction                        We know that Jforex platform has miscellaneous and very advanced indicators sets which help us to simplify our trading system and strategies. In this article I want to show one strategy based on two Jforex indicators called MINMAX and moving average which would not have been possible without  Jforex indicator called MINMAX.                        Steps to run the strategy on Jforex platform Run Jforex platform Open any currency pair with 1hr time frame(eg. EURUSD-1hr chart) Add three indicators in your chart 1.      MINMAX with time period 90 2.      Exponential moving average with period 34(ema 34) 3.      Relative Strength Index with settings of 14(RSI 14)                    After applying all indicators the chart will be as shown on below picture.    In the chart upper black line shows the highest value of currency pair since last 90 minutes. Similarly lower blue line shows the lowest value since last 90 minutes. First indicator window shows Relative strength index with settings of 14 . BUYING  STRATEGY ·         BID PRICE SHOULD BE GREATER THAN EMA34 ·         MAX LINE IN MINMAX INDICATOR SHOLD BE HORIZONTAL ·…
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sam123 11 Aug.


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nikunj0580 16 Aug.

Thanks Sam for your encouragement

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ritesh 26 Aug.

A risk reward ratio of 1:7 sounds awesome! Such an RR can turn a 50% win-loss ratio system trader into millionaire in no time. +1 buddy

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ritesh 28 Aug.

check out my articles too at

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LinnuxFX 28 Aug.

very impressive, well explained article, see my Strategy here :

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