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1. Abstract.
There are many important aspects of daily trading and one of those is to manage our positions property after and before to pull the trigger.
This can help to increase our win ratio even having some bad trades at the end of the day.
We can do this by own experience or using tools made by financial institutions who release it to their customers with the main goal to help us to improve our results.
This kind of tools goes from a simple position calculator to the most complex report to make investment decisions.
Today I want to talk about of few calculation tools and how important these are, also the experience on each of them.
This information will be useful to novice traders because starting in this kind of business is best to understand the basis, so if we have ways to gain time why not to use those well-designed tools.
2. Development.
2.1 Forex Calculator
The below Forex calculator has located here [Forex calculator], the basis is to help us to get the best position size.
To use this tool, we only need to select few parameters or options. By default on rollover, policy is marked as advanced.
By default on rollover, policy is marked as advanced, but in terms of contest t…
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zarina 19 Feb.

полезная статья !

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well written! 

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FXRabbit 23 Feb.

Good effort!

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Some people have the capability of "business man or woman" by nature but others need to learn and have a process to get success.
I am not a business man by nature, in fact, I prefer to buy things to cover all my needs because I never wanted to be a businessman until to know about Forex Market less than two years ago.
This kind of business has from my view point two majority groups, trader, and investor.
The purpose this article is to expose the main features of each and share with you a tactic used today by some investors in Australia.
1.- Trader:
Working as a trader on Forex Market I can say that there are two ways to the pursuit and get profits, it is scalping or trading with techniques and tactics in a period of short term.
By scalping is oriented to people who likes to get in on the Forex Market take some profits (less than +10 pips) and get out quickly.
Trading in a period like a mid or long term we could have big profits like +50, +100 but less than +500 pips.
But the process and strategies are equal or more planned and structured than for scalping. The main difference is about stress.
Scalpers need to be monitoring the position or watching the charts …
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Wovch 29 Nov.


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arjaq 1 Dec.

I am type 3: speculoinvestor- fast speculations for relax and long term carry positions for high profit investment on forex. I also stack good stocks - yet I consider my stocks rather as an insurance for life than investment.

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Beto 2 Dec.

That sound very good stuff. Great body.


nice work

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Having witnessed the meltdown of the Zimbabwean economy in the period 2000 to 2008, the predicament of friends and colleagues in Ukraine is perfectly understood. This article is meant to explore the depth and dynamics of the economic situation in Ukraine and how individuals can preserve value and invest in such a difficult environment.



The geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine has had extensive media coverage and has had negative economic impact on both nations. The major impact is that Ukraine can no longer benefit from the economic resources of the annexed Crimea, thereby reducing the size of the economy. The ensuing wars has also lead to a huge drain from the government coffers to fight the insurgents, resources which could have otherwise been deployed to other productive sectors of the economy. “A third of Ukraine’s gross domestic product lies in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics”, according to a statement by Ukrainian Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov.
When calculating the country’s GDP in 2014, Ukrainian officials excluded the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the city of S…
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Ole_2910 26 May

careful analysis of the topic, excellent article)) the situation seems to be very close to you))

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Thank you for your thorough work.I hope Ukraine will survive this crisis)

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Illya 27 May

This is the most compact, and fully understandable report. Thank you!

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Ifuga 29 May

Informative and incisive as usual. Good work.

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Olkiss70 1 June

good job! very interesting

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The preservation of value

Traders prefer gold investments, when markets are volatile and dominated by economic or political instability. Economic turbulence has traditionally influenced by the growth in the value of precious metal, as investors assess it's a safe investment. The instability times caused by higher demand and interest in gold, which means an even greater increase in value. These market developments offer great potential for greater earnings opportunities for trade.
"Gold always become more expensive", concentrate on detail and uncover the gold trade opportunities, and how to actually make a profit from it.

Why traders invest in gold?

For a long time gold for traders are very appropriate financial instrument. This is a high-value product, which is not related to any specific markets, countries or some companies. That's why investors sell gold in order to compensate for thei'r fails, resulting from various economic circumstances.
Gold market is the global OTC (over-the-counter) market. New York Mercantile Exchange Comex division and the London Bullion Market Association are the two largest gold trading places in the world. Like any other financial instruments, the g…
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garisan 23 Mar.

Interesting article. I've always been curious about trading gold but I don't really know much about it.

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Ticker 29 Mar.

thank you all for wasting your time on this one :)

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nice analysis

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Good job! Do you trade gold the most?

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Ticker 30 Mar.

No, but i trade gold too :) thanks ahmed!

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In economic crisis many investors put their portofolio in forex market, stock and commodities.Too many people think that put their investments into commodities such gold are best for future, and also many big banks still holding Gold as their financial backup.During hundred years gold became popular as good investment but since gold ever down more than 5% in one day period (it happened two years ago in 2011 when gold suddenly drop down more than 5% in a day period) then gold is no more safety for long term investment.In 2013 many economic analysis predicted gold will be rise up again, they using economic parameters especially global economic issues as the power to bring up gold again, but I dont agree with them!Why? because I saw that market in 2013 will be more pressure gold down.Gold now became populars as the source for speculation beside currencies and stocks. Gold will be more wild than currencies trading or forex in 2013.In my humble opinion gold still will be down 20-30% from its presents price.Why do we need gold? People no need gold, people need money for life, gold just like other stuff like otomotives and electronics, fashions etc.Some issues said that gold more needed i…
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bmg 7 Jan.

nice article +1 happy new year 2013 +11

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ante777 21 Jan.

Good aricle.

