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This article is a continuation of "London Box & London Breakout" published last week, where essentially I introduced the code used in this strategy, and how it finds its base logic in the London breakout strategy. So please check it since some parts are not repeated here.
The 'iLondon'
You can download here the first .zip file, and extract the content on your preferred strategies folder. Once loaded and compiled the code on JForex platform, you will have to set some parameters:
  1. Select the instrument to work with. In the downloadable file however, you will find a file for each of main instruments.
  2. Set the opening time of the last 30 minutes candle opening before the session you prefer to work with. So, considering London session starts at 7.00AM broker time, here you will have to set 6:30AM.
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scramble 19 June

Thanks CharmingRimma :)

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SvetLena 22 June


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s_amira 23 June

Good article!

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What we Europeans call overnight session (starting with Wellington, Tokyo and finishing right before European bank working hours at 8:00 CET) might not be necessarily involve dark period of the day in other parts of the world. But it has a broader meaning. Whit all main economic events and most volatile market hours throughout the European and North American session - Australia’s, Asia’s and Middle East sessions seems more like an ending act of the period when everything calms down, sort of - night period in the natures cycle. Still, despite the fact where in the world you live – this interesting part of a trading day may be traded while absent from the trading platform. It has repeating behavior aspects in low volatility environment – a perfect recipe for trading with limit orders. Interestingly enough I never looked in to overnight session purposely for trading opportunities. But somehow very naturally, this trading method developed itself. As a trader you just can’t miss those trading opportunities that appear over and over again at the end of the every day. The thing is that after fresh European and North American range is formed - all the technical levels are still “hot”, wh…
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scramble 28 May

great work! keep it up!

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Limit orders are very underrated by most of the traders. Glad to see somewone supporting them

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i will have to pay more attention to these time periods

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This somewhat reminds me of a strategy I posted a couple of months ago (even though they are quite different) about trading early London session breakouts. Thumbs up, I liked it :)

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Likerty 17 Jan.

Thank you all for feedback! You can fallow me on twitter: @VenasEdvinas

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Abstract: The technical and fundamental analyses usually reflect the price movement in the Order Flow. In order for the Market Price to move, for a certain trading instrument, at a certain moment, the participants (buyers and sellers) have to execute enough orders to consume the liquidity at the best Bid or Ask offer. The behaviour of the market participants can be determined by the Order Flow (market orders, limit and stop orders) generated by the other traders. In the first part of this article I will present some general aspects of the order flow and how it can be used in trading with the help of the existing tools from Dukascopy. In the second part I will make a few order flow book tool proposals for Dukascopy Bank. Part 1 - General aspects of the Orders Flow Analysis.Definition 1: An open order is an order to a broker to buy or sell a currency at a certain price whenever that price becomes available. Theoretically, such an order is standing indefinitely until either the currency is bought or sold at the specified price or the investor cancels the order. (source Financial Dictionary)Definition 2: An order book is the list of orders (manually and electronically) that a trading…
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You are getting the hang of it. Your webminars are constantly improving as well as your English skills. Doing more presentations, 2 hours each is not an easy job... if you keep improving like this soon I might see you on Bloomberg or MoneyChannel. Thank you for informative and educative webminars.

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extreme think , i wish you success

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Bro hope you will return on first wrote a great article and deserve to be the best this month. It is important to know about orders flow in taking decisions with high volume. Just good luck

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