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Most newbies (new forex Traders) come into the forex world expecting to make quick money without having to do very much work.
Well, some Newbies do get lucky and make a lot of money on their small trading account BUT then most of them think they can continue to make lots of money trading the way they do…i.e. high leverage, large trading lots, and without paying too much attention to daily changes in the forex market, global economic events, etc. Inevitably all of these Newbies will suffer the same fate of margin call and total account wipe-out.
Then there are those who look at the forex market as another form of investment which have potential to give much more returns for their money than most banks in the world.
Long term Forex Trader…i.e. those who open and leave their trade(s) running for months and even years…. can consistently make good returns for their money. However, their open trades are always in the direction where their open trade position(s) give them positive swap rate which, over time, can accumulate to substantial amount of money. On top of the positive daily swap, their open trade(s) can reap them very good profits when their “Take Profit” (TP) level is(are) trig…
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Moving average is an important indicator. There are various type of moving average like simple moving average (SMA), Weighted Moving average (WMA), Exponential moving average (EMA) etc. Great details are available on the web regarding moving average. If we read about moving average, we find that they confirm trend as they are laggard indicator. Moving average can be used as support, resistance. We find how to calculate moving average, types of moving average and strategy to trade with moving average. We find numerous strategies on the net regarding use of moving average. However nothing is told actually why do they work? Why common N or time is equal to 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200? To find the answer, I searched for net but found nothing.  Most people will say that N is smoothing factor. You need to find proper N for your strategy. If so, why n= 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 are very common worldwide? To answer the question, I made following hypothesis. Not sure, if it’s ok or there are some mistake or whether anybody have worked before. To my opinion, the answer lies in investment horizon and accounting cycle. Investors can be classified mainly short term traders, mid term traders and lon…
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