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Hello everyone, i have been trading from past 8 years, i have come across so many indicators, strategies and analysis. But what ever i tried with those indicators and strategies ended up with huge losses after some period or interval of time. Because each strategy work in different market conditions. You have to be flexible to survive in any market condition.but its never "the end" untill u "give up". So finally, i have the system or the strategy that work in any situation, But it has its own rules, if u ll follow the complete set of rules, you ll never end up in loss on weekly basis. This is a kinda Hedge technique and things we need are..
1.) Vision: You should be able to predict which side market may move ahead.
2.) Money Management
3.) Patience
If you are able to look at a chart and identify when the market is "Trending", Then you can enter in the direction you like.
Example: I bought 0.10 volume of GBPUSD at 1.4150 and my TP for GBPUSD will be 1.4200 and SL 1.4047. Here i am taking TP as 50 Pips and SL as 100 Pips, i added 3 pips extra into SL because i counted the spread as well (SL= 100 + spread of the pair). Immediately place a sell stop 0.30 volume of GBPUSD at 1.4100 …
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good article

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Форекс как альтернатива депозитным счетам банке (Forex Trading without Leverage)Leverage означает использование заёмных средств, что даёт возможнность открывать позиции в пропорциях 1 к 100 и так вплоть до 1 к 500 по отношению к собственным средствам. А это как обоюдосторонний меч, с одной стороны может привести к значительным выигрышам, а с другой стороны к значительным потерям и рискам, вплоть до суммы превышающей изначальный депозит. Торгуя на форексе в пропорции 1 к 1, то есть без заёмных средств, мы полностью исключаем риск потери своих средств. А это уже является хорошей альтернативой сберегательным, накопительным, срочным и прочим депозитным счетам в банках. Допустим, что у вас есть капитал в 10 тысяч долларов и есть банк или какой-нибудь фонд, где вам на срочном вкладе могут заплатить 10, 15 или даже 20 процентов годовых. Теперь предположим, что эти 10 тысяч долларов вы начинаете использовать для торговли на форексе в пропорции 1 к 1. Для увеличения возможности заработка и сокращения рисков нужно открывать две противоположные позиции: одну на продажу, вторую на покупку одной и той же валютной пары (hedging). Торгуя таким образом, вполне реально делать до одного процента при…
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Good article!

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Abstract The US GDP announcements are investigated using a 1 min. chart for spot Euro-Sterling exchange rates. A trading strategy is tested for the GDP/USD to take economic advantage of these relevant releases.The results of each individual tested macroeconomic announcement is described in function of the volatility, the profit and the difference between the forecast and the release values. The results suggest that the strategy respond in a statistically significant manner to the US GDP releasing information reported by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The efficiency of the strategy is correlated to the relevant differences between the ex ante and ex post volatility.This study utilises the data for Euro-Sterling provided by the Dukascopy Platform.
Keywords US, GDP, forex strategy, hedging strategy, Cable, GBP/USD. Introduction
Foreign exchange (FX) volatility is correlated to notable macroeconomic announcements as they provide information on the overall state of the countries economy as indicated on the works of Luc Bauwens, Walid Ben Omrane, Pierre Giot.This can result in changes in FX rates as market participants change their positions.The interest in FX volatility pa…
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Very well written and I'm very impressed by the high level of information, however there is one thing that this strategy doesn't take in consideration, which is the spread and as rokasltu has already mentioned it can Very well written and I'm, very impressed your strategy can be negatively skewed.

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marius24 30 Dec.

Hope this strategy will help you to earn some money. Good luck

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seemed useful article, rich with figures and tables,but in real accounts scalping during strong news like US GDP is not easy, due to quick up, down movement it is not warrant that the order will be activated or closed according to your all, you have strong article and should compete here.

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al_dcdemo 31 Dec.

As some readers have pointed out, and from own experience, news trading is no easy task for retail traders due to increased slippage and spread. So in my opinion it is absolutely vital to incorporate these two parameters into strategy. Very well written article.

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Stix 4 Jan.

Thank you so much... I thought it was very well written and useful. :) :)

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Introduction: Recently, the CEO of Dukascopy Bank, Alain Broyon had an interview at the iFXEXPO which was the inspiration for this article. Starting around 2:30 in the clip he goes into future developments for Dukascopy and mentions both CFD's and binary options. The video link can be found here.Now in preparation for these new instruments my next few articles will be addressing the new trading opportunities that can be achieved through these new asset classes. In this article I will look at the potential of trading will a directional bias but being perfectly hedge so that if the trade were to go badly there would be no loss. Now this obviously sounds to good to be true and well unfortunately it is, as in essence you are trading against volatility and depending on the duration of the trade you need to currency pair to move a certain amount for this to be profitable.____________________________________________________________________________________Volatility:As a recap from last months article on volatility seen here. But broadly it shows the tenancy of an asset to change in price over time. Currently it has been hard to miss the recent volatility across the financial markets. Not …
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very useful post, thanks! will know much more about trading.

