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Hi Pip Warriors,
Welcome to another new month, Forex is not magic but it’s full of logic and people sentiment where god will also fail to predict market direction. Let’s assume god decided to start forex trading without experience/knowledge, money and risk management then god will also hit rock bottom within months. I am going to tell a new pip warrior story which is worth listening.
When I started to trade, I was scared and felt like entering to some unnatural world where life is full of unexpected traps so started to meet new people in the new world to understand and to start new pip warrior life.
I am always excited to meet new people in Dukascopy because I love to listen their trading life cycle by asking questions like how they came to know about forex, how is their trading life and much more. Final and my favorite question is please can you give some suggestion for successful trading.
From every people I met in Dukascopy always took something good from their trading life and trying to adopt to my trading journey. As usual met one guy in Dukascopy and like same asked about his story where I learnt so many things so I thought to share his story because it will be lesson for…
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iiivb 30 Apr.

great and thanks for sharing!

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Good article

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well done

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KalenS 12 May


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In the DukasCopy Wiki we can see a simple strategy for JForex platform, based on crossing of two SMAs. The SMAStrategy strategy based on two SMA (Simple moving average): SMA with time period 10 and SMA with time period 90. The strategy logic can be described as 2 actions:
  • If SMA 10 cross SMA 90 from up to down, then the strategy closes existing short position and open a buy order if long position does not exist
  • If SMA 10 cross SMA 90 from down to up, then the strategy closes existing long position and open a sell order if short position does not exist
But you can’t use this strategy to get profit because the purpose of it is educational, and the results are not very good. All what you can get is slow decreasing of depo (fig. 1) for the random strategy parameters
  • instrument - EURUSD;
  • period – one hour;
  • filter – weekends;
from 01.01.2012:
Fig. 1. But can we improve this strategy to get a profit? Let’s see…
How many hourly bars do we have from 01.01.2012 till now? It is approximately 21300 hourly bars. DukasCopy tester generated 375 orders in this period. So, the average trade length is 57 hours. How can we use this information to improve our strategy?
Let’s think about the waves of …
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good job

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Fecha 20 May

Thanks alot!

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Milian 24 May

хорошая статья!

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Well done

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Illya 8 Sep.

Вчера воспользовался вашим кодом. Благодарю. Но в коде Time-stop filter ошибка знак ">" нужно поменять на "<".

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So, let me ask you really quick here: How much have you invested (mentally, emotionally, and financially) into trying to learn how to trade? Obviously you can't answer me, but think about this question hard to yourself. Think of all the sleepless nights, all the revelations and AHA! moments, and all the confused depression when it seemed like things won't make sense and never will. My guess is you've dedicated more effort, thought, and research into this topic than any other topic you've delved in to and probably more than anyone you know ever has. Did you ever stop to think that you might need to step back and actually learn about learning? I mean, think about it: If you spend some time finding out how we, as humans, effectively build a knowledge base and a progress through skill set, you'll take the straightest possible path (not the easiest, but the straightest) to proficiency. And when it comes to trading the financial markets, proficiency is profit.And that's where this guy comes in: [image from]You see, if you can relate what you're currently learning to something you've already learned and are familiar with, your learning curve gets shortened. The closer the two subjects are to each ot[/image]…
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Thanks for all the support, guys. Glad it's been helpful to you :)

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Nice, thanks for sharing this with us, at least for me it has great significance at this point of my life. After just blowing up my account is helping me to see some light. Keep up the good work

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very interesting, thanks!!!

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vega2552 17 May

Great article, thanks for sharing this with us.

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Likerty 21 May

interesting comparison:)

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