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The present Forex market is not what it used to be before decade, before century. It has evolved the same way as people are evolving during millennium but way faster.
To be successful in trading you probably have read a lot of books and maybe you think you know what to do. Let’s assume you have made the best of yourself and succeeded to make a good profit. But this is not everything and only if you withdraw your wining you can claim that you are successful. A lot of traders ( if not probably all of them) think that they can continue winning and making profits the same way as they start and here comes the great disaster. Market is like a hound for such traders it smells the greed from thousand miles. You will probably enter a huge leveraged position assuming that nothing wrong would happen and then it comes, the storm more horrific than Irma. You find yourself with most of the Equity gone caused by some major bank speaker or change in interest rate which was not expected. I am sure that I am not the first one to write about this but this is a reminder for every trader, newbie or veteran.
The best way to keep your Balance positive or at least pink not red is to avoid huge leverage.…
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JuliannaS 11 Sep.

Funny pic makes article better

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Alisiya 12 Sep.

Very useful article !

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Good information

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good job!

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RahmanSL 1 Oct.

Good post...and yes, it's only when we start withdrawing profits regularly can be consider ourselves successful.

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Christmas break
Right now, as we all should be well rested after Christmas and New Year time, we have to remember though, that there were events occuring and the market will be likely pricing all things in with some delay now.
Since we might have gone a little bit out-of-zone as most of us likely spent great time with families and friends, I will try to give some compilation of the most important news (in my opinion) that could help to get us back in-zone faster.
In general, I'd just like to mention, we are likely to see increased volatility during the first weeks of the January, as many are coming back to the market with us alike. I advise to pick the trades carefully as we can earn really a lot now with the right choices or lose a huge sum with the wrong choices.
Well, for traders it is just about time to really get up now, together with markets!
Important events&data
  1. Turkish lira - the very first candidate for being the biggest mover this month or even this year. Breaking the most important data that came just on the very first days of the year 2017 according to that currency:
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Avnish26 20 Jan.

We just have to keep watch all the time. No holidays in forex world.

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vikyllya 20 Jan.

отличная статья!!

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nice article and cat!

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Sveetlana 20 Jan.

good job!

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brilliant 25 Jan.

well done

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In this article I want to share with you my thoughts on current situation and possible future developments of four major currency pairs : EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY.
It is crucial that you have read my previous article Trading The Levels Correctly. If you have not done so this may not make sense for you.
Markings used in this article are as follows :
Green ellipse with a letter ( no number ) means that this is a level from where everything basically starts. It is a level that has had a fake breakout in regards to it. Green ellipse with letter and number represents a fake breakout. Therefore A1 is a fake breakout of level A. Blue lines are support and the red ones are resistance levels.
Purple dashed lines represent round numbers that are or might be important to particular currency pair.
Rectangles are used just to draw more attention to the selected area.

There are two charts dedicated for each pair - monthly and weekly. Let's go ahead.
1.1.EURUSD Monthly chart
Direction of a pair is clearly bearish. Price has gone through the very strong level 1.2402 ( C ) with an impulsive move. This level served as a strong support for 8 years in conjunction wit…
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good info

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bibo 24 Oct.

good one

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mcquak 28 Oct.

good analytics

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Vlad73 2 Nov.

very good

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Natasha888 10 Feb.


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    "When market conditions change, I change my mind" (J. M. Keynes)      Greetings dear traders. Today we are going to make our usual analysis for 5 of the major pairs: Eur/Usd (Fiber), Gbp/Usd (Cable/Pound), Usd/Chf (Swiss Franc), Usd/Jpy (Jap. Yen) and Aud/Usd (Aussie). We will also try to cover some of the commonly market conditions for a trend.   To better understand a trend we have to start from the definition: The general direction of the market price for a certain trading instrument (currency pair, commodity, bond, stock).   If we want to identify a trend we have to look at the charts and see if we can find some simple signs:Higher Swing Lows and Higher Swing Highs for an Uptrend,Lower Swing Lows and Lower Swing Highs for a Downtrend.   Trends Classification:Major Trends (Primary Trends) - are ascending or descending trends, interrupted by corrections (Sell-offs in Uptrends and Rallies in Downtrends), last from several months to several years. Intermediate Trends - can develop in the direction of the Major Trend or in the opposite direction (in this case it is considered a correction), last from several weeks to several months.Minor Trends (Sell-Off or Rallies) …
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kkforex avatar
kkforex 22 May

I feel Aussie has broken the weekly trendline last week and this week it will test it at 0.9980 and then continue down till 0.9650 Also Euro and GBPJPY might test broken neckline on dailies this week. Nice analysis 1+

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 22 May

Nice article, do you used it in webinar? Good Luck...

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belman 25 May

Great rank and analisis, good and nice weekend to you +1

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MyiDEA 28 May

good article....

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egidijus 28 May

Interesting article. Good luck! +1

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   Greetings dear traders in the Dukascopy Community. This week we will watch the Key Levels on the 4 Hours charts for the Major Pairs: Eur/Usd (Fiber), Gbp/Usd (Cable), Usd/Chf (Swiss Franc), Usd/Jpy (Yen). After we will identify the main Key Levels that we have to watch for the Price Action Movement, we will be able to compose the bullish, bearish and mixed scenarios charts.   First of all You have to read the article that explains the Key Levels that I use in my Technical Analysis, to better understand the probabilities scenarios formation.   The main  instruments that we use for our analysis are : Monthly Pivots (Main, S1, S2, S3 and R1, R2, R3),Weekly Pivots (Main, S1, S2, S3 and R1, R2, R3),Simple Moving Averages - SMA - 30, 50, 100 and 200,Fibonacci Retracements,Supports and Resistences,Trendlines and Channel Trendlines (During the Trends and Sideways Movement).   I strongly believe that a technical analyst cannot predict the future Price Movement with high accuracy based only on the Hystorical price movement. That is why I propose multiple scenarios in my Analysis, Bullish scenarios, Bearish scenarios and Mixed Probabilities (when the Key Levels fail). All these probability…
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Nicco avatar
Nicco 10 May

Interesting and easy to use for me as an amateur! +1

OneGoodTrade avatar

It was good to see you on the Dukascopy Broadcast a few days ago. :)

doctortyby avatar

@RobertBric: It's nothing funny about a Key-Level that is broken and confirmed and then with no signal from the volume analysis or candlestick formations, turn around against your position with a high momentum on low volume. This could be an argument against my hypothesis. :)

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Dieselfx 20 May

the charts are a bit cluttered, he wants to say

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Schaolin 23 May

very interesting your articles , success this month +1

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