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Hello Friends, here I am up with a very important factor in Forex trading i.e. Volumes.
Role of Volumes in Trading and Investing

First of all let us understand what are Volumes.
Volume is simply the number of lots traded during a specified time frame (e.g., hour, day, week, month, etc). The analysis of volume is a basic yet very important element of technical analysis. Volume provides clues as to the intensity of a given price move.
There are many ways to interpret changes in volume trends.
One common belief is that rising prices coupled with increased volume, and falling prices coupled with decreased volume, is bullish.
* *Conversely, if volume increases when prices fall and volume decreases when prices rise, the market is showing signs of underlying weakness.
—The theory behind this is straight forward. Rising prices coupled with increased volume signifies increased upside participation (more buyers) that should lead to a continued move. Conversely, falling prices coupled with increased volume (more sellers) signifies decreased upside participation
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Slava_Z 29 June

Интересная статья!

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SikmaN 29 June

Good luck

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tanyakop84 30 June

очень хорошо и интересно

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interesting article

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fx211pips 20 July

great article, volume shows when the big players are positioning

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Hi pip makers,
Wish you all a Happy New Year and great success in 2018. Many of you have read my past articles and given me good support and great suggestions so far. Therefore, this time I am seeking your guidance with a personal question I got and need your genuine answer to it.
Baby girl's introduction and her dream:
I am from a middle-class family and have lived happily in a great care of my parents and when I was a growing up, I always saved some amount of my pocket money and mostly deposited in the bank in return for an interest. Totally I have always been interested in investing and multiplying it over time. I have always believed in the following sayings:
When I was kid, I used to think money was grown like vegetables on farms and most times I used to think of inventing a system with which I could grow lots of money plants and distribute the harvest among poor people. I know that was such a silly imagination. Finally when I was in 2nd grade, I came to know that money cannot be grown as plants and it made me felt very sad at that time.
After the completion of my engineering, I started to spend most of my time in the Dukascopy community and began to dream of winning the tra…
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well done!!!!

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Aviator 31 Jan.

good job

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thekrash 8 Feb.

Very nice article. Haven't read the other ones but if you have 8k, to be honest I think being a scalper or daytrader at least should be the "easiest way" to accomplish with the turnover. My other advice will be to just transfer something like 3k from "my finances" to your live account but trade as if you have the 8k. you shouldnt get leverage issues and in case something happens and you (lets hope not) blow your account, you will still have 5k in a safe place.

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carpe 10 Feb.

Very well done Angle! Good article and excellent performance so far. Keep on track no matter what

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AngleRMS 10 Feb.


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About trading or invest capital in forex markets no matter if the case is contest or live account, is very important to have the best strategy about placing a proper protective stop to prevent losses in our accounts.
This article is focussed on my own journey in trading and I want to reflect maybe one common mistake because of these our trading account go down after a loss trade and then we think What can we do best the next trade ?
Price action triggered my stop just by few pips and then come back making a retracement and went into the money, was a bad trade because the calculation of that stop was not made proper.
Few options to make stops calculation:
Based on my own experience I have encounter that we can choose stops using indicators, by financial goals or simply avoid to set a stop. The last one is very danger but I have notice that without any stops we can leave price action to run and reach a target leaving it to work at least one or two days.
I will develop few examples to show the options detailed below so we can understand easily the goal of each technique that I intend to explain.
The entries are assumed and maybe someone has placed one like this by you own cr…
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anashape 29 Nov.

very good written!

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Dieselfx 29 Nov.


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rivan 29 Nov.


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Autochartist is also an excellent option

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great article

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Simplest idea ever
One of the simplest ideas in investing is buy and hold strategy. This type of strategy is most frequent type of investing because most of the mutual funds are offering their products and services without any active management. Underlying assets are commonly stocks and bonds. In this article I would like to show you an alternative, how to use and adapt this strategy in currency market.
Safe o risky
Well, this is the dilemma. If we assume that all assets have different risk and all strategies have different risk profiles, there is always chance to make wrong decision. We cannot say that buy and hold is always risky strategy and we definitely cannot say that is safe as well. All these things depend on multiple factors as fair value of the asset, interest rate or yield, actual price, market condition and many others.
Why should I invest to the particular currencies?
I don’t know if there is any better and flexible market as a cash market. I don’t believe in never-ending bullish stock market. I believe in very serious and conservative way of investing. The way how to to create a fixed income. I don’t want to say that only forex is the best market. There is plenty of t…
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Kivetat 30 Jan.

Airmike  very professional and very interesting job)))

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and how much money should be in the account to invest?

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and how there is a risk of losing everything and become bankrupt?

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because with little money it can not be done? yes?

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Airmike 2 Feb.

it depend on leverage. if you invest in no  leverage there is risk extremely low. because NZDCHF or NZDUSD is a rate with Interest rate differential. not an asset with yield.

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Let’s begin with a quiz.
  • In the case of war or total economic collapse, which would be more valuable, oil or gold?
  • What is the average cost of producing an ounce of gold, a barrel of oil and printing a dollar?
  • Is gold a commodity, currency or Veblen good?
While days of the gold standard are behind us, gold still plays a role in day-to-day life, be it as a currency or commodity. According to World Gold Council, the Turks amassed over 3,500 tons of gold “under-the-pillow” by 2014 and Russia and China are stocking up. Is gold truly an investment or are people busy stacking “rocks” which could be another tulip mania?
Famous gold quote...
Gold Has Never Been Worth Zero

Gold investment advisers say when countries start stocking gold, it is not indicative of wealth but potential economic turmoil. They also say the accumulation of gold indicates what other nations and hedge funds think about the US dollar and the global economy. Others fall in the group of the British economist John Maynard Keynes and believe that “gold is a barbarous relic”.
The image below shows the rise of gold since 2001 and how gold reacts to economic events affecting the US dollar.
Many also claim that gold has neve…
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pipx 20 Feb.

Likerty, it gets simpler trading gold with time and practice, just key points to remember is that gold price always goes up when the dollar index is down. That said when the governments inject money into the economy, gold price has to drop below the money supply line as indicated​ in the last chart.

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Airmike 22 Feb.

nice article

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Thank you for article, it is so nice of you to share your great dedication and effort, also here detailed description of the method. Good work, congrats.

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FxMidaso 22 Feb.


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Agnessa26 23 Feb.

Очень хорошая работа!!

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Investing vs Trading

It is the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit. Well now we know what investing is, so let's move into the types of investing:
Investing in Property:
That can also be sub categorized:
1) Long Term Investment
2) Short Term Investment
1) Long term Property investment:
Investing in a housing land project, and usually investors buy for certain period of time of 10-20years. After the land value increases over the time, the investor can sell it, or build a house on that land or plot he bought with his saving capital.
2) Short term Property Investment:
Purchasing an apartment, commercial office, house and renting the place out for a short time with some tenant or client who is willing to pay some rent for a short period of time that could be between 1-3years per contract.
Investing In Saving Bank:
Savings banks, usually offer some interest over a period of time of 1month, 6month, 1year, depending on the saving plan. Clients start gaining the benefits after they open an account with them. Some saving banks also provide life insurance investment opportunities with clients.
Investing in Bonds:
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Docdow 20 Jan.

nice work

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well done bro

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Good job , I like the article.

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Likerty 30 Jan.

My thinking is that word "investing" is too royal for these ins and outs that people do in financial markets:) All is trading/speculation and it always will be, just in financial media they prefer the word Investor in order to maitain better picture:)

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