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In the jungle where a lot of animal species live, every animal is different and has its own lifestyle and the way of living, but all of them are controlled by the same instinct which is the hunger and hunting. The survival and fear of death are enough reasons to keep animals looking for foods and a good hunt to stay alive. Animals are following their instinct very strict and they invented and innovated a lot of tricks and ways to get the food they need to keep alive, some predators wait for days and weeks patiently until an unlucky prey get trapped, hunted and eaten by them. Some animal species such as lions, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, and Wolves share the same goal of getting the prey trapped and hunted but every animal has its own tricks and characteristics which make them very successful hunters.
In fact, the animal kingdom is full of lessons and tricks that strongly associated with being successful and lucrative Forex Trader, and if we closely observe animals we will be surprised on how intelligent and creative animals are. Therefore valuable tricky lessons can be learned and adopted by Forex Traders to improve their profitability and to be successful in Trading. Animals have succes…
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Very very interesting!

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I read again)

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Really like it)

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klintons 4 Oct.

Labs raksts !

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sashulik 4 Oct.

good job!)

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One of the biggest problems that a trader faces is his ability to be disciplined and stick to his plan. With a strategy that controls the market through the defined parameters, we guarantee that if a trading opportunity arises this is executed without errors according to the programmed. An automated strategy, in turn, can also analyze more data successively than a human would achieve, making it easier to monitor multiple patterns at the same time.


Following the previous article in April, I chose 2 patterns to present the code in JForex and study to what extent these patterns are profitable or not in forex. The chosen patterns were as follows:

Bullish Piercing Line:
This pattern is defined by a candle with a considerable body in which the next candle opens below the minimum of the previous candle, but closes above the middle, without exceeding the top. In this case, it is expected that the market is initiating a bullish move, thus altering the trend and initiating a new one.
Recognition Criteria:
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Well done. have you tested the RSI with the main strategy trigger?

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jcardoso 31 July

I like your code style :) When are you planning to put this strategy in a real account?

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Very well done. I thing the big point is to find the main trend ;) have you checked for example consecutive red or green bars to check the main trend?

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insky 31 July

Good. I like the SMA indicator :) Are you using this indicator in other strategies?

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HerkusPT 1 Aug.

Very useful. Why are you using SMA with 72 periods?

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In last month's article was presented the strategy of the Maximums and Minimums [1]. This strategy makes sense in pairs of low volatility, such as EUR/CHF. Although the automation trading has got some well known advantages. This article presents an implementation of the strategy using the JForex language.
A JForex strategy is essentially composed of three parts. The first one is the part of the parameters and strategy settings. The second one is the part containing the logic of the strategy (interpretation of indicators) applied to the bars, ticks or both.
Finally the third is a logistics part where we have the functions that allows us to launch and control orders to the market.
In this article, as you can see in the following chapter the focus will be on the first and second part. The following topics are the most important aspects that are implemented in the second part of the strategy.
The Jforex Strategy
You can see the full strategy description on last month’ article at [1].
1. The entry market triggers

“On each closure of the one hour candles, the basic idea is to check if the Close occurs above or below the maximum or minimum of the previous day rela
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Impressive skills. How does Jforex work on Apple? Is it faster than Windows?

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LinnuxFX 10 Oct.

Thanks! It works fine on my MacBook Pro.

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thinks for shearing good job

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very informative article

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k_morocco 26 Oct.

thaanks for sharing the information

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Fellow traders,
This article is about a fairly simple and easy strategy to set up on any trading platform, with high potential profits if used correctly. Even though it can be set up on all currency pairs and effectively give back high returns, it is hghly recommended for the major pairs and GBP crosses. The main reason behing this is the volatility required for the indicator to work and produce realistic results.
Many trades are probably familiar with the RSI indicator, which is one of the most commonly used worldwide. The indicator itself aims to show when pairs are overbought and oversold, which means that there are no more traders left to push the price in the direction it has taken so far. Any more details on how the indicator works would be unnecessary since all platforms have this ready and available to use.
The conventional settings of this indicator are set by default on 30%-70%. The logic behing it is that any pair crossing the line above 70% is considered to be overbought and any pair crossing the line below 30% is considered oversold. The pair by rule will always eventually return to 50% which usually happens in a non-volatile period. Although this is effecti…
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klintons 9 Aug.

Gut artikel !

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Efegen 9 Aug.

Nice setup! I wonder results of backtesting.

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good luck in contest

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scramble 28 Aug.

there are a lot of false signals using oscillators but if one can use them profitably then ok.

