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After publishing my first article two months ago,which was quite popular by the way ,I wanted to make a significant contribution to the community and started to search for brand new subject that has not been approached yet in the contest. To find that I searched all 66 pages of article library ,which has none less then 15 articles per page totaling to a mind-blowing number of 990 articles.
Although it took a while I found tha the subject which hasn’t been approached yet is my Fibonacci Fan Lines based Trading System which I have been using for years.

“Sometimes the things you are looking for, are right in front of your eyes.”

Fibonacci Fan Lines Trading System.
1.System Description

This system works by crossing Fibonacci Fan lines with Fibonacci Retracements (were possible) and can be used to estimate support & resistance levels, potential reversals, breakouts and can help you predict future trend movements , being one of the few instruments of it’s kind that can help you achieve that.
Also the system is a very good weapon for long term technical analysis and has outstanding results on 1 Day , 1 Week and 1Month time frames. …
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Hello FX_DLG . No i don't use Fibonacci time but i will check it out , and tell you if i find somenthing interesting .

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Thanks Helga :)

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@northwave : for sure , i am still working at it .

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I would like to thank everyone for support !!!!!

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99Natali 5 Nov.

Great job! I support you!

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Hello Friends...We have always read that "Trend is your Friend", all we need to do to rake in those Pips is to stay with the Trend...... But how do we know what is the direction of the present trend & if it is trending at all?Largely speaking there are two methods to know about the trend of markets,Moving AveragesTrend LinesMoving Averages        Moving Averages is one of the oldest and simplest form of Technical Analysis and are very good for Trend Identification and often also act as floating support and Resistance. The best example of this is the 200 Day Simple Moving Average, which in a broader sense can also be termed as the holy grail for trend identification. In most of the cases this also acts as a very good Support & Resistance.          The 200-SMA acts fabulously in the lower time frames also, but as is tended to be in most of the strategies using Moving Averages, the lower the Time Frame the higher the Whip-Saws.Trend Lines           Trend-Lines are lines drawn on the price chart connecting various highs and lows of the prices to get an understanding of the direction of the price or trend.Above is the Daily Chart of EURUSD pair. The green line is the 200 Day Simple Movi…
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mielec 19 Dec.

This does not mean that they are not useful because there are still exist some channels or trends but the price goes through the straight lines with considerable deviations giving a lot of misleading the signal :)

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krishere 20 Dec.

mielec that is why I have suggested to wait for the crossover in Stochastics in the OB or OS to filter out the noise....

And you can never always be right, thats the reason we have Stop-Losses in place.... :)

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radha 21 Dec.

I am new to forex and think this is quite simple... thanx :)

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Not good enough... should use more new systems and indicators...

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Bideira 22 Dec.

Article it's good! I dont use Stoch or any oter oscilator, they are good in ranges, but can kill you in trends.

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