For thistrading strategy is very desirable price action of the asset that will operate from 30 minute chart on.
During theperiod when the candles are formed in order to create a double top pattern can be detected in the candles the following information:
The thickpart is the "body of the candle." Sample prices when the candle opens and closes.
The mostdelicate parts are "slivers." They show the maximum and minimum price of the day.
The traderused the information from these chartists figures to determine when to buy or sell something as is giving the pattern. But in our case as we are studying the double top we prepare for a turnaround ie ticket sales look is suggesting after being given a double top pattern.
Now for thedetailed explanation of our pattern.A doubletop is formed when there are two peaks on a large resistance , with a distance between them indefinite at approximately the same level .Betweenthese two maxima price correction where candles are usually very small in size , with large tails, and whose minimum price point will be key when the confirmation of our double top pattern occurs . However, It is important that between the maximum and the corre…
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