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The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (meaning ‘’One look equilibrium chart’&rsquo otherwise known as the Ichimoku Cloud or simply just Ichimoku is an incredibly versatile indicator that in the right hands can provide a trader with support and resistance, trend direction, momentum and even trading signals. This indicator is the most popular indicator among Japanese Traders of all markets and was created by Journalist Goichi Hosoda in 1968 then published in his book in 1969, however he reportedly first began creating this indicator in the late 1930’s.
While this indicator is overwhelming at first, after reading this article you will gain a basic understanding of how the indicator works and how to make basic use of it.
What It All Means
Figure 1. Standard 9/26/52 Ichimoku indicator on NZD/JPY 4-hour chart.
Chikou Span (Pink line)
The Chikou Span or lagging span, is the current price shifted to the left by 26 periods, this is default but can be altered for different strategies and/or preferences.
Tenkan-Sen (Orange line)
The Tenkan-Sen referred to as the conversion line, is calculated using the midpoint of the highest high and the lowest low over 9 periods. The Tenkan-Sen is used wi…
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Nomi 8 June

good luck

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good luck

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Slurmp 9 June

Thank you all for the support! Much love :) check out my new article

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Wovch 10 June

good work

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Vlad73 12 June

very good

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The usual statement by market technicians that the simplicity of the mkt is its greatest disguise , Technical analysis has always been a science that tend to anticipates short-term and long term price changes by using recent patterns, trends, reversals, ranges and etc This week technical forecast and ichimoku trend analysis, I will write on weekly trends and development for the week 1-18-2016 as I take a look into the trending currency pairs; price action, what has happened in the mkt in past week and what may likely be installed for the week ahead.
A review on the US dollar index as we all understand that all major currencies trade against the US dollar, so I found it informative and valuable analyzing the US dollar index from week to week to determine its weakness and strength and also gauge mkts trend direction for the week .
The US dollar trade uptrend after trending support at 98.20 to close at 98.99 last week . Economic data from US came out with unemployment claims at 284k exceeding expectation of 275k, US industrial production was at -0.40% less than expected at -0.20% while the much expected Retail sales fell at 0.1% less than expectation on 0.2% .
Yen remain…
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Skif 19 Jan.

written description, I wish you success in the competition !

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I like it!!

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Sadibi 23 Jan.


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Hope all of you are doing
well.  I welcome all of you to my fresh article.This week,  I have decided
to carry an analysis of 5 currency pairs based on
my favorite analytical tool i.e: Ichimoku + price action.
I did
an analysis based on Ichomoku + price action in the last week of
January and happy to note that all the targets for all the pairs
got achieved - Ichimoku exclusive - my analysis of 4 majors. 
This time I have decided
to take the following pairs for my analysis.
As I mentioned in my
previous article,  I make use of step-down approach on multiple timeframes.
I mean, I start analyzing from monthly chart and scale down till 4
hour timeframe to take trading decisions. I believe that the price in
lower timeframes always follows the price in higher timeframes.I will write separately on multiple time frames and also on single bar breakout failures in the coming weeks. From my experience I can state that price action coupled with Ichi signals can produce big trades quite often since the support and resistance levels provided by ichi work quite accurately.
Indicators used: Ichimoku, Stochastic
Decision base: Suppor…
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drishti 20 Mar.

Awesome Analysis. Keep it up bro!

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nice ichimoku analysis Raghavendra. but i don't like to use that on my charts as it messes my chart analysis. let's see if your target will achieve this week or max next week.

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As we are aware, Ichimoku is one of the best tools
to gauge the support and resistance areas with topmost accuracy. If combined
with price action, multi timeframe and Fib and other ancillary tools, it can become more powerful. 
Though I am not an exclusive Ichimoku trader, I
use it for establishing future resistance and support points. The accuracy of
Ichmoku is amazing! In one word, I can say Ichmoku is a Priceless  gift given by
the Japanese to the trading world.
Under this initiative, every month I
will try to make forecast of at least 4 major pairs using Ichmoku along with other tools. 
This week,  I am going to analyze EUR/USD,
For each pair , I will be using at
least 4 time frames among Monthly, weekly, Daily, 4 Hour and 1
hour so that we get an exclusive picture of both long term and short term
Let me start with our big brother EUR/USD.       Weekly
On weekly, we have Tenken poking its nose at 3150
– 3200 which may act as first level of resistance. From price perspective also
it remains a stiff resistance as the last major support was broken at the same
levels. Daily
Bulls have maintained strong momentum throughout
last week .Now the…
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rppuranik 23 Jan.

good info on Ichimoku

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ritesh 23 Jan.

cable is expected to move downside a lot .. +1

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Ichimoku in Japanese means, "at one
glance", Kinko means, "equilibrium" and Hyo means chart. For the untrained
eye that doesn't know what to look for from the system the Ichimoku Kinko hyo
looks like a bunch of cluttered lines. But for the Ichimoku technician it looks
like a picturesque of beauty. What does the trained I see that the untrained eye
doesn't? The trained eye sees the market sentiment with a quick glance of the
chart. They also see support and resistance levels, trend, entry signals and
also stop loss and profit targets. Therefore the Ichimoku trader sees the
equilibrium or balance of the market at one glance.So how do we see these things from a
quick glance? Knowing the components and what they represent helps with that,
so lets first learn the parts and what they mean.The first 2 components that we will look at are the Tenkan - Sen and the Kijun - Sen which work hand in hand.The Tenkan - Sen is calculated as: (Highest High + Lowest Low) / 2 calculated over the last 9 periods.The Kijun - Sen is calculated as: (Highest High + Lowest Low) / 2 calculated over the last 26 periods.One signal that traders look for within the system is the Tenkan - Sen & Kijun - Sen Cross ak…
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Very good explanation, I tried using it a lot of time but too many things on chart makes it look messy. so, stopped using it. may be i will try this later. good effort.

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excellent text! Comment my blog in trade contest! +1

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ikhall 26 Nov.

I have always been intrigued by the Ichimoku system. Great explanation and use of charts. Would you please read my last article and let me know what you think?

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CIAO 24 Dec.

good job, hope your next one to be about how to combine time frames together to initiate a position

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szymes 14 Jan.


Can you send me your template for dukascopy platform?
My e-mail is: xtr500[@]wp[dot]pl -without "[ ]", and dot=. ;)

Regards from Poland

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