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Very Informative Article

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Its hard not to notice the vast interest in Gold investment since the credit crunch in 2008 when price of Gold rose from 700 USD per once to 1900 USD per once in 2011 as investors where looking for safe places to put there money. However Silver, although not so popular with general public as Gold due to fact that Gold holds a more glamorous perception, is a far better option for an investment point of view. During the latest recession (which by the way doesn’t look like ending) Gold rose from 700USD to 1900 USD. It is an increase of 170% in less than 2 years which is great for an investor, however Silver at the same period of time rose form 10 USD in 2008 to near 50 USD in 2011. It’s an increase of 400% giving investors a fantastic return to their money. So it’s obvious that investor opting for silver instead of gold has increased his reward on his investment much higher. And given the fact the Gold and Silver are in huge Fundamental uptrend, and both are strongly correlated is an easy decision to invest in silver instead of gold. Fundamental trend. Silver has been in strong uptrend since 2003 and the reason is simple the demand exceeds supply. Although the credit crunch …
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alifari 24 Sep.

interesting article

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SpecialFX 26 Sep.

When the world economy moves from the current slowdown/recession to a growth period, with less QE and more risk appetite for stocks, currencies, etc, then silver should outperform gold, but for now I have my doubts :) Good article though!

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LinnuxFX 26 Sep.

I think everything that goes up, must go down again, lets see when, good luck...

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I think it's a good trade idea.

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Ivolux 28 Sep.

thanks for your comments, trade is doing better than expected, just need to break 35, then i can move my SL to BE

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The main objective for my writing this article is to clearly inform you about the opportunities in the field of the Forex market. The Forex market — what do you understand by these two words? Before continuing, I want to remove a myth from everyone’s mind and that points to the discrimination between trading and investing. For the purpose of my clarification, I will refer to Al Thomas, President of Williamsburg Investment Company, who indicated in his writing, "If it doesn't go up, don't buy it". He did emphasize on the word ‘buy’. He also wrote, "Everyone who invests is a trader, only the time period is different." I took his words seriously after I was a victim of the fall down in the field of stock market in 2000.So at present, we shall talk about the features of currency trading concerning the stock and commodity trading and also compare them.Liquidity — The main working force for any kind of market is the liquidity of money and when it comes to the Forex market, it is the most financial market in not only a single country but the world which trades around 1.9 trillion dollars everyday. Because of the commodities market’s trading around 440 billion dollars a day and the US sto…
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Farhana 26 Nov.

its realiable...

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Mithi 26 Nov.

its nice

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Sadia 29 Nov.


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Omar_faruk 29 Nov.

good topic. helpful. thanks

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tumiamar 29 Nov.

found it informative. Thanks for your writing.

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The world economy is so vast that a single head cannot understand its functionalities and mechanisms. To implement the fundaments in trading place, it’s not possible for you and me. Besides individuals like me, has a little investment compared to the big guys, we must choose a sustainable trading system which will give us a good return (return of investment) as well as minimizes the probability of loss. Technically forex is a 50%-50% trading place. If you are into a trade, there are fifty percent chances to win or to lose money. The major traders (dummies) think that forex is a gambling market place. We invest a little money and dream to be a milliner. Honestly this is just a dream and we all know dream never comes true.  During my three years of trading life I figured out few points why we lose money in forex! Little investment: In spot market trading most of the trader start with a little money. For example, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 and so on. Yes, you can say this amount as your investment, but is it enough for trading to make a smart amount of money at the end of the year? Definitely no, the minimum investment for spot trading should be $5000. You can handle your trade us…
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faridns 24 Nov.

good article +1

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ksalam 24 Nov.

thank you faridns, undral, alifari, hasanrafraf all for you great support

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Radway21 24 Nov.


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ksalam 25 Nov.

Thank you Fadwa21 for your feedback.

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ELENA_M 28 Nov.

good for beginners, but not enough informarive. This article need must be continue :) good luck in contest :)

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Raj scowled as he looked out of the window, at the traffic in the street, the news in the papers hadn't done much to cheer him up, the financial meltdown had cast it's gloom over stock investors around the world and Raj was no exception, the traffic only made things worse he missed the peace and quiet of his old home, like most of the others Raj had been forced to sell his home and rent a smaller one in the distant suburbs, everything seemed strange and different now, but there was a silver linning to all this, he now had some money left over from the sale, Yes, Raj now had some money to invest."Finish your tea before it gets cold " said his mother who had just come in from the kitchen for the seventh time to remind her son. He was a good boy, she thought to herself but he needed someone to look after him, in Mrs.Kumar's mind what Raj needed most was a wife, but that would not be easy now, it would be difficult to find a suitable match for Raj in their financial condition."Who would want to marry him now?" Mrs.Kumar began to ponder.Raj glanced up to see the look of apprehension on his mothers face. "Don't you worry," he said thinking his mother worried about their financial wellbei…
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ritesh 25 Aug.

Nice article highwayman. Keep it coming dude... +1

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highwayman 26 Aug.

Glad You Liked it. Thanks For Reading :)

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ritesh 26 Aug.

dude, keep it coming...more

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highwayman 27 Aug.

Am Still Searching For My Misplaced Scrap-Book,
Don't Want To Release An Article Without Pictures This Time :)

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highwayman 31 Aug.

Well The Contest Ends Today Without Me Being Able Find The Newspaper Clippings For This Article And It Seems I Didn't Fare Too Well :) But I'm Just Happy That 155 People Got To Read It - Thanks Everyone - To Me That Means Much More Than Winning :) Thanks Again :)

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