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This year has been a tensed one for Forex traders, and rightly so. Throughout 2015, we experienced one of the greatest figures in the history of volatility.
Under the influence of the news from the Eurozone and the USFR, the market experienced a roller coaster movement, and good traders could not take the opportunity to "go" and get a well-deserved profits.
Hard to believe, but we are already in the final, fourth-quarter of the Forex year. Based on past experience, during this period experienced market players start to make changes in their trading plans. As a rule, at the end of the year (except the last two weeks of December), Forex is beginning to suffer with high volatility of currencies and even those currencies that have the largest trading range throughout the year couldn’t be an exception.
But this year, market trends and the daily trading ranges seen somewhat differently, which gives reason to believe that a natural burst of volatility, which is usually noticeable in the last few months of the year in 2015 may be even more dramatic.
With the increase of volatility will be a large number of pips you can earn by the end of this year, but you will have to change trading p
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Good article!

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Sound advice, great explanation and very well written!

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                                                                                                                 HOW TO LOVE YOUR LOSESIn this article we are going to discuss the psychology of the losing trades, and the tools and view I use to approach them. When we understand what a losing trade really is, you don't fear them anymore or don't try to avoid something that is unavoidable. That way you can LOVE YOUR LOSES.                                                   CHANGING THE DEFINITION OF A 'LOSS'The best way to fix the emotional pain when price stops us out is to look for the root of the problem, your mind. The information that the market reflects (upticks & downticks) is completely neutral, is no good or bad. Your approach must be the same with any kind of trade, winner or loser; try to think like the market perspective. Losing trades are the cost of doing business, that’s all, losing is part of the game and the key is how you lose.  Said this you can qualify losing trades in two categories, in reality you don’t need to care if a trade is a winner or a loser (is the same) there are two categories for any kind of trade, if the trade followed the rules of your trading plan o…
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Nice Article +1

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positive 16 Feb.

emotion & loss - they go together. In trading it is indespensable to have control over both of them.Good stuff from your end. Keep them coming.+1

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ritesh 26 Feb.

Losses are the business cost of doing forex trading. this is the best article +1

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Money loses all! Someone loses their literally, someone investing in a risky business, someone just fooled, well, we're losing traders on the market. But even heavier losses, but accept, admit you're wrong about the market situation in general, a specific currency pair or any other trading tool. I'll tell you my story. Recently, I lost almost all my money on the downward movement EURUSD, but I could get out of this position with a plus or minus a little, but I did not do so, confident in their rightness and was eventually declared bankrupt. Why am I not covered by drawdown of 30%, 50% or 75%, so it's simple. Hope for the best outcome, the fact that all goes well, the fact that with me it does not happen, all the emotions that you do not give the trader to think soberly and properly assess their risks and to price out any disadvantage. As the great Jesse Livermore: "The main enemies of the speculator are operating within. Man is by nature prone to feelings of hope and fear. When in the speculative game market suddenly goes against you, you are every day hoping that this day - the latter, and thus lose more than if it were not listened to the voice of hope, by this faithful ally of t…
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you can lose your money even if you don't touch them in a bank account deposit because of inflation (real inflation)... +1

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