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This article is in response to some developments reported as of the end of the first week of February.. The article covers some of this thesis and brings it to light in what is a more dramatic revolving trend.
In light of the most recent U.S. jobs report, I think the fact that tame jobs data leaving the central banks pat on interest rates is a moot point. If you are serious about market plays, I don’t think interest rates are the thing at this rate… what should be obvious is that markets are imbalanced, and they could remain that way, violently so. Although equity markets are a glorious pinnacle, it’s the equivalent of staring at a shiny iceberg, in my opinion. In other words, it should be appreciated as a guide for direction, and not be an attraction.
The concession being made by retail crowds for what will be a volatile market, offers little discount for investment returns. The idea that interest rates are low, and therefore the stock market should spur itself on is a dangerous premise. Also, the idea that markets are due for a correction, giving rise to short bets is only marginally profitable. Not a good investment thesis to have…
Any de-leveri…
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Beto 12 Feb.

So, what are your final conclusion, my friend ??
Nice written but I think is incomplete.

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pshan 12 Feb.

Please see the last line of the article in quotations.

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Hello again from Southern California! The school year is done, some wedding bells are ringing, and summer is nearly here. I wish everything were really that rosy, but summer doldrums are definitely in the cards for financial markets, and I’m hoping that tensions will subside, I sense that fear could take over with regions across the globe on alert as they are here in Los Angeles.
I am so excited for the Olympics and for the beautiful country of Brazil that they may have a safe and prosperous games. For this article I’m going to make it article as useful and entertaining as possible, so I’m embedding a video presentation that can be viewed, and here it is:
This week’s update is fairly straight forward, no surprises, which should be good for most. As I mentioned in the previous article, there are a few bright spots that are shining very well in the U.S. economy. Reports of new home sales soared very well and pending home sales demolished consensus expectations by a margin of 430 basis points with a 5.1% month-to-month gain.
The strength of the dollar was a bit of a surprise to me, but when factoring all the talk about rate hikes imminent for June, it’s…
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pshan 5 June
FX Presentation 6 1 2016
Video presentation that accompanies article on 6.1.2016. Video presentation that accompanies article on 6.1.2016.

Thank you love! Here is the video link to accompany the article.

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s_amira 6 June

Thank you for  your article!

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Sennna88 7 June

good job! well done!

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scramble 9 June

nice idea to attach a video on comment section! can I steal your idea for my next ones :)?
I don't really see any reasons why the US should hike rates now a part of rumoring and shaking markets. Could be eventually a shy 0.10 hike. But I personally see this coming later this year (maybe)

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1.0 NFP Report

Last Friday, we saw bad Non Farm Payroll (NFP) report for dollar. The pace of hiring in the US slowed significantly in September, hampered by the loss of jobs in the mining industry, but the unemployment rate held steady at its lowest level in eight years, informed the government in Washington. US employers in September opened a net 142,000 new jobs, reported by the US Department of Labor. Employers in the US in September opened only 142,000 jobs, which is far less than the 200,000 as the market expected. This reduction is due to cuts in production and oil exploration. Unemployment remained at 5.1 percent, but only because more Americans stopped looking for a job for which are no longer registered as unemployed.At the same time for a total of 59 thousand lowered estimates of the number of new jobs in July and August, where it already before last month the number of new jobs slipped below 200,000, with open only 136,000 jobs.In private sector in September total employed 118 new workers in the public 24,000, according to official data of the Ministry. Most are employed in the health care sector and in the IT sector and in mining the net closed 10 thousand jobs.
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nahimkha 27 Oct.

Nice charts and Figures.

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Rita1808 28 Oct.

Interesting article!

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shekhasi 28 Oct.

Excellent work. Thanks.

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raulafx 29 Oct.

Report was bad but USD is good now.

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monjurul 29 Oct.

Excellent work

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