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Poseidon is an offspring of famous Donchian Channel and Turtle Trading Strategies first introduced in Poseidon Strategy Rules and Test Results (1 March 2013). It is a trend following strategy aiming to capture a trend and not letting it go until trend fades.
The rules are simple and can be found in above mentioned article in detail. Shortly, it enters the market when 55 days’ highest or lowest value is breached. It has a initial stop loss and trailing stop depending on the ATR value of currency pair.
You can find test results of optimization of ATR values and proof that Poseidon works with wide range of stop loss and trailing stop values in Simple Money Management and Poseidon Test Results Revisited (1 April 2013). Also why I believe risking certain percentage of your equity is better than using fixed amount per trade explained in the same article.
I re-introduced my own system with my simplified rules in Poseidon Makes 50.000 $ to 360.000$ - Jforex Files Included (7 July 2016). I removed ATR calculation for every trade and started use fix amounts…
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Efegen 28 Aug.

Thank you everyone for your support :)

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driven 28 Aug.

Nicely done.

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Хорошая стратегия, но не каждый сможет следовать ей. Спасибо за материал.

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great article as always!

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Ninnell 21 Sep.

great article))

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In continuation of previous article, I will now introduce some minor updates and the possibility to back-test the strategy to clearly understand its beahvior: far better than any image or personal comment.
The idea and strategy concept are not intended to be used in full automatic mode, but as additional tool for daily trading and position entries.
Updates on "iLondon"
As always happen everytime I use something I tend to modify it in the attempt to improve. Let's start from the setup parameters window:
As you can see it's more clean and straight forward.
Updates done:
  1. The box is just 1 fixed color.
  2. No more breakout alerts. (eventually can be re-implemented).
Basically the code now will simply draw the box in all instrument charts, then can be stopped.

Updates on "iLondon_Widget"

Here's the setup window updated and widget appearance:
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s_amira 21 June

It is very interesting article! Good job!

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scramble 22 June

Thanks :)

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Olkiss70 25 June

very nice

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good article!

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В этой статье мы рассмотрим с Вами графическую фигуру технического анализа "Симметричный треугольник".
Определение модели
Фигура технического анализа Симметричный треугольник – образуется, когда на графике цены повышаются минимальные значения (Минимумы) и уменьшаются максимальные значения (Максимумы). Такое поведение цены говорит о том, что на рынке происходит консолидация, то есть на время воцарилось некоторое равновесие, вызванное либо примерным равенством спроса и предложения, либо просто отсутствием большинства игроков на рынке.
Условия образования фигуры:
  1. Чтобы считать данную фигуру симметричным треугольником, у него должно быть, как минимум, четыре опорные точки (по два максимума и минимума). По точкам экстремумов проводим линии сопротивления и поддержки. То место, в котором эти линии пересекаются, называется вершиной.
  2. Чем ближе колебания цены внутри треугольника подходят к его вершине, тем сильнее должны снижаться объемы. Во время прорыва объемы наоборот должны заметно вырасти.

Как правило, при схождении обеих трендовых линий к вершине, наступает прорыв. Направление этого прорыва нам пока неизвестно, но мы знаем точно, что он скоро произойдет.
У нас есть два варианта ра…
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saschokh 22 Mar.

может быть!!!

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Olkiss70 24 Mar.

  alias1980          я стараюсь стопы ставить там, где мало ставят

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Yulia10 24 Mar.

good article!

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SvetLena 30 Mar.


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fx211pips 31 Mar.

great article! the symmetrical triangle is a powerful tool

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Buenos días a todos!
Antes de todo pido disculpa para escribir este post en Español! Podría intentar en Inglés pero seguro estaría lleno de errores horripilantes así que prefiero evitar!!
Después de años de trabajo e intentos de desarrollar una estrategia de éxito llegué a pensar que la solución está en la FRACTALIDAD!
Como sabemos el mundo fractal regula el universo, desde el Big-Bang de la creación hasta los últimos descubrimientos sobre la materia y su composición, las celulas, los atomos, los cristales ..etc
En el Trading existen muchas conexiones con la fractalidad, desde los marcos de tiempos hasta las increíbles herramientas basada en los números de Fibonacci!
Ya he trabajado mucho intentando de simplificar e intender los secretos de los mercados finacieros bajo las reglas de la FRACTALIDAD ... y allí va el proyecto de una estrategia basada en ella!
Vamos a ver algo de realmente increíble, aquí tenemos dos gráficos ... nada de especial, uno bajando, el otro subiendo ...en los dos conseguimos dos operaciones de éxito con relación de ganancia/riesgo de aproximadamente 3:1 ... bieeeen!!!
Bueno ... hasta aquí todo bien ... la entrada buena, el beneficio casi lo mismo.
Hay una "…
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DominguezV 16 Mar.

