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Supply and Demand – the fundamental cause of market movements
It’s easy for beginners to get caught up in exciting new words and to explore the intricacies of Fibonacci Bollinger exponential moving parabolic resistance zones, but perhaps equally important is asking yourself the question: what actually makes the price go up and down?
Taking this view not only gives you a better understanding of the financial system, but it also gives you a better understanding of how all other strategies work.
Supply is a term used to describe how much of something there is in existence, how many shares in a particular stock for example, how many government bonds have been issued, or how many units of currency there are in circulation. Supply is always finite. There is a limited number of shares in Apple. You can’t keep buying them infinitely, even if you had the money; eventually there won’t be any more to buy and you will own 100% of it! If you study economics, you’ll be familiar with a supply and demand diagram. In this case, the supply is fixed. It doesn’t matter how high or low the price is, the supply is always the same, as shown by the diagram.
Demand represents how much…
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In the article below am going to discuss a way in which any Forex trader can predict the change market sentiment with over 80% accuracy. The method follows a three step process which are summarized below.
  • Trend line is broken
  • Retest and failure
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TInna 9 Nov.

well done!

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DaShik 10 Nov.

may be i'll try this one day. in this case i'll share my results with you))

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scramble 22 Nov.

Yep good way to spot possible trend change or at least a good swing !

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trend is our friend tell it ends

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Many indicators gauge market and investor sentiment; but few are as robust as they possibly could be. Most of the indicators look at the balance of trades on order books, and some look at put-call ratios in the options market; but, most of them gauge a ratio or number without any context as to the actual intention of the trader. The indicator tested for this research has sought to more accurately explain the ratio of buys and sells in the options market of the underlying index. This indicator has proven to show tendencies for price activity of the Euro to go above or below key price levels, depending on up or down consensus measured in the options market.
One major indicator, the traditional put-call ratio, simply sums up and calculates all of the puts and all of the calls as a ratio. This has been criticized for being too crude of a method for gauging market sentiment, since the summation of the open interest is assumed to be long only. Assuming all the options are bought to open—a lot of them could be sold to open—results in a different sentiment entirely. A put-call ratio of 0.75 means the options market is bullish on the underlying stock, but this isn’t necessarily true. If, fo…
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Efegen 11 July

It is very complicated and diligent article. I want to know more about how can simply use this to profit more openly. I would love to see your thoughts in your next article. Could please check my article as well, it is about my trading strategy I am working for a long time:)

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Interesting topic, I would appreciate bit more explanations just like the reader (me) knows nothing of what you are talking about :)

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Although, the US Central Bank left rates on hold, last week’s EUR and GBP rally against the greenback suggest the doom caused by the FOMC members median projection of rates that was cut by 50bp, leaving just two possible hikes for this year, pretty much taking out of the table any kind of announcement until September.
Over the past two weeks, the imbalance between the FED and the ECB kept widening, which means that sooner or later, the USD will outperform the common currency. However, does this sentiment imply that the rally may continue? All fingers point towards it. Consider the uncertainty surrounding the pace of rates hikes in the US and the ECB’s projection to effect easing later this year, one may only agree that the greenback may really have been doomed.
Does the 2016 composition of the FOMC members in which case they are always inclined to take a DOVISH stand portend doom?
See for yourself:

The past days have seen continued market volatility after the FED's dovish-hold on Wednesday last week, in which the FOMC decreased their expectation for hikes this year from 4 to 2. Notably, USD weakness has been a prominent theme as traders have sold out bullish-USD on t…
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The new daily binary trading contest is one that is very intriguing, while it is not as exciting or as volatile as the forex market, it offers some great insight into how stocks are traded.
The main difference between the daily binary trading contest and the live trading of stocks is that we get the outcome of our Binary bets at the end of a trading session, while live stock trades can be held for several days.
Approaching the daily binary trading contest requires a full understanding of all the variables involved.
The first thing that is very apparent from the name of the contest, is that the daily binary bets have a live span of an entire trading session.
Each session represents a particular stock exchange market, and there are several stock exchanges around the world. This provides an abundance of trading opportunities, because as one market closes another one opens. Sometimes, we can have several exchanges open at the same time, and this occurrence usually leads to increased volatility in the markets.
In the daily binary trading contest, all the various stock exchange markets all over the world are represented.
With each exchange containing a list of selected companies.
An …
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agddivisas 12 Aug.

good information about the contest, thank you!

