In the near future, perhaps we will see the nice big face of Angela Merkel in the 1 euro coin?

In this article, which is composed of 4 parts, I want to focus on what the EBC could do in the coming months to try to get out of the crisis which is stagnant in europe.
Mario Draghi spoke last conference of non-conventional measures, implying that the ECB would take into consideration the QE.
We see in this first part, what is QE?
Stripped of jargon sophisticated (and mystifying), the QE (quantitative Easing, QE) simply means increasing the quantity of money supply, or easing credit conditions in the hope of stimulating the economy stagnant. It is usually performed by injection by the central banks of a certain amount of money into the coffers of commercial banks in exchange for its financial assets, which consist largely of government bonds. Although typically is done electronically or on paper, its practical effect is identical to that which is obtained by printing money.
This would be an expansionary monetary policy designed to aid economic recovery. The rationale behind this policy is that the addition of new funds to t
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