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Hi pip makers;
Welcome to my new article, Normally I spend 12 to 16 hours in the market and tries to find good opportunities to enter day and swing trades using my day and swing strategies. But most of the time I will not trade because market is dead slow or my strategy criteria will not meet so ended up with just market watch so, I have decided to build one scalping strategy to make profit in dead market or average moving market.
I am developed many scalping strategies from past 6 months using different indicators, most of them didn’t gave good result and some of them work in different market condition and will not work in some condition finally I have arrived with online strategy which works in all market conditions with 70% to 95% accuracy which depends on the major currency pairs you are trading which I am sharing with you guys. Please use this strategy with only major pairs and I have tired with cross pairs it will not work as prefect with major pairs and below are my stats from past three and half months with different major pairs:
1.GBP/USD : 80% to 95% Accuracy
2.EUR/USD : 80% to 85% Accuracy
3.USD/JPY : 78% to 83% Accuracy
4.USD/CAD : 75% to 82% Accuracy
5.USD/CHF :…
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good job

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The MACD is an oscillator that is used by traders to determine the turning points of the market. Basing on this fact the MACD oscillator can be used to determine the high ands and the lows of the market making it a reliable tool for timing entries and exits in the market. In this article I will focus on mainly how the MACD indicator can be combined with the trend line and be used for trading.
Drawing trend lines based on the MACD
To draw the trend lines one has to use the MACD oscillator set to default settings. The MACD oscillator can be added to the chart by selecting it from the inbuilt indicators on the Jforex platform.
Using the tops and bottoms formed on the MACD oscillator, one can accurately identify the highs and lows of the market thus eliminating any subjectivity. By joining these highs or the lows using the ray or trend line tool one can accurately determine the direction of the trend i.e. whether the trend is bullish or bearish.
In the chart below, one can draw a rising trend line by connecting two higher lows being formed. The higher lows must coincide with the higher lows being formed on the MACD oscillator.
In the next chart, we draw a falling trend line by con…
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Simple and good trading strategy

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Below is a scalping method that I have been using for the previous months to help me clear volume and make continuous profit in the long run
Session: Asian or Euro session
Time frame: 1mins
MACD: 12,26,1
Stochastic: 5, 3, 2
EMA 1: 5 to the close
EMA 2: 5 to the open
The EMA 1 and EMA 2 will be our main trend indicators and the MACD will be to confirm the direction of the trend.
The Stochastic indicator will be the basis of our trade entry. However if you may leave it out if you are well vast with support and resistance for trading.
The chart will look like this after setup:
For a Buy Trade:
When the EMA 1 has crossed EMA 2. The MACD has closed higher than the previous time interval. The Stochastic crosses up from the 20 line and is not over bought
Buy Signal: The signal candle/ bar closes higher (bullish candle is formed). Stop Loss is the low of the previous candle or 20 pips but 20 pip minimum
Buy Chart

For a Sell Trade: When the EMA 1 has crossed EMA 2. The MACD has closed lower than the previous time interval. The Stochastic crosses down from the 80 line and is not over sold
Sell Signal:
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Last month I wrote an article about one currency master trading setup. Now I want to share how to trade with it. We will be able to trade in different timeframes with different styles.
As I described in my earlier article we will need to follow three different charts: Daily, 4 Hour and 1 Hour. I made small changes so this setup will be better for trading.
ADX: 13 – will be signaling trend strength and weakness
MACD: 13- will signal momentum
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
RSI: 13 – will be used to check sell and buy zones, also overbought and oversold zones.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
Stochastic: 13 – Will be used for enter and exit signals.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
Volume - Standard
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
We are huntin for opportunity first in Daily, then in 4H and then in 1H charts. We…
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Но  помни, что техника и все, что касается разных технических моментов - это только вспомогательные инструменты. Главное, правильный взгляд на сам рынок в конкретный момент времени!) Рынок очень хитер)

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Hi my dear Dukascopy traders. Some of my forex trader friends in Azerbaijan say that gold is the one of the most difficult commodity to trade. Over my 4 years of monitoring the gold market noticed me many profitable strategy. Today I will show you my gold strategy. I have tested this several times and gain many pips from the trading and I am sure that this strategy will useful for you.
WARNING: Please read this article carefully and test it in you demo account 5 or 6 month.
In this strategy we will use 3 indacator (Moving average, MACD and RSI)
1. Add 4 Exponential Moving Averages
  • 25 days Exponential Moving Averages (color blue)
  • 50 days Exponential Moving Averages (color yellow)
  • 100 days Exponential Moving Averages (color green)
  • 200 days Exponential Moving Averages (color red)