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egidijus 27 June

Interesting strategy.

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lincolnppl 27 June

Nice article friend, it is really ecouraging to see that you are still here, and u are vigilant in sharing your ideas. It is inspiring, and worthy. All the best!

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great job!

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men79 28 June

Very good ......

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You will find a possible UGLY TRUTH of how with some
craftiness one can make practically any trading robot perform with such trading
results to make the best professional traders in the world green with envy.  You will understand why selling trading
robots is a potentially very profitable business. Consequently, you will be able to see
marketing campaigns for trading robots in a new light.
What proof
do we get for trading results of trading robots?
Have you ever seen a marketing promotion for a trading
robot? The promise of trading results (fantastic profits in the shortest period
of time) is head spinning.
Have you ever gone to check the web site in the
promotion? If you have you saw many charts as proof of successful trades. All
those charts could be bogus. This is why buyers of trading robots demand to see
trading results.
So trading robots promoters show trading results from
their DEMO accounts. But those could also be forged. This is why buyers of
trading robots demand to see trading results by logging into the trading
So some trading robot promoters allow you to log into
their account. And some (very few but nevertheless!) allow you to check their
LIVE trading accoun…
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@LinnuxFX. Very often a channel forms overnight, called the Tokyo channel. It is defined by the resistance and support when the Asian market was active. At London open you have many false breakthroughs of those levels. So you need to fade the move. Backtesting and optimization will show you the best times, SL, TP and other parameters.

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@LinnuxFX. There is a known tendency for the price to oscillate around a round number (00 or 000 and sometimes even at 50) before breaking through of reversing. Find out a statistical distribution of one or the other, optimise with backtesting and go for it. Scalping, of course. Contest rules probably will not let you do this one, I guess.

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kkforex 23 May

very well researched article 1+

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belman 24 May

Nice article +1

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Furian 26 May

man I should read You regulary. exelent job! +1

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Without a
proper money management, you are sure to lose…lose everything. Even a trader
equipped with the best trading system in the world will be left penniless if he
is careless about money management. I have been cautioning all my clients to
concentrate on money and risk management for trading success in forex.
I would like to put my money management system in simple terms to make every reader understand my way of managing the money. 
There are 5
basic constituents of money management plan:
1.Currency selection:
The first decision a trader makes
is to choose the currency pair he trades. How is it important? If we take Eur/GBP,
it moves very slowly and there is a possibility of our margin getting tied up for
a longer period of time. On the other hand, if we take forex exotics like
USD/ZAR or USD/SEK, the intraday movement is too much for a small retail trader
to even think of money management. The longer you are in a trade the more risk
you take on due to the possibility of political uncertainty, news
announcements, etc. This also thwarts your ability to enter additional trades
because it ties up your margin. It is always a better decision to trade forex
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Good job....

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Good atilcle

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Very well written...

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ZHOU 16 Dec.

很好 资金是最重要的

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kevinfu 16 Dec.

good article

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Firstly I would like to clear things out, I'm a supporter and make use of single pair hedging ability to my advantage in foreign exchange trading.Second, this article is limited on information related to single pair currency hedging, which in some jurisdiction elect to disabled - banned.Why hedge ?Firstly, a question for. Are you a speculator or are you an investor?Pick one only and think why you choose that.Speculator trade with leverage higher than 1:1, any higher leverage will entitle you as a speculator,Investor is limited to 1:1 where assets equal to value, any increase in value will increase/decrease the asset,Speculator on the other hand have assets that is smaller than value, any change in value = profit/loss and can be higher/lower than asset.If you pick investor and ...surprise! hedge your assets, you already know the deal.If you pick investor and trade to gain profit, you need to know the business a bit deeper, go facepalm yourself first.If you pick speculator and trade to gain profit, you should start consider hedging as a very valuable toolthat cannot be found elsewhere.Why need to hedge when you are speculating?Good question. The answer is simply what hedging means - …
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RainCloud 25 Aug.

From my perspective, the options way is a hedge, but the best and a more effective and preferable is single pair hedging, because the risk threat is totally halted, and it come with the benefit of less cost, compared to using options which incur an immediate cost (premium).

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ritesh 26 Aug.

Very true, Options have 3 times the risk (correct timing, option price, strike price) all needs to be correct. So they are more risky, and to be truthful, I've no idea how to succeed at Options.

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ritesh 26 Aug.

*option expiry (not option price)

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ritesh 28 Aug.

check out my articles too at

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LinnuxFX 28 Aug.

Nice article, but one image is more than a 1000 words, see my Strategy here :

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