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In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity … Albert Einstein

No matter how one values the recent ESMA activities, concerning the killing of binary option trading or raising minimum margins or the cutting of leverage respectively.
One important and sobering fact about the success of traders has become now official and reliable information.
In the ESMA paper itself a losing rate of 74% to 89% of FX and CFD Traders was reported by the different national supervising bodies.
But the story does not stop there, all brokers regulated by a national authority within ESMA, have to publish their “Loss Odds” on their websites now.
I made a simple test. Just opened any random broker comparison site, only selection was FCA regulated (could have been BaFin, could have been CySec, etc.). And checked the odds of the first 10 brokers listed. I do not name any names, as I do not want to promote or blame any of them. Anybody can simply repeat my experiment and have her own results.
  1. B1 85%
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anvifx 19 Aug.

nice work!!

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good work

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Nice job. good luck!

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great article

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The knowledge how the prices move in forex market is very important part of trader’s knowledge simply because of the fact that forex market is actually different to most of other markets and the majority of people are oblivious to this fact.
With stocks, for instance, the price you see on the chart or the quote board are the last price that the stock was physically traded and where a transaction was actually made. The last price two people actually bought and sold with each other so for the price to move or change someone has to physically buy or sell. There has to be an actual transaction, the price can't move without a transaction happening. In other markets it is real buying and selling pressure that moves the price and that's what makes sense and that's what we all think
In forex though it's not like that because the forex market is a bona fide auction market. The prices you see are the prices that someone is willing to buy or sell at. So just think of a normal auction where you may be trying to buy a painting. The prices start low and they gradually go higher and higher because people bid
the painting hasn't been sold the price moves and changes were there without any transa…
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Nice article

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mcquak 18 May

hrustiashka   thanks for coming by

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AAAnya 19 May

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mcquak 19 May

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Dominos 23 May

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GBP Flash Crash

Threads for landing GBP indicate a lack of knowledge and Lack of understanding of the market
Sure, a lot of threads opened for falling pound but strangely looking for an explanation and interpretation is in front of him because the market is just supply and demand
One of these articles and with respect for the writer, who I will not mention his name, who arrived to accuse of stealing the market. In fact this shows a lack of knowledge !!!!
We often hear about Black Swan And how it was born of a black father and white mother and white brothers, Why it was born black, we have no explanation, That's what we saw after falling pound in one second More than 5.6% after touching almost 1,195 levels And corrected at least minutes by approximately 4.46%, Leaving a gap between the lowest price and the highest price after correction by approximately 1%.
Is there an explanation of what happened ?
Is this what we call the Computer Glitch (technical problem in the computer or program) The officer of the equations of trading?
There are some call Erroneous Trade (false trade literal translation) as stated by Bloomberg, It is known that type of error was due for correction within hal…
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al_dcdemo 21 Oct.

Excellent work!

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The BoE also want low rate of gbp

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FXNOAD 24 Oct.

Yes this is the next move after hard brexit @priceaction113

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FXNOAD 24 Oct.

Thank you @al_dcdemo

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SvetLena 25 Oct.

very good!) thanks

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The objective is to catch the market maker's motive during stops hunting, the first step in determining the right direction of a good move, to enter at the right time, and to pick only the least risky and the most rewarding trade.
A wise trader does not solely rely on what their indicators are showing but rather must be able to read the market and sensibly judge correctly the true direction.
The learning path for most traders is to study charts, patterns, indicators, and attach meaning to these patterns. This is nothing more than a deception. Traders are driven to stare on the charts and their patterns or are convinced to purchase highly sophisticated softwares and programs that are convenient and comfortable but never proven to profit consistently. This learning paths are designed and promoted by market makers for the sole benefit of their business. There is nothing wrong with reading charts and indicators as long as they contribute to everyone's success in the long run. But it seems that more than 90% of traders end up losing a lot of money over several years.
The markets are not there for our benefit. They are in fact a business, no…
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i hate stop hunting

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Shukh87 19 Oct.


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Beto 21 Oct.

very good job

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olgerd902 24 Oct.

Очень неплохо изложено

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In this article I will show you how to prepare your charts before news releases, what to expect, how to react and most importantly help you to understand actions the market makers are taking.
Before I start going into details I just want you to think about this quote and keep it in your mind:
“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
- Mark Twain, an Author.
1.The reasoning.
First of all you have to understand why there is such a volatility during these news releases and major events.
Is it because the majority of retail traders do the same things and simultaneously open identical trades across many currency pairs? If so then they all should be making money. And if they are all making money then market makers are losing it as this is a zero sum game.
Are you starting to see the point I am making?
It is estimated that the average daily traded volume currently amount to around 5 trillion $ however at the same time the average daily traded volume by retail traders is merely 0.3 trillion $.
Who has the power to influence the market?
It is also very hard to believe that large corporations and financial institutions would rush to exchange the cur…
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klintons 5 Aug.

