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Hello,my dear friends.
We will take in this article about:
US Dollar Index .
Any market in the world is sold and purchased in which it is necessary to lead the distinctive goods that this market is hungry and strongly influenced.
In the world of money the dollar is the king is dominant because of many factors are not our subject here.
We are talking about one of the most important indicators in the world of finance,
US Dollar Index.
The dollar was established in 1973 with a value of 100 points
So if its value is greater than 100 points, it is higher than the opening day and less than 100 points less than the opening day.
When analysts talk about the rise or fall of the dollar, they point to the dollar index. This indicator is an important analytical tool for traders in almost all markets.
What does it consist of?
The US dollar index consists of six foreign currencies, namely:
Euro- (EUR).
Yen- (JPY).
British pound- (GBP).
Canadian Dollar- (CAD).
Swedish Krona- (SEK).
Swiss Franc- (CHF).
The index compares the US dollar against a basket of other global currencies. This basket represents the majority of the world's largest floating currencies on a weighted average basis.
Some curren…
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AND 11 May

Very nice information

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nice one

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mydream 8 June

good job

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The GBP.IDX also known as the UK100 is an index that tracks the best 100 performing stocks from the London Stock Exchange. The GBR.IDX is one of the ways a person can trade UK stocks without buying a single at once. The GBP.IDX is my most preferred trading index because it forms a trend that lasts more than 6 days, with a nice trading strategy you can make more than 90% of the trades.In this article i will describe a method i have found profitable over my 6months of trading the index.
The Strategy
This Strategy is aimed for day traders and scalpers. It takes note of the overbought and oversold regions to give you an early warning of the trend. The strategy involves four parts.
1.Spotting the Trend
Open the GBP.IDX 30minutes chart and identify the high highs and lower lows
CHART 1: GBP.IDX 30 MIN chart showing lower lows and lower highs in a downtrend
2. Filter the trend
  • Switch to a five minute frame
  • Go to the indicators and add the 200 EMA
  • In a downtrend the price is below the 200 EMA

3. Finding trading Opportunities
  • Switch to a five minute frame
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k_morocco 26 Oct.

Hello, very good article
i like very much your use of stochstic for spoting the end of the correction , and the use of ma 200 to spot the trend

good luck

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mqdwt 28 Oct.

good job

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Bidza 28 Oct.

Great insight in this article.

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mcquak 28 Oct.

trend trading is always the best, thanks for the article

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very good

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After spending months trading based on a currency’s depreciation and appreciation, there are some things I have discovered and I hope these points will help other traders out there in achieving success in their trading. Currency pairs fluctuate in price; these fluctuations are almost none-stop during trading hours. The fluctuations are caused by appreciation or depreciation of a currency.
When we see the EURUSD chart heading up; we call it a bullish reaction or an up-trend. In such a situation, traders start buying or opening long positions on the pair. I want us to take a minute and go “under the hood”, to have a clear understanding of what is happening to the currency pair.
A bullish trend on the EURUSD means that the EURO is appreciating much more than the USD. This means the market perceives the EURO as being stronger than the USD (U.S Dollar).
The chart below shows a bullish trend on the EURUSD, and a subsequent bearish trend. A bullish trend is marked by price making higher lows, while a bearish trend is marked by price making lower highs.
Traders also use trend lines and moving averages to easily spot the trend direction.
When price is bouncing off the trend line and heading…
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good job

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P3tr4 25 Nov.

thanks for sharing

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good luck in december

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please where do you find index charts?

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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” Warren Buffet. The foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market in the world. According to the Bank for International Settlements, as at April 2010, the average daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets was estimated at $3.98 trillion, approximately $4 trillion passing through a single market daily. As a result of its high liquidity, round-the-clock trading times (except on weekends) and use of leverage, it is a market that can ensure financial independence and yield extraordinary returns. Most statistics show that a high percentage of traders lose their funds and that it is much safer to trade the stock markets. Yet we have great traders like George Soros, Warren Buffet and Stanley Druckenmiller, who control millions and have made millions from the markets. George Soros, the man who “broke the Bank of England” made over GBP£1 billion profit by short selling sterling in 1992 when the British Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). According to investopedia, the UK Treasury estimated that the loss from that day was over £3 billion.George So…
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Likerty 4 June

Dollar index certainly can help in some cases but on day-to-day basis I would preffer to concentrate on every single pair that I'm trading seprately without wondering around vorious correlated markets and indexes.. PA itself is the key and thats what everyone should pay the most attention on to...

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AdamFx42 4 June

Great read +1

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geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: Interesting article, nicely written! :-) Happy trading :-)

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P3tr4 20 June

well done

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Differently nice)) well done friend. +1 liked.

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observing the trading market price movements, without feeling the last
few days is probably the day of the "fun" for those of you who trade in
Gold. How not? Gold continues to make a new record with the news of the worsening global crisis. I guess this is probably one of the moments of trading is easy enough for gold traders to make a profit so far this year. But
it turns out good moment is not only true for Gold traders, trader
Index also get a good moment to play a role in taking advantage of the
global crisis that is happening right now.How not? some
of the major media reported that there has been panic and the action of
the trader in a massive sell-market dimarket large as the Dow Jones in
America, in Japan the Nikkei Index, Index Hangseng in Hong Kong and
other markets around the world. Simultaneously, the stock index falling dimarket worldwide more than 1000 points in the last few days.Maybe
some of you already know about Gold as in the article I have shared
before, but I think still a bit of traders who became a trader on the
element index, or even less so to understand it at all.Index to the trading rightIndex trading is basically where a method used to measure a…
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skytrader 19 Dec.

+1. trading in the era of the global crisis is for investors difficult, but for traders there are a lot of opportunities, but you must get used to jump in and out. positiosn trading with currencies is very difficult in such times!

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ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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