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The recent fall in oil prices is causing a downturn in stock markets all over the world.
Oil companies facing negative balance sheets are being pushed into labour force cuts and to delay future investments.
Times are also though for US shale oil producers. They have once deposited hopes that Saudi Arabia could bring some balance to the market. After the latest “freezing” negotiation developments, their last hopes might have completely vanished. Reporting Ellen R. Wald, [1] Modern Trader Magazine columnist:
Saudi Arabia can produce a barrel of oil at a cost of about $2. Even the best shale producers cannot produce a
barrel of oil for less than $50 a barrel. (...)

OPEC is not coming to bail out the shale oil producers. (...)

Saudi Arabia does not feel their pain (...) [it] may even welcome these minor inconveniences (...) [moving national]
economy towards some diversification.

Times are tough for shale producers and bankruptcies and asset sales are increasing. (...) Any relief producers
thought would come (...)
has not materialized.

OPEC member Saudi Arabia and non-OPEC Russia reached a principle of agreement on February 16th to freeze oil production at January's levels. Joining the Saudi[/moving][/it][/1]…
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very nice article! thank u!

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En date du 30 novembre 2015, Le conseil d'administration du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) a approuvé l'entrée de la devise chinoise, le yuan, dans l'unité de compte des droits de tirages spéciaux (DTS).
Ce faisant, le FMI reconnaît pleinement la devise chinoise comme monnaie de référence mondiale. C'est pour Pékin une grande réussite politique en ces temps d’incertitude sur la croissance de son économie. Cette décision ne prendra effet qu'à l'automne 2016, le temps pour l'organisation d'inclure cette devise dans son unité de réserve. Le yuan rejoindra alors le dollar américain, l'Euro, le Yen et la Livre Sterling.
Nous analyserons dans cette article les raisons d'une telle décision et les perspectives pour la devise chinoise. Commençons avant tout par ventiler le nouveau panier de devises du FMI.
Les droits de tirages spéciaux.
Les droits de tirages spéciaux sont un instrument monétaire crée par le FMI en 1969 pour remplacer l'or dans les échanges internationaux. En effet et compte tenu de la croissance mondiale, l'or disponible se révéla insuffisant. Il est apparu alors nécessaire de créer un instrument pour augmenter la valeur de l'unité de …
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good job!

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The US Dollar has been on the spotlight since beginning of the year as momentum has surprised everyone. Retracements continue to be shallow. The dollar bullish trend is well mature on its own and I thought it's the perfect time to reinforce my view on the dollar as many are asking: what's next for the US Dollar?
This is the US dollar's fastest rise in 40 years, and it's up 14% on this year alone, and I was one of the few to speak about the dollar rally, even before the trend to be put in motion.
Explaining the dollar's incredible turnaround, at current speed and velocity is not quite hard to explain if you have been following my articles. There are plenty of evidences, from my side, as I was preparing for this kind of move. To understand better what it's happening with the dollar i'll suggest to go over and re-read my previous articles here:
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For those who are interested to find more about my own view on the US Dollar, I wrote last week an blog post talking about the 1980-1985 US Dollar analog which fits perfectly to current market environment and also it's a fractal for current price action. See link above.

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Thanks, this article is interesting and qualitatively. Did you also have some correlation analysis with labour market ?
Great article 

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foreignexchange Unfortunately I never looked into that stuff, when it comes with the currency market the 2 most important things I look at are inflation and interest rates I think that anything else will just alter the view of the market, of course this is just my own opinion. Thanks

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Illya 27 May

It looks like you spend a lot of time for this report.Good job!!!

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@lllya It takes some times to put all the pieces together and also I do a lot of research because I want to provide high content to my readers. Thanks for the good words.

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