Here I will write a nice correlation between two kind of sports - Fishing and Trading (Yes from different point of view trading is not only the process of making money but currently I see it as a different kind of online gaming sport) What Fishing Is - This is the process where you have prepared a few things, bait, tools (cord, fishing tackle net and other).
Similar in trading are the instruments (indicators, charts and others).
The main object in the fishing is the fish. For me the main object in the trading is the volatility. Why? Because like for the fish you have to wait whole day (some times weeks or even moths) just for several seconds to few minutes of huge market movements The problem with the volatility is that is can be very hard to recognize it correctly and like in the fishing you can catch a small fish instead of the big one. In trading you can make two things either take the profit before the huge movement in your direction or it can be false volatility with several rangy movements which must be very carefully avoided.
The problem is who is the fish, you or the market. The market is setting several baits so that you stay away when the real movement comes. If you wan…
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Natalia_Kisenko 2017年09月22日

Very good article!

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RahmanSL 2017年09月26日

I too have compared trading the forex to fishing which requires tremendous amount of patience and interest....when the market is not moving much, I compared that to small fish nibbling on the bait but then, suddenly, a big fish comes along and strips line off which is similar to sudden market movement which cause the currencies to spike.

Yes, it's very important to keep abreast of geopolitical and economic news (fundamentals) because some sudden events will move markets which can be very different from what the technicals are showing.

Good article and well thought out : )

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megajorko 2017年09月26日

Thank you very much Rahman. I hope that this knowledge will help us to stop act as fish but be the real fisherman :)

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RahmanSL 2017年09月27日

Like many sports fishing can be addictive and, likewise with trading the forex market, we have to curb our passion : )

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annamuzova 2017年09月27日

Very very interesting. Good article

I am writing an article about one of my new strategy for part time traders and for lazy traders like me, which is of long term strategy with very low risk but with more reward. Please read how to prepare the sandwich and taste it and let me know the taste of it by providing feedback which is very important for me.
Before going to my strategy I want to ask couple of questions for all of you traders:
1. Are you part time trader/lazy trader?
2. Don’t know much about fundamentals/ microeconomics and technical analysis?
3. If you can’t assess all the news or any political drama of different countries and it's impacts.
4. You don’t know the future direction of the pair?
If you say YES, for all my questions then you will fall in love with my strategy and my request is at least once taste it in demo account.
Pre-steps before making yummy sandwich:

1.You need to consider the pair where the pair is moving in the range for example I am taking USD/JPY pair to explain my strategy.
2. I think all the traders know about the basic concept of Forex trading irrespective of full time or part time or lazy trader. You must me thinking now what it is, you know I am just talking about support
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well done, need to try

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nice job

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Good job

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Good job, thank you!

Форекс как альтернатива депозитным счетам банке (Forex Trading without Leverage)Leverage означает использование заёмных средств, что даёт возможнность открывать позиции в пропорциях 1 к 100 и так вплоть до 1 к 500 по отношению к собственным средствам. А это как обоюдосторонний меч, с одной стороны может привести к значительным выигрышам, а с другой стороны к значительным потерям и рискам, вплоть до суммы превышающей изначальный депозит. Торгуя на форексе в пропорции 1 к 1, то есть без заёмных средств, мы полностью исключаем риск потери своих средств. А это уже является хорошей альтернативой сберегательным, накопительным, срочным и прочим депозитным счетам в банках. Допустим, что у вас есть капитал в 10 тысяч долларов и есть банк или какой-нибудь фонд, где вам на срочном вкладе могут заплатить 10, 15 или даже 20 процентов годовых. Теперь предположим, что эти 10 тысяч долларов вы начинаете использовать для торговли на форексе в пропорции 1 к 1. Для увеличения возможности заработка и сокращения рисков нужно открывать две противоположные позиции: одну на продажу, вторую на покупку одной и той же валютной пары (hedging). Торгуя таким образом, вполне реально делать до одного процента при…
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Natalia_Kisenko 2017年08月30日

Good article!