Sehr analitische artikel !

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adiray 18 Aug.

great article...havent finished reading yet but thought i might point that out.

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great article, news trading is tricky and this article is very informative

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Vain 26 Sep.

very good

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very good

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Имею желание купить дом, но не имею возможности.
"Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика"

На рынке присутствует два типа трейдеров - торгующие по рыночным ценам и те, кто эти цены устанавливает. Обычно трейдеры первого типа торгуют с трейдерами второго типа. Озаглавим вторых поставщики ликвидности. Именно о них и будет вестись речь в данной статье. Начнем.
Определение ликвидности
Предположим у вас имеется некоторая сумма валюты A и вы хотите приобрести за нее эквивалентную сумму валюты Б. Для того чтобы вы смогли это сделать вам нужен человек, который вам эту валюту продаст. Этот человек предоставляет вам возможность в любой момент времени приобрести то количество валюты Б, которое вам необходимо. Иначе говоря он предоставляет вам ликвидность.
Как формируется ликвидность
Если вы когда либо переключались в вашей платформе на тиковый график, вы наверняка могли наблюдать подобную картинку:
Рис.1 Тиковый график пары USD/RUB
На данном изображении мы можем наблюдать тиковый график паре Доллар/Рубль за 21 января 2015 года. Чем примечателен данный график? Внимание притягивает его явно пилообразный рисунок. Что происходило в данный момент? Что заставило график принять им…
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Very useful!

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Webinar :)

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Price action must be read in between the lines – nothing is black and white, just - many, many shades of grey. Risk-to-reward conditionality at certain parts of the range produces technical levels (see my older article Riding the Price Action Part 2: Risk to Reward). Volume flow around these levels creates constantly changing liquidity conditions and very specific price action dynamics.
Liquidity gaps. As price moves, it consumes volumes on its path. And until it stays inside most recently created range and keeps moving inside, volumes in this range gets thinner every time range gets crossed. And, as volumes get thinner, technical levels inside this range becomes less relevant - market participants, who traded these technicals, are already in and maybe – already out.
That’s where popular saying “Buy the double bottom and sell the triple one” came from. Every second approach to the same technical spot makes it weaker - one of the most important principles of liquidity dynamics in the financial markets.
Figure 1.0. Volumes deteriorate while price maintains the range.
Liquidity gaps also appear outside of the range – in between non-essential micro technical levels. Often, liqui
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Mani 15 May

nice article

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Docdow 16 May

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Omela 17 May

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alifari 17 May

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thats a pro, one of the best articles i have read this year

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Price action is the ultimate indicator. It reveals very precisely where the big bids and offers enters the market, where profit taking occurs or even – where it might happen in the distant future. Despite of technical analysis methods one chooses to use, but accurate observer might always get clues what is about to happen directly from watching price action real time and act accordingly.
Figure 1.0. See obvious price reaction to a certain area? Look for a technical level in it.
Even if the exact underlying technical reason, which stopped or reversed price movement at a particular spot is unclear, it is still possible to trade it by fallowing few basic principles of liquidity dynamics around such areas.
Some long time ago I managed to see a pattern and trade similar technical levels as I trade now, but without actually knowing the reasons behind them – just by observing price reactions and keeping my profit targets and risk limits tight (see my older article - Intraday Rhythms of EUR/USD Pair).
Price behaves differently in certain parts of the range and in certain hours of the day. It moves inertially and, incredibly, it has all the similarities to the Newton’s lows of motion. J…
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Likerty avatar
Likerty 14 May

OneGoodTrade, thats a controversial statement, like saying that alcoholic working in the bar is delta neutral in his work:) I believe, this conflict of interest in between market makers and the rest of the crowd, is the main reason why hedge funds dont speculate in FOREX markets.

Airmike avatar
Airmike 17 May

Likerty - Stop loss hunting is term for hunting of stop loss orders in order book (any type of orderbook). it is not a name for peaks or any price manipulations. retail stop loss orders have just very low amount of volume. For execution of this small amount is unreasonable to bet against other market makers and take risk from arbitrage trades. that's the point , if risk from arbitrage is x time higher than profit from stop loss hunting. stop loss hunting is possible only if ONE subject has permission for market making. not possible when many market makers compete against each other.

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Airmike 17 May

Btw. I didn't understand this note about hedge funds. with full respect. I am sure that information is not a correct because hedge funds definitely do participate on FX.

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Jignesh 22 May

Good Article, very technical.  Price action seems that hardest indicator to master but the most effective.  I'm going to attend some of your webinars to learn a bit more.  Have you ever looked into Elliott Wave?

Likerty avatar
Likerty 23 May

Jignesh, Elliot Wave makes a lot of sence, just I consider it a pattern and as all the patterns - these are secondary tools in trading, not primary. Its difficult to base trade decision solely on PA paterns..

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