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I am writing this article as this I thought is important thing and I know this article can benefit many people, like me who don't have any other source of money but who are passionate about trading and who believe they can found a way to become a successful Forex trader. And other thing I want to tell Community founders and support team their this work is benefiting many people like me. And they are doing a great work which is just next to charity.
At the beginning of 2018 I have lost all my money in the trading. And this was my fourth failure in life. I know many of us have faced this at some point of life. As a trader and being a Forex trader this one thing is common for sure between us. That was the time when I can't go back to my Family to ask more money so that I can start trading again. And I cannot join any job. As I don't have any decent professional qualification. I have graduated from computer science stream. I was in distress as wasn't getting any option to start trading. And recently trading become my passion in life. And I know at one point of time I will emerge as successful Forex Trader.
Then I saw a ray of hope. One of my friend recommended me…
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Потери нас учат. После удачного разгона депозита нужно успокоиться и торговать с 10-м плечом, не более!

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good article!



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very nice dear!


nice ...........

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CCI Indicator
The CCI indicator is known as the Commodity Channel Index and this is an indicatorthat is developed by Donald Lambert.I will not bother you with the calculation of this indicator because your trading platform can automatically help you to calculate and plot out the indicator. What I am going to share with you today is what exactly this indicator can do for you and how you can integrate it to your trading plan.For this CCI indicator, it will come with +100 and-100 levels. Most of the time, this indicator will move in between the +100 and-100 levels and it will exceed the levels for about 20 to 25% of the time.Here is what you can use the CCI for:
1) As a buy and sell signal – Whenever you see the CCI moving above the +100 level,you are in fact in a period of strong uptrend and this is the time you can enter a LONG trade. Once the CCI moves back to the +100 level, you should then exit your trade.However when you see the CCI moving below the -100 level, you are in a strong downtrend period and you can enter a SHORT trade. Similar to the above LONGtrade, you should exit your trade once the CCI move up to the -100 level.
From the picture above, you can see that the mark…
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good article

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Доброго дня!
В этой статье будет изложена торговая идея, основанная на уровнях Фибоначчи.
Многие спрашивали меня про проект "Meteostation" и "ms4":
Под именем "Meteostation" в 2016 году был написан советник, по системе, описанной ниже, для платформы Metatrader4.
Стратегия проходила тестирование только на истории, и ни разу не проходила тест на демо/реальных счетах.
"ms4" - собственный метод проведения технического анализа, который сейчас используется в конкурсе Technical Analysis.
(В этой статье изложения по данной системе отсутствуют)
Советник Meteostation:
Содержит в себе настраиваемые параметры:
1. Тайм-зона. Это время, за которое будет проводиться анализ рынка.
2. Время выхода. Метка времени, после которой советник не будет открывать позиции.
3. Метки цен по Фибоначчи. Горизонтальные линии цен, по которым будет открываться и закрываться позиция.
4. Объём сделки.
5. Take Profit.
6. Stop Loss.
7. Цвета линий.
Идея применения уровней Фибоначчи в роботе критически отличается от классических источников. В построении советника нет разворотных целей, к тому же построения делаются по точкам цен, игнорируя волны. Каждая линия показывает либо открытие сделки, либо Stop Loss, либо Take…
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Ruteale thank you! try it

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LDS 31 Mar

great work, keep up!

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Milian 31 Mar


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LDS thank you!

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Milian thanks!

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Greetings dear Dukascopy Community. Last week I was caught in an offline project and I was not able to update my weekly analysis for the major pair. I appologize for that. This week I will post the Weekly view Analysis for the 4 Hours Time Based charts and the 35/20 pips Constant Range Bars charts in this article and I will also update the Monthly View Analysis from Friday, conducted on the Daily Charts for the Major Pairs.(in the comments section).Before We start our analysis You should read my article from last month : Key-levels Explained for Range Bars+weekly Analysis for Major Pairs.(to help You understand better the analysis that We will conduct in this article)In any moment given, We have to remember always that no matter what probability we can calculate for the future movement of the price, there is also a chance that the price action could turn against the higher probability. That is why I consider that the probability is always 50-50% for the price to go bullish or bearish. It can only be safe to be prepared always for the both scenarios. If You toss a coin 10 times and You get heads 8 times, and tails 2 times, for the 11th roll, the probability will be 50-50%, unless th…
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7) Nzd/Usd - Weekly View - 19-23rd of March - 4 hours Chart in analogy with 35 Pips Range Bars Charts:Bullish Probability,if the price will find support at 0.822-0.820 Area(Key confluence between Monthly S1 Pivot, Weekly Main Pivot, and 38.2% Fibonacci retracement, and 50 and 30 SMAs cross), it will rise to 0.830-0.831 area (Key confluence between 200SMA and 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement), and move further to 0.834 (Key level, confluence between Monthly Main Pivot and Weekly R1 Pivot). The next resistence could be 0.841(Weekly R2 Pivot)

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7) Nzd/Usd - Weekly View - 19-23rd of March - 4 hours Chart in analogy with 35 Pips Range Bars Charts:Bearish Probability,if the price breaks and confirms the breakout of 0.822-0.820 Key Area(confluence between 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement, Monthly S1 Pivot, Weekly Main Pivot and 30 and 50 SMAs cross),it could fall further to reach first 0.812(Weekly S1 Pivot, key confluence with the Downtrend Line, which is acting now as Dynamic support), and then 0.808(Monthly S2 Pivot and support)and 0.798-0.796 area (Monthly S3 Pivot and Weekly S2 Pivot confluence)

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6) Usd/Cad - Weekly View - 19-23rd of March - 4 hours Chart in analogy with 20 Pips Range Bars Charts:Bullish Probability, if the price will find support around 0.988(Weekly S1 Pivot), and it will turn bullish above 0.991-0.993 Key area (Key confluence between Monthly Main Pivot , Weekly Main Pivot, and 30 and furture confluence with 100 SMA), it will move upside to 0.995(Weekly R1 Pivot, key confluence with 200 SMA on the 4 Hours chart), and continue further upside to reach 0.998(Weekly S2 Pivot) and finally 1.001(confluence between Monthly R1 Pivot and Weekly R3 Pivot)

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6) Usd/Cad - Weekly View - 19-23rd of March - 4 hours Chart in analogy with 20 Pips Range Bars Charts:Bearish Probability, under 0.988(Weekly S1 Pivot), price could fall to reach first 0.984 (Weekly S2 Pivot) and then continue sideways for a few days between 0.984-0.988. There is a stronger bearish probability to break the Weekly S2 Pivot and reach the 0.980 area (Monthly S1 Pivot confluence with the Weekly S3 Pivot)

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marius24 22 Mar

what a nice analysis must come from a good trader

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