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In last month's article was presented the strategy of the Maximums and Minimums [1]. This strategy makes sense in pairs of low volatility, such as EUR/CHF. Although the automation trading has got some well known advantages. This article presents an implementation of the strategy using the JForex language.
A JForex strategy is essentially composed of three parts. The first one is the part of the parameters and strategy settings. The second one is the part containing the logic of the strategy (interpretation of indicators) applied to the bars, ticks or both.
Finally the third is a logistics part where we have the functions that allows us to launch and control orders to the market.
In this article, as you can see in the following chapter the focus will be on the first and second part. The following topics are the most important aspects that are implemented in the second part of the strategy.
The Jforex Strategy
You can see the full strategy description on last month’ article at [1].
1. The entry market triggers

“On each closure of the one hour candles, the basic idea is to check if the Close occurs above or below the maximum or minimum of the previous day rela
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Impressive skills. How does Jforex work on Apple? Is it faster than Windows?

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Thanks! It works fine on my MacBook Pro.

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thinks for shearing good job

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very informative article

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thaanks for sharing the information

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Poseidon is an offspring of famous Donchian Channel and Turtle Trading Strategies first introduced in Poseidon Strategy Rules and Test Results (1 March 2013). It is a trend following strategy aiming to capture a trend and not letting it go until trend fades.
The rules are simple and can be found in above mentioned article in detail. Shortly, it enters the market when 55 days’ highest or lowest value is breached. It has a initial stop loss and trailing stop depending on the ATR value of currency pair.
You can find test results of optimization of ATR values and proof that Poseidon works with wide range of stop loss and trailing stop values in Simple Money Management and Poseidon Test Results Revisited (1 April 2013). Also why I believe risking certain percentage of your equity is better than using fixed amount per trade explained in the same article.
I re-introduced my own system with my simplified rules in Poseidon Makes 50.000 $ to 360.000$ - Jforex Files Included (7 July 2016). I removed ATR calculation for every trade and started use fix amounts…
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Thank you everyone for your support :)

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Nicely done.

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Хорошая стратегия, но не каждый сможет следовать ей. Спасибо за материал.

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great article as always!

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great article))

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Poseidon is an offspring of famous Donchian Channel and Turtle Trading Strategies. It is a trend following strategy aiming to capture a trend and not letting it go until trend fades.
I have working on this strategy for a while and I published two award winning articles regarding my strategy. Please click on them to read them.
1) Poseidon Strategy Rules and Test Results
2) Simple Money Management and Poseidon Test Results Revisited
In this article I will continue my award winning series and I will introduce simplified rules for Poseidon, deliver Visual JForex files i developed and share my 10 year long test results for EURUSD.
1) 20 days’ Average True Range
2) 55 days’ highest high and 55 days’ lowest low are the only three information we will use to setup this strategy.
I simplifed my rules. I do use fixed values to determine my stop as will be explained below.
The motto of the strategy is to buy high to sell higher, sell low to buy lower.

-BUY if Price breaks above 55 days’ highest high. We will buy when the Price gets one tick higher than the 55 days’ highest high.
-SELL if Price gets below 55 days’ lowest…
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Go for the trading contests.

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Good job

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На истории красиво.....однако рынок не постоянен, характер движения цены постоянно меняется- из-за чего приходить редактировать ТС.Данная ТС  проживет года 2-3, о 10 лет нужно забыть.......

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Good job

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This is a continuation of my last article on creating the Day Scalper strategy on Visual JForex. To familiarize with what I will be covering read, Day Scalper strategy and automating Day Scalper in VJF Part 1.
In the last article, I developed the strategy up to the separation point of buy and sell signals and so, this article will cover buy and sell entry and trade management.
The image below shows where I stopped in the last article. To the left is the sell side and the right is the buy side.
Getting the Spread
Since there is no function of getting the spread in Visual JForex, I had to create it. Getting the spread is relatively easy; it is the difference between the Ask and the Bid price. To debug the value in pips divide the output by pipsSize. A ‘Calculation Expression’ block is used for this.
Buy Pending Position Rules
  1. Place buy at setup day high + defaultSlippage + spread (candleHigh).
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my automation process is dramatically different ......  I can't even begin to comment ......

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good job!

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Очень интересно)

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I follow & try your variables arrangement or setup (layout descripted) method of Closehalf at 100 pips, somehow it dun work as what you claimed..

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In May 2015, I covered the Day Scalper strategy, which I used in the same month to rank 25 in trader contest. I promised to turn it into a Visual JForex strategy and that is what this article is about. To better understand what I will be covering, take a look at the Day Scalper article. The strategy utilizes simple moving averages and moving average envelopes. Let’s get started.
Start Point
While Day Scalper runs on bar charts, I will be using daily candles in VisualJF. I start all my strategies by separating signal evaluation with trade management. To avoid nuisances, check if:-
  • Default instrument is equal to candle instrument,
  • “candleTime” variable is 1min and equal to candle period,
  • Open or all positions amount are greater than 1, then flow to trade management. If less than 1, flow to signal evaluation,
  • Last trade event is long or short.
Refer to the image below
Time Blocks
Day Scalper evaluates markets at New York close (17:00EST or 21:00 GMT), so we have to prevent signal evaluation until the market closes. To do this, we use 'getTimeUnit' blocks using last bid candle time. If it is 21:01 GMT, then continue.
Debugging Time
Simply drag the hour and minute variables…
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good article!

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About my auto-trading software:
- Removing the Influences of Human Emotion – It is a well known fact that traders are frequently influenced by emotions such as fear and excitement which may cause them to stray away from their original trading plan.
- Accuracy of execution – the computer is not affected by fatigue or other human vulnerabilities which may cause mistakes such as pressing the wrong button.
- High speed execution – a computer can monitor and trade multiple currency simultaneously and react much faster than a human trader.
- Your hands and eyes, always free - You can sleep and have trade.
- Very fast decision-making – auto trading strategies can quickly and easily handle complicated calculations required for decision making processes, whereas a human trader may encounter difficulties.

Version ONE:

pic_1. Example: Intraday strategy
Intraday trading is a popular method involving the quick opening and liquidation of positions ( in period 1 - 24 hours).
Consequently, the intraday trader needs to be a patient, diligent individual who is willing to wait as the fruits of his labors translate to great profits over time. Many people purs…
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Good article.

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Fellow Traders,In this article I will try to do a review of the past year in the context of both competitions conducted by Dukascopy, namely Traders and Strategy. Can we ultimately determine which is better, traders who trade by hands every day, or robots that never sleeps? Can we trust a robot to trade for us?Here are the statistics from the past year. In the following two tables I used data from the site of Dukascopy, in the first ranking is based on the rules of Dukascopy, while ranking second table is tied on who has the highest income for the period.Well, at least in my opinion, and according to what is seen from the table, the winners are Traders. These statistics fully coincides with my opinion, which is that there is no way a robot or strategy, as well as be described, to be better than a well-functioning trader. Although as I suppose many other colleagues use modern technical means, namely automating some signals and support from so-called robots, we still trade "by hand" so to speak. Personally, I love to trade and I like to do it. I would not exchange this pleasure, giving it to the auto robot. However, I do not mind some of the capital to be managed by a robot.Something…
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i agree with you about the second strategy: can be implemented! else... could be used as implementation on other strategies ;)

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