Interesante Articulo!! buen tabajo!!

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Да, действительно работает это. Остаётся лишь выискивать эти фракталы. Также замечал, что если фрактал ломается (а такое случается) и, если не упрямится, то тоже можно заработать. В своём блоге от 18 марта описал сходство, как мне показалось AUD / USD М5 и EUR / USD H1.

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Olkiss70 31 Mar.

good article!

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very great article!

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abel 31 May

Buena vision del mercado y sus condiciones fractales.

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I am no way near a professional programmer or a financial engineer, but I have a dream of becoming a Quant. I am still learning JForex having started doing so this year and wish to share bits of reusable code that make using JForex and VJForex easier for beginners. As I stated, this is going to be moderately basic stuff suited for beginners so “quants” can skip this.
All functions discussed, are available to download here:
OnCandle as Your Start Point
Most strategies in the contest use the onCandle method to start their strategies, but not all utilize the following two fail-safes.
  1. Matching candle instrument to default instrument
  2. Comparing default period to candle period

Checking if the candle instrument is the same as the current default instrument is necessary for situations where a strategy loops through currency pairs looking for qualifying signals or to create a trading currency basket.
Example of Different OnCandle Period and Instruments
The example below checks first for the 20-day Average True Range (ATR) values of 4 pairs before assigning the instrument to trade. Note: It uses the daily candle while a different part of the strategy uses 1-minute candle.
The above two chec…
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Olga18375 26 Aug.

Good job!! Agree with people!!

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anna_n 31 Aug.

like it much

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Great stuff !
Thanks for the mention in your article!

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Great article! It fills a real void I feel should have been filled a long time ago. Thank you.

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very useful, thank you

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In the spirit of learning and sharing, I am going to convert my Catch a Trend Strategy into a JForex trading robot. I did not find it challenging implementing on Visual JForex compared to automating the Day Scalper strategy, which utilizes moving average envelopes and complex entry methods.
As I always state when sharing my trading strategies, there is no holy grail in forex trading. Every strategy will lose at a point no matter how advanced it is. What carries the day is proper risk management.
Multiple Bots Lowers Risk
With automated strategies, I have learned that spreading the risk across multiple robots with different entry methods and trade management systems greatly lowers my losses even if it is on the same pair. I risk 10% of my live account and run 10 to 15 bots concurrently on a VPS.
As seen from the following image on a demo account with Dukascopy, multiple bots were able to cover losses and end the period in profit. If I was running only 1 bot, the chances of profit or loss would have been 50%.
The next image shows the performance of many bots over a period of 30 days, but not on Dukascopy.
Note: I count pips made not the money.
As you can see, one bot trading GBPUSD …
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Agnessa26 27 June

Good job!!!

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very nice!

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very interesting- at least I see first advantage of automated trading- when trading manually it is rather imposible to incorporate 15 different strategies

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locked 7 July

nice educational article .

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optionhk 5 Oct.

Pipx: Thank you for your generosity.
Can you please help me for this strategy:
I want to get email alert for different symbols.
1.  I want to select XX (number ) symbols (currency pairs): Example, I select 12 pairs.
2. I want to get alerted two conditions are met:
3. out of selected pairs  XX pairs are moving
(a)  in any one direction. Up or down, but must be in same direction.
(b)  if have gained (for up direction) or lost (for down direction) by XX pips
3. As I can't sit (because of back pain)  to watch I want to receive email and push notifications.


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This is a continuation of my last article on creating the Day Scalper strategy on Visual JForex. To familiarize with what I will be covering read, Day Scalper strategy and automating Day Scalper in VJF Part 1.
In the last article, I developed the strategy up to the separation point of buy and sell signals and so, this article will cover buy and sell entry and trade management.
The image below shows where I stopped in the last article. To the left is the sell side and the right is the buy side.
Getting the Spread
Since there is no function of getting the spread in Visual JForex, I had to create it. Getting the spread is relatively easy; it is the difference between the Ask and the Bid price. To debug the value in pips divide the output by pipsSize. A ‘Calculation Expression’ block is used for this.
Buy Pending Position Rules
  1. Place buy at setup day high + defaultSlippage + spread (candleHigh).
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JVDS 22 June

my automation process is dramatically different ......  I can't even begin to comment ......

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good job!