Хочу отдельно рассмотреть один нюанс в торговле на рынке Форекс - кредитное плечо. Как на мой взгляд, необходимо сразу привыкать к торговле без кредитного плеча, это позволит соблюдать риск менеджмент в торговле и ограничит возможные уровень убытков и потерь в будущем. Если посмотреть на торговлю крупнейших трейдеров и инвесторов, то можно заметить что они не используют кредитное плечо в торговле. Во-первых, потому что это не безопасно, во-вторых, потому что на объемах торгов в миллиарды и десятки миллиардов долларов трудно вообще получить кредитное плечо. Брокеры любят предоставлять кредитное плечо своим трейдерам как некоторое преимущество, разберемся подробнее.
Итак, кредитное плечо на форекс это предоставление денежного обеспечения, благодаря которому трейдер имеет возможность открыть позицию торговую на сумму в разы превышающую собственный капитал трейдера.
В числовом виде оно отображается дробью, показывающей, какую долю собственных средств трейдер должен вложить в сделку. Например кредитное плечо 1:100 показывает, что трейдер может открывать позиции имея только 0,01 часть или 1% от необходимо для этого капитала, а остальные 0,99 или 99% предоставляет ему для этого Брокер пр…
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очень актуальная статья!

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Good article

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Головне як  торгує трейдер . Злити рахунок можливо і при 1:33  або  1:1 якщо не використовувати стоп .

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al_dcdemo 2017年06月22日

Very well done!

I am a great loser in forex trading because I don’t know much about the world of forex trading and still I entered into live trading with real money and I don’t want to get educated in forex and I only know to dream of getting profits faster and become rich through forex trading but not interested in getting the right knowledge though knowledge is power and knowing alone can help me avoid taking of wrong decisions but I always underestimate the power of knowledge of forex currency pairs and their correlations, strengths, value of economy of the countries and its effect on forex market and also I don’t know how to select the broker for trading forex because I don’t have any knowledge about regulation and all.
I am a great loser in forex trading because I don’t know the most important part of forex i.e., slippage which occurs during news releases and that can blow my account in seconds, though knowing details of slippage and being prepared for the same can save me from a disaster but I am not interested in all these and just love to gamble.
I am a great loser in forex trading because I don’t have patience as I want instant profits and get rich as soon as possible though consistently …
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Thanks for sharing

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Good considerations about forex trading

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Неспособность управлять кредитным плечом на Форекс является одной из самых больших проблем, с которыми сталкиваются трейдеры. Хотя торговля с кредитными плечами может значительно повысить прибыль , это также увеличивает риск больших потерь. Валютный рынок позволяет трейдерам использовать 1:1000, что означает, что за каждый доллар на вашем торговом счете вы можете торговать $ 1000, используя кредитные деньги.
Однако большинство трейдеров обычно используют гораздо меньшее плечо 1:2 , а это означает, что если у них на торговом счете 50 000 долларов, они могут совершать сделки на общую сумму 100 000 долларов.
Если вы не уверены, какое плечо вы используете в настоящее время на своем торговом счете, вот простая формула для его вычисления: возьмите сумму ваших полных открытых позиций, а затем разделите на количество денег на вашем торговом счете. Таким образом, если ваши открытые позиции стоят 60 000 долларов и у вас на вашем торговом счете 10 000 долларов, ваше эффективное плечо 6.
Теперь, когда вы знаете, какое плечо вы используете, вы можете определить, подходит ли он для вашего стиля торговли. Если вы агрессивный трейдер с высокой долей риска, вы можете торговать с использованием п…
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Хорошая статья.

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nice article !

