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Hello everyone, i have been trading from past 8 years. I have come across so many indicators, strategies and analysis. But what ever i tried with those indicators and strategies ended up with huge losses after some period or interval of time. Because each strategy work in a specific market conditions only. And when market condition changes that strategy fails. You have to be flexible to survive in any market condition. But its never "The end" until u "Give up". So finally, i have the system or the strategy that work in any situation, But it has its own rules, If you follow the complete set of rules, you ll never end up in loss on weekly basis. This is a kind of Hedge technique and things we need are.
1.) Vision: You should be able to predict which side market may move ahead.
2.) Money Management
3.) Patience
If you are able to look at a chart and identify when the market is "Trending", Then you can enter in the direction you like.
Example: I bought 0.10 volume of GBPUSD at 1.4150 and my TP for GBPUSD will be 1.4200 and SL 1.4047. Here i am taking TP as 50 Pips and SL as 100 Pips, i added 3 pips extra into SL because i counted the spread as well (SL= 100 + spread of the pair). …
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good work

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good luck

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Good article!

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Best Choices to Handle with Loser Forex Positions
After minutes of opening position in Forex, the position will either be profitable or loser, you will see your equity increase or decrease according to position. opening a trade in the market of Forex is very easy and simple but sometimes the pair move against your trade or Simply your position make looses instead of profits and this is great test for your profession and strategy.

From profitable to loser trade:

Generally, any one open a trade it may go against his/her favor and then it would decrease the equity of account. Losses may deepen if your stop loss is set far from entry or according to your exit strategy. Sometimes, the trade may convert from profitable to loser or the opposite in minutes or seconds especially at the time of strong data.
Loser positions adverse effects :
When a trade begin to make losses our adrenaline work and adversely affects our physiological and emotional behavior and this an enemy for any trade, but all of this depends on trading profession and experience, below the common adverse effect of a loser trade position:
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Very Insightful - I will use your suggestions.

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JuliaBF 14 Sep.

Well done!

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thanks for sharing

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Stix 25 Sep.

Every trader should read that ! Thank you so much ! Excellent. :) :)

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A brilliant article. Inspiring and nicely written, really good examples!

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Successful traders of philosophy As a successful trader, we must first consider the safety of the funds, and can bear how much loss. 1. Placing stop loss is to guarantee the safety of the funds is the most effective and direct way. 2. The light warehouse trade is the biggest can ensure traders head effectively keep trading system operation. If you order the loss, begin to affect your trading psychological mood, it will affect your judgement. The largest is probably illegal trading system operation. 3. The dealer is the profit and loss of trade for a long time by the dealer to win the number of times plus the number of profit points less loss and loss of points to calculate and measure. 4, effective capital management and the risk of loss control but also the biggest guarantee successful traders. 5, to analysis the market in a consolidation phase, rising trend, still drop trend. To do more, do empty strategy, 6, to check the order is correct, including the order number, stop position, direction of order. 7, to understand different currency fluctuation properties of size, suitable for take trend band operation or to take consolidation operation strategy. 8, must b…
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ZHOU 8 Jan.

My English is not good, please carefully read the article hope to be able to read my article. Thank you for the support and love

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captain 17 Jan.

Agreed. If the market takes your funds, you cannot continue trading. We have to protect our capital.

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ante777 21 Jan.

Good article.

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SpecialFX 24 Jan.

Zhou, one suggestion I'd give would be to divide big blocks of text into smaller paragraphs, so that it makes it easier to read and you also get more "Quality" points from Dukascopy :)

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ZHOU 25 Jan.

Thank you, your advice. I really like your advice :)

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1. Some thought about probability and the impact of free informationThe exact time of an extreme event, like e.g. a market crash or the apocalypse, cannot be foreseen. This is due to the fact that such events occur randomly. Statistical inference allows testing some hypothesis about data with random properties – like e.g. the apocalypse will be on the 21th December 2012 (null hypothesis). But even when the data fulfills all criteria for doing inference, it never tells us if it is a valid sample of the object of interest or not.If we use for example a 95% confidence interval, we always face the risk of getting inaccurate results on 5% of all samples. And inaccurate simply means that the confidence interval does not cover the true parameter. Hence, even when the searched value is in between the calculated level C confidence interval, we do not know the exact value of the searched parameter. This is, using random data, impossible. In a nutshell, there might be an apocalypse one day. But the due date will not be the 21th December 2012. There is a higher probability that you win millions with gambling in the casino – and you may be one of the lucky guys who know that the probability of …
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Nicco 17 Dec.

Very interesting...but, one may suppose that professional traders are persons with an IQ higher than a mean citizen, I know someone with phD in mathematics who is broker in Chicago, and many smart mathematicians are involved in many financial activities. Of course, these smart mathematiciens (and economists) are responsables with the beginning of actual crisis. I don't believe that a professional trader can consider this foullish thinking about December 21. But, you're right, the smart traders are speculators, not angels, and can initiate something like panics to scalp the nonsmart ones...

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Deta 18 Dec.

Richard Olsen, beautiful person. I didn't know about the book, thank you for sharing.

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Deta 18 Dec.

about the booklet sorry...

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SpecialFX 18 Dec.

I would just