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Agnessa26 27 July

Очень интересно)


I follow & try your variables arrangement or setup (layout descripted) method of Closehalf at 100 pips, somehow it dun work as what you claimed..

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In May 2015, I covered the Day Scalper strategy, which I used in the same month to rank 25 in trader contest. I promised to turn it into a Visual JForex strategy and that is what this article is about. To better understand what I will be covering, take a look at the Day Scalper article. The strategy utilizes simple moving averages and moving average envelopes. Let’s get started.
Start Point
While Day Scalper runs on bar charts, I will be using daily candles in VisualJF. I start all my strategies by separating signal evaluation with trade management. To avoid nuisances, check if:-
  • Default instrument is equal to candle instrument,
  • “candleTime” variable is 1min and equal to candle period,
  • Open or all positions amount are greater than 1, then flow to trade management. If less than 1, flow to signal evaluation,
  • Last trade event is long or short.
Refer to the image below
Time Blocks
Day Scalper evaluates markets at New York close (17:00EST or 21:00 GMT), so we have to prevent signal evaluation until the market closes. To do this, we use 'getTimeUnit' blocks using last bid candle time. If it is 21:01 GMT, then continue.
Debugging Time
Simply drag the hour and minute variables…
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good article!

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Agnessa26 27 July


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I use three trend following techniques for day trading that rely on three common indicators but in different ways for every method. The first method (Day Scalper) targets 50 to 100 pips every one to two days while the second method (Catch a Trend) targets 300-600 pips in weekly swings. The third method (Late Swinger) is similar to the second but uses different position entry methods in case I missed an early swing entry. Forgive my lack of creativity in naming these strategies.
Day trading requires patience and great emotional control, especially around news releases. Always remember that, in day trading, such spikes are quickly evened out by ‘large’ traders such as hedge funds especially if they are against the trend. Let’s get into it. Due to article length limitations, I will cover Day Scalper separately and then the other two together.
  • All 3 methods run on daily bar charts,
  • I trade the 6 major pairs,
  • I use the New York ‘close’- this is at 17:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time) and 21:00 GMT to evaluate the market,
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very useful article!

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Mariia 21 May

very nice!well done!

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great article Like it

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anna_t 26 May

like it!

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good job!

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In the DukasCopy Wiki we can see a simple strategy for JForex platform, based on crossing of two SMAs. The SMAStrategy strategy based on two SMA (Simple moving average): SMA with time period 10 and SMA with time period 90. The strategy logic can be described as 2 actions:
  • If SMA 10 cross SMA 90 from up to down, then the strategy closes existing short position and open a buy order if long position does not exist
  • If SMA 10 cross SMA 90 from down to up, then the strategy closes existing long position and open a sell order if short position does not exist
But you can’t use this strategy to get profit because the purpose of it is educational, and the results are not very good. All what you can get is slow decreasing of depo (fig. 1) for the random strategy parameters
  • instrument - EURUSD;
  • period – one hour;
  • filter – weekends;
from 01.01.2012:
Fig. 1. But can we improve this strategy to get a profit? Let’s see…
How many hourly bars do we have from 01.01.2012 till now? It is approximately 21300 hourly bars. DukasCopy tester generated 375 orders in this period. So, the average trade length is 57 hours. How can we use this information to improve our strategy?
Let’s think about the waves of …
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good job

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Fecha 20 May

Thanks alot!

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Milian 24 May

хорошая статья!

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Well done

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Illya 8 Sep.

Вчера воспользовался вашим кодом. Благодарю. Но в коде Time-stop filter ошибка знак ">" нужно поменять на "<".

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Automating your trading strategy frees you from constantly monitoring the market, removes emotions from trading and grows your portfolio. The latter is possible only with proper risk management. To better understand this, consider risking 10% of your equity on each trade. When you win, you win big and when you lose, you lose big as well. This can be construed as gambling.
Starting small and increasing risk as your portfolio grows while letting profits run for as long as possible are sustainable capital management techniques. By implementing dynamic lots, you will be risking a predetermined percentage of your account and the lots only increase or decrease relative to the growth of your equity. When using a trailing profit, you will rake in more pips should the market rally in your favor.
The following is part of a large strategy, which I cannot cover in full in this article. However, the component can be successfully attached to any VJForex based strategy. Let’s get started.
Strategy Basics
  • We will be risking 1% of 10K account on each trade,
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Excellent article.

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Mariia 24 Apr.

As always amazing pipx !!!!!

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very smart!

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JuliaBF 27 Apr.

well done! very interesting article!

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great idea thanks

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