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Most new traders revel in leverage. They seek out brokers who provide high leverage, deposit a small amount of money and dream of the riches they will make. This is very delusional of course. But the subject of leverage seems to confuse a lot of professional traders and brokers alike.
Does Leverage Magnify Returns as Well as Losses?
It is often said that leverage can increase your potential returns and your potential losses. What is often missed if that this is not a linear relationship. While you can increase your returns with more leverage, it comes a point when this is counter-productive. In other words, past point X, for 1 unit of risk you don’t get a 1 unit of return anymore.
The Gremlins of Volatility
This asymmetric return works in three ways. First, increasing leverage always increases the volatility of your trading returns. These are our first gremlins, the gremlins of volatility. Take a look at our first picture below. This simple table showcases two hypothetical systems A in the first column and system B in the column below it.
System A makes 20 percent one year but loses 10 percent the next. System B on the other hand consistently makes 4.5 percent each year. Obvi…
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good observations.

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Very interesting information

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nice one )

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^_^ Gremlins

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great article

Knowing how much to risk per trade is important in forex career. Managing risk is a very important concept to understand in this business . So, to make money with money you have to understand the logic of leverage. Where it can be in our favor, and when and where it is not in our favor to use high leverage for trading.
Scalpers are traders who like to close trades for 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50pips they are usually using high risk or medium risks, as they use tight stops for their scalp trades. The long term traders however use lower risk, who don't have time to site in front of pc 24/7, they are known as investors who like using long time frames h4-daily-weekly. Short term investors or scalpers and intraday traders like to refer small time frames like 30min, 1hour and h4.
So, now let's understand now what leverage is?
Leverage is investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses).
Many brokers offer investors 1:100 leverage for foreign exchange trading or forex trading. What does that mean, it means if you invest 100$, you'll have the ability to use 100$x100times leverage=10000$ borrowed capital for amplifying your gains. This mone…
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YuliyaNaumova 2015年06月25日

very good

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good job

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very interesting article!

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so nice!

The forex market is the largest financial market and can be accessed around the world, but even though there are many forex investors, only a few are really successful. Many traders fail for the same reason the failure in other asset classes. In addition, extreme leverage - the use of borrowed capital (collateral) to increase the potential return on investment - that is provided by the market, and a number of relatively small margin to trade currencies, denying traders the opportunity to make a lot of mistakes at low risk. Factors specific to currency trading can lead to some traders expect a return on investment greater than the market can offer, or to take more risks.
Certain errors may keep traders on their investment objectives. The following are some of the common pitfalls that can interfere with the forex trader:
1. Not Maintaining Discipline in conducting trade.
The biggest mistake that can be made by any trader is to let emotions control trading decisions. Being a successful forex trader means achieving a major victory after a while suffering from a lot of small losses. Experiencing many consecutive losses emotionally disturbing, and can test the patience and confidence of…
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Forexahollic 2015年03月16日

Thank you, Anna :)

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Likerty 2015年03月25日

Man, you forgot to place some pictures..:) Thats a no-go in this contest...

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Rather difficult to apply in the form of images. but thanks for the suggestion. :)

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nice article

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Forexahollic 2015年03月26日

Thank you, Airmike :)

Introduction of this mannerThere are millions of traders who want to reach a profit on their investments, but since it is a zero sum game, and there are a lot of big banks, and so on, you must do everything you can not to be on the loss side of the market movements.The more the knowledge is the more the profit? No, there is no sure money in these circumstances. If it was, someone would use a big fund with a vast leverage and would get all the money of the investors.. But it is impossible, and it shows the impossibility of sure trade, too.What about the basis?Today, I am going to share a useful manner of trading the forex market.The principles what I used as base to this manner:If a monkey opens positions in the market, with 10 pips profit and 10 pips loss, it will be probably a successful trader, for a time, and some time later makes a loss and again profit, it will go around the base capital, and proceed nowhere. Sometime show +-10-20% profit/loss, but then turn back.If you do the same with a strategy, tied to some MA, or pivot points, it will be not the same. What will happen? Theorically, you will not have larger chance to be successful. If you had, it would be the same what I h…
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Lincoln 2012年10月10日

Thanx for sharing your opinion. There in no easy trade.. :) It is a must to analyze the situation for a long while before make any trade, so I can just suggest to watch what is happening and be ready to act. If there is no plan, there is no trade.

