Simple Thoughts on ForexTrading
1. Background
I would like to start with an apology that I am not an expert on the very intricate business of FOREX Trading. I am an ordinary man who got interested in this field a few years back and started with DEMO accounts and am still continuing with demo accounts because my country does not allow people to deposit international currency account in this area which they consider (rightly) as a loss making area. However getting involved in this field has enabled me to use my intellect and thus avoid falling into the vicious field of Dementia. Probably I may be the oldest person actively participating in this field at the age of 93 years.
Writing is a very good method of expressing your thoughts in the field. I am not an expert discussing and looking for technical words. Though technical analysis is good to guide you, I believe that world news is what really guides the Forex market.
Winning prices in competition was never my good fortune though I have come several times to the top rank of number one but in the end slid back to oblivion.
1. Why we Go to ForexTrading – use of Trends
Obviously winning trades and adding to your balance funds i…
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