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The years I have spent trading I have dedicated on the most widely used indicators. Specifically they are the momentum indicators – RSI (relative strength index), CCI (Commodity channel index) and the moving averages of any kind. Lately I have involved the use of volumes to identify the volatility and this article is on my latest research on the connection between volume and volatility. For most professionals who have traded long time this can seem obvious but maybe you can also find something new.
Traded volume highly depends on the opened markets session. Highest volume is during New York and European opened sessions - when they overlap. Usually this is the time when the volatility is at its maximum for the day.
Figure 1
According to the figure which is the latest EUR/USD setup we can see 3 things.
1)After breaking the support RSI and CCI are no more valid instruments for use.
2)The big volumes were extremely bearish
3) After waiting enough with a good setup for involving again RSI and CCI we can use the 70%RSI and some specific use of CCI for our next good shorting.
This is only an example. Usually we must have good statistics and of course this pattern will never repeat ag…
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I am not the first who will write about binary options and surely not the last.
In this article I will try to show the main theory on entries, which time frame to look at and how long must be the duration. There are differences between other currencies but I will concentrate on the most used pair - EUR/USD because it is with lowest possible spread.
Binary options as it is well known is a choice between PUT and CALL (figure 1).
Figure 1 You double your initial deposit on the win and lose everything if wrong. There are some methods for protection. Presently in Dukascopy you can save from 5% to 20% (Figure 2)
Figure 2
of your initial risk amount on 1 option but I am not sure who use it and how helpful it is. Usually I risk all for the maximum reward of 90%. You can set Pending option to start in predefine time. You can start immediate Option but it will start in 2 seconds delay so be careful with this.
So this are the basics which I suppose everybody well know. The main idea of using Binary option is to catch the good opportunity. It is similar to trading - you buy (Call) the low price (support) and sell (PUT) the high price resistance. And usually as in trading the high price …
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Men are mistaken in thinking themselves free; their opinion is made up of consciousness of their own actions, and ignorance of the causes by which they are condicioned. Their idea of freedom, therefore, is simply their ignorance of any cause of their actions

What is the price?
The price is a glass jar full of pennies. The question is if you can guess how many pennies contains, because that is what worth. Seems easy, right? However, this is the kind of problems that, as pick up James Surowiecki in his book Wisdom of Crowds, the group does better than the individual. As operators, we tend to overestimate or underestimate the exact amount of pennies the jar containing. In contrast, the average result of all individual estimates provides a result that is surprisingly close to reality. In fact, this number is the reality in Forex.
The game does not have any tricks: all the individuals watch the same jar, all the individuals share the same information; as it would occur in an ideal market situation in that no operator would take advantage of their access to insider information. In a zero-sum game means that, agree the model of economic rationality, no player would have a competi…
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Airmike 22 Mar.

very nice price - value explanation

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This article will describe this long term trading strategy, used mostly by institutional investors, highlighting rewards and risks in a simple way, to make it possible for you to use it as well. With carry trade you can make or lose money even if the price of a currency pair remains static for a long time. It will also help you understand the reasons behind some of the market's moves, especially during volatile and risk-off periods.____________________ ► What is carry trade? Even though it's possible to have carry trades in a variety of financial instruments and investments, the basic premise is the same. Positive carry trade occurs when someone borrows an asset with low interest rates to finance the investment in an asset with a higher return. For example, borrowing money at 2%, and then investing the funds in an asset that pays 5%. This is easily done in the Forex market, because currencies are traded in pairs, so a positive carry trade is obtained when a trader buys ("carries") a high interest rate currency (for example, AUD), and sells a low interest rate one, such as JPY. Negative carry trade, as expected, is the opposite. This situation happens when the yield of holding an…
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bmg 30 Oct.

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brazandeh 16 Dec.

You really are a Special FX!.Thank you so much for the clarification

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You are welcome brazandeh, I am glad you liked it! :)

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brazandeh 22 July

Is it rally possible to get pips by carry trade?If I understand it correctly, so as a position to be profitable , the value of positive carry trade must be higher than the spread of that instrument and at the same time the direction of that position must be in favor of the market.Am I right or did I miss something?

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In this article We are going to explore how to gauge Market Sentiment through different ways, primarily the CoT.Market Sentiment is purely how you feel about the the past, present and future state of the markets in regards to its current price. There are many popular sayings coined by traders such as "Trend is your friend" or "never catch a falling Knife". Many traders use Moving Averages to show Market sentiment. As its averages the previous number of periods, anywhere from 5 to 200. They might be willing to only trade with the direction of the MA, this in essence is Market Sentiment.If you are bullish then you believe the security that you are describing is going to appreciate in value and if you are bearish you believe the opposite.Methods of Identifying Market sentiment:Moving Averages:Firstly, you can use the aforementioned way using a Moving Average, for example, take a look at the EURJPY H4 chartSo you use the MA to decide which direction you trade in, as Bullish set-ups in the green box gain a lot of momentum and bearish reversals are sluggish and ineffective. vice versa for the blue box.News:This one is the most simple to understand but potentially the hardest to use. This…
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AdrianWS 17 Apr.

Today, the CoT numbers are calculated and after a recent rise in EUR, AUD, GBP etc. don't be surprised to see fewer shorts even though price isn't much different from last week (shorts covered, not longs added).

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kkforex 18 Apr.

Interesting article 1+

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AdrianWS 20 Apr.

It's that time of the week again and the CFTC have released their CoT data for the previous week. CHF (125,000) net decreased by 3843. GBP(62,500) net increased by 1155 contracts. JPY (12,500,000) net decreased by 6641. EUR(125,000) Net decreased by 16761.

AdrianWS avatar
AdrianWS 27 Apr.

EUR shorts to 113K from 118K
JPY shorts to 56K from 58K
CHF shorts to 17K from 14K
AUD longs to 46K from 48K
CAD longs to 44K from 38K
NZD longs to 9K from 12K
GBP shifts from a net short 13K to a net long 8K.

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i was writing down my article about COT data and (my bad) i didn't notice your until i checked april's winners.
My compliments to you and to your good article!
Wish you best success in your trading :-)

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