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doctortyby 2012年10月16日

You seem to be imporving your writing style. I like the aspect of this article and of course the information provided is very useful. I also recommend long term analysis and trading with low risk and a good reward risk ratio. But the SL has to be large enough to leave room for the price to move before taking your forecasted direction.

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Lincoln 2012年10月16日

Thanx, I have been learning english just for 10 months, I spend a lot of time to try to write as understandable as possible.. It is good to hear that I am improving, It is on my way to prove, and share my opinions, and I wish the best for you, your article and webinars are excessive, I hope you all the best!

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pichou 2012年10月17日

forex is not a zero sum game. it is a negative sum game. the brokers keep the spread

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Lincoln 2012年10月17日

Yeah absolutely, this is one of the most important pricliples on what my articles based on. If I am not mistaken I wanted to share this view as well. It is on the side of long term trading that the expenses are much more smaller.

All about the leverage on FOREX  I see that many people do not understand
what the leverage on the forex market
is. Also, among beginners there is a myth that the more the level of
the shoulder - the higher the risk. Let's try to figure out if
this.For starters, let's clarify what exactly
is this is the most leverage. Leverage can be of different
sizes: 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:400 or 1:500. Some very dubious firms even offer a level of 1:1000. Leverage allows you to trade more money than you have in the
account, taking them on loan from the broker. This can help increase your profits (or losses when the price goes
against your position).Consider the following example. John has a brokerage account size of 5000$ and decides to sell a
whole lot USDJPY. Trading one lot, John actually
uses to trade 100,000$. If he uses a leverage of 1:100,
then the pledge of 1,000$ taken from his account, and 99,000$ provides broker. Results one hundredth of the required amount from the account is John. This is the power of leverage of 1:100.
And how did the broker protects himself
against possible loss of money? Very simply, the potential loss
is capped by John on his account. Let us assume that th…
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mbarbuska 2012年07月18日

next month i will write an article about one trading method :) and i will trade better next month.. ;D

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OneGoodTrade 2012年07月26日

Well done.

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adask 2012年07月30日

Useful for beginners.

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Interesting for me. This is my favourite article for this month

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projectx44 2012年08月03日

Forex community members who are beginners should read this article.....http://www.fxcommunity.com

... or how you can turn 10.000 euros into merely a million in 4 years...Hello guys... and thank you for reading, commenting, liking my articles... They just represent some simple-written thoughts which in my opinion are 100% essential for someone who wants to turn into a pro trader...In the previous article I had placed my arguments regarding the need for low leverage trading in order for a trader to preserve his capital... But that is not all! A trader must also have goals.. viable ones.. and easy to succeed on..!Now, let's get to the practical one... Assuming you have a capital (nomatter what the size of it is) and in the beginning of the month you make some calculations for the range of a major currency pair for this month... you hit the low for the month and sell somewhere in the middle with a profit of 300 pips while you have only leveraged your money 2 times... that means that you make a profit of 6% with this intramonth position... do you think it's hard?.. try to work on it and you'll see it's much easier than you think... Now, let's go to each week seperately... let's assume that you make an estimation for the range of the current week and you manage to gain 100 pips while…
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Well, this is the time to discuss something of concern for most of us... the "leverage"... while many brokers do offer to leverage your capital to ridiculous size (even 1000 times your capital), doing that  will one way or another bring one step closer to margin call...Leveraging your capital 100 times means that with 10.000 euros you open a position of 1.000.000 euros... and it also means that if the market moves 100 pips against you, you will probably experience what is called a "margin call"... but that is not the bad thing since you are full aware of the risk you are taking while entering a ridiculous position such as the one mentioned above... what should scare you the most is that there have been many instances in the past 30 years (and it happens once or twice every year as well) where a central bank intervention,  a financial event  or a geopolitical event can cause a spike of even 1000 (!!!) pips against your position! 1000 pips is 10% of a move... currencies fairly move 5% / month, but there are cases (and there will be even more in the future) where a pair shall experience a rapid appreciation or depreciation of its value between 2 to 10% in a matter of minutes..! That i…
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triantafx 2012年03月13日

thank you fskliris.. it's good to see you doing so well!