Exponential moving average show us support and resistance, indicate take profit and stop loss. I use moving averages to track the candle and put take profit and stop lose.
2. Add MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator)
  • Fast EMA - 12
  • Slow EMA - 26
  • MACD SMA - 9
  • Apply to - close
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In a 4×100-metre relay race, one runner starts before the other, but in the end it’s the sum of the four runners that determines performance.
This is what automated forex trading is all about, where different indicators are combined to work together in the execution of the trades. The final outcome is more important than the results of the individual components, that is, in a strategy with 3 indicators all indicators have to point to the same thing for a trade to be consummated.
This article is about creating an automated trading strategy using three indicators, namely MACD, Aroon and the Alligator indicators using vjforex. This is a strategy that I have planned to employ in the November and December 2017 Dukascopy Strategy Contest.
Candle Instrument
Candle Period
15 Min
Fig 1: Candle instrument and period
By using the default instrument and default period settings it will become easier to investigate how different currency pairs and time frames impact the strategy.
Open Positions

According to the trading rules of the strategy contest, the maximum amount of simultaneously opened positions is one and any further requests to open a new position will be re…
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MACD is one of the most used indicators in analyzing the market. It is good for identifying signal and momentum. According to investopedia:
“Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of prices. The MACD is calculated by subtracting the 26-day exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-day EMA. A nine-day EMA of the MACD, called the "signal line", is then plotted on top of the MACD, functioning as a trigger for buy and sell signals.”

You don’t have to know technical part of the indicator. Nobody needs that. We will use it visually.
To check momentum of the trend is easy with MACD. You just need to follow 0 level of the MACD. Whenever MACD line crosses 0 level it means momentum is changing and a new trend starts
The signal
When you see the two moving averages lines of MACD indicator lines move away from each other, it means that momentum is increasing and the trend is getting stronger. In contrary if lines are coming closer, it means that price is losing strength. But during very strong trends behaving of lines may not give accurate information.
MACD divergence
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Hello Community Members,
This time I have decided to write second part of my previous article, which was how to find a profitable indicator. After experiments I have found three of them and I am sharing with you all. As we know, technical analysis is purely done on price action method or with combination of indicators.
I feel everybody wants to be a successful trader, don't you?
My story is like this. At first instance I was successful to withdraw 50 USD out of 400 USD. But after that my account balance went down to 210 USD. Then I added another money to it and balance become 710 USD. Then went long in EUR/USD, which went into loss nearly 100 pips down from my buying price. But I decided to continue with the position as that time EUR/USD was trading near support. EUR/USD bounced back and so my account. After that I have turned 710 USD to almost 1200 USD in one weeks time. Again it went into loss and balance become 950 USD. So process went on as account was in surplus I am successful in withdrawing 750 USD from account and still my live account balance is 300 USD remaining. Now I am planning to grow it to 1000 USD. Nexr month I will participate in trader contest and hope there also …
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In my previous article i have shown you a strategy based on MACD & stochastic oscillator. This strategy is one of the best strategy present in the library. Lets automate it and see
is this is a profitable strategy or not?
So lets start building the strategy first.

STEP-1 Beginning

1. Periods + Instrument Selections
2. Position Limiting Block
Take a look at the Figure-
STEP-2 Indicators

1. Macd

As from figure to Open a trade we have to look at the slope of macd.
is it upward or downward? To know we have to think about simple maths. we need three last histograms to be
Uptrend- "up down up"
Downtrend- "down up down"

See the Figures
hence it is confirmed that we have require the past three histogram data which is given by
MACD(Shift1), MACD(Shift2), MACD(Shift3)

2. Stochastic

A simple Stochastic of default period with shift-1
This is how it looks like-
STEP-3 Opening Orders
1. In the figure, The left hand portion is for opening Sell order and Right hand portion is for open Buy orders.
2. We have used 3 macd hence to Open a position we have to use same down up down strategy for opening Short position and vice versa for a long position.
3. Stochastic is default as crossover, if it …
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Thanks for your effort, it's beneficial for readers to know, how the "article" can be melted in some automated strategy. However I'd be cautious to claim that it's profitable strategy based on back testing result of one month.

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worth further examination .thanks

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As a trader spending hours on hours per week looking at charts, you start to develop a technical vision which unconsciously lets you see cardinal points in the market, overlooked by the untrained eye.
For several years, I have been following a certain pattern in the market which produces over 80% winning trades every time I apply it.
Understanding the Indicators

My belief is that even a trader who uses technical analysis must understand the basics of the indicator he uses in his day to day trading.
The MACD Indicator

The MACD indicator is considered by many, including myself, to be one of the most reliable of all the existing indicators in technical analysis—when used correctly (which is what I’m here for). developed by Gerald Appel, who is considered a classic technical analysis guru.
The MACD indicator consists of 2 moving averages and a histogram
This is what it looks like:
The BLUE average is the short period average and the BLACK average is the long period average.
When the histogram is above zero level, the currency is on an uptrend.
When the histogram is below zero level, the currency is on a downtrend.
For a long trade, we want the histogram to:
-Be above zero le…
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How to determine the MACD combat techniques
Tips: Market Analysis Chinese people use Japanese candle, red show price increases,green display is the prices fell.