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amar_butt 2012年03月17日

i dont agree with you. on all over the web it is mentioned about money management in forex and it is advised not to risk more than 2 percent of your deposit, it means deposit not trading line that include the leverage. lets dont speak about big accounts, lets focus on a mini account of 1000 usd. if you have 1000 usd according to the 2 percent rule u can trade max 5000 units of base currency with maximum stop loss of 40 pips that is 20 usd and with 1:500 leverage. and i think it reasonable risk.... pls disagree with me by explaining how i m wrong. thanks for your answer

triantafx avatar
triantafx 2012年03月19日

@aman_brutt Hello and thank you for commenting my article... I personally don't like the scalping business... I like more the swing trading systems... I do my own money management which some might call conservative but it's the way the pros work... and the pros earn money... It's the way the FX market works.. not anyone can win... the hedge funds, banks, big investors and pro traders win! so, what does that leave for us?.. follow them, copy their tactics and be patient...

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marius24 2012年03月22日

i am totaly agree with you in this matter

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triantafx 2012年03月22日

Thank you marius24! Nice to see you!

How To be a Pro-trader (part I)
I will start this article with “ahhh..that’s my dream…”
(ups  forget the rule
“"i started trading..... and... it was
good!!!?!?!??!?!"” **by dukascopy)
Heh, but that’s true, to be a pro trader maybe the dream  that all trader want to be, which is, in some
case  that dream grow and become  an obsession.  How pathetic s/he is.
To be a pro-trader really needs a huge effort, extra ordinary
work, and will spend so much time to reach
 Statistic say that 95%
trader fail , so why that’s happen?
I believe, all of you people that trading or i just call it
a trader (don’t care even he could make profit or not) are mostly a smart
person. They could be high educated, talented, have a strong motivation, kind
of person that always want to know, curious, but with that extraordinary characteristic
person many trader still lose money, Why?
Because Trading оn margin carries a high level
of risk to your capital and may not be suitable for all investors. 
Yes, you can read that statement in almost all broker risk
warning. (hahahaha)
Don’t laugh but that’s true, trading is not suitable for all
peoples, especially if you are using ‘leverage’.
Part I Leverage
Trading wo…
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marius24 2012年03月22日

nice job brother..keep put other studies

Hello again, as has been customary in my previous articles I try not to make them very professional, but I try to convey the main information in a way easily understandable by all.My article for this month is about the BASICS that new traders always forget, and try always be an expert when they even do not know what FOREX is...I'll start with a little story that may be about any one of us, here in DFC:As a boy when i played football, my goal was to be the best forward I could be. Then I realized I could not throw, so, I thought I would be a great goalkeeper. After realizing that I could not tackle any better than I could throw. My friends, offered me the best advice for which I could have hoped:"Stop trying to be a specialist, and first be a good football player" As an adult I learned this lesson all over again, and now i think it could be applied to forex trading too: "Stop trying to be a specialist, and just be a disciplined trader first"Since I came to forex trading and through my experience interacting with other traders, I have always been confronted with these three key elements, that make up the formula to be a disciplined trader:PROBABILITYRISKLEVERAGEAll too frequently, br…
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very nice and good presentation......gl4you +1

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Good Article, keep up the good work Linnux!! And great presentation

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Merry Christmas, with a lot of GREEN PIPS...

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