1、Mountain Differences:middle of the top, we have called the "Mountain",Left, right, there were two hills。Almost in a horizontal position,Corresponding to the left, MACD parameters, above 0 "value", right side, MACD parameters "negative",It is called "Mountain Differences"

AUDUSD 4 hours candle, time: 2016-04-27MACD judged by small changes in the market outlook, if the phenomenon of "Different Mountain" difference should lighten up watching / buying risk

2、 "RIse candle" Difference:use a positive departure from the K-line to analyze the situation, first of all we see is a candle in the day K line, this should be a corresponding MACD columnar 0 or more is positive, there is a certain special circumstances, appeared MACD columnar below zero is negative, a single positive departure from the phenomenon whereby it caused.How to take advantage of this phenomenon to analyze price movements, of course, still need under certain preconditions in order to better analysis of exchange rate movements.Conditions require: MACD Histogram …
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The MACD Indicator The MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence is very popular indicator used by a great amount of traders and financial investors worldwide.
The MACD was original created by Gerald Appel somewhere around the 1970 for technical analysis and trading tool.
It is a type of momentum and also a trend following indicator oscillator, it has built in several moving averages and trough a series of mathematical calculations it produces a signal line.
The MACD Formula: there are several variations depending on the broker or if the indicator is custom made, but the most commonly formula is basically is (12 EMA – 26 EMA) to produce the MACD and then 9 EMA or SMA over the mathematically result of the MACD to make the signal line. The indicator also makes a histogram to give a closer view of a possible trend change
Most common setting: Fast EMA12, Slow EMA 26, MACD 9 SMA or 9 EMA
Method of use:
several aspects are observed to read the indicator and they are MACD cross over/under the signal line, MACD cross over/under the zero line, convergence, divergence and also the wide separation of the 2 lines could indicate an imminent reversal of a spike or the trend at all.
The MACD …
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The year 2016 started with risk-off sentiments as Chinese devaluation and mkt turmoil which as continue to fuel depreciation on risk sentiment currency such as the Aussie and kiwi while Yen continue to benefit from risk aversion and the ongoing trend may likely continue till 2nd quarter 2016.
In continuation with the technical forecast and ichimoku trend analysis, this week I will write on weekly trends and development for the week 1-11-2016 as I take a look into the trending currency pairs; price action, what has happened in the mkt in past week and what may likely be installed for the week ahead.
A review on the US dollar index as we all understand that all major currencies trade against the US dollar, so I found it informative and valuable analyzing the US dollar index from week to week to determine its weakness and strength also gauge mkts trend direction for the week .
The US dollar trade downtrend after testing a strong resistance at 99.60 to close at 98.45 last week. Econnomic data from the US were all positive with ADP employment of 257k above estimate , factory order at -0.20% , sevice manufacturing PMI remain soft , the major economic event NFP report was po…
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Forex mkt price movement and volatility are compounded weekly monthly ,quarterly and yearly and simply taking a look at the chart , gaining information about the market is always preferable to secondary methods such as the trend.
This week I will write on weekly trends and development for the week 2015-12-21 as I take a look into the trending currency pairs; price action, what has happened in the mkt in past week and what may likely be installed for the week ahead.
A review on the US dollar index as we all understand that all major currencies trade against the US dollar, so I found it informative to take a look at the US dollar index from week to week to determine its weakness and strength also gauge mkts trend direction for the week .
The US dollar trade uptrend last week to close at 98.70 for the week , The currency pair resumed uptrend as the US Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by 25bps at the FOMC meeting on Thursday also signaling further rate hikes in 2016.
Trend change event from US last week include US CPI numbers which came out as expected at 0.2%.The New Zealand traded strongly across the mkt last week followed by US dollar, yen and Australian dollar wh…
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The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator was one of the first indicators I was exposed to when I began trading some years back. At the time, it felt like it was the Holy Grail of all indicators; but with time I have gotten to appreciate its effectiveness, and be wary of its general misuse. I will use this article to share what I have learnt, and will let you all (my cherished readers) decide for yourselves how best to use this "ancient" trading tool.
The first thing to understand about the MACD indicator is that it is built around Moving Averages; that fact is pretty obvious from its name.
The default setting for the indicator is: MACD (12, 26,9).
The typical MACD indicator on the Jforex trading platform can be seen below:
The traditional approach to using this indicator is to look for crossover signals.
An upward cross would be a signal to open a long position, while a downward cross would be a signal to open a short position.
Following the crosses from the indicator, we would take two short trades and one long trace in this particular market.
One of the first things I learnt about the indicator was that it was a leading indicator; this simply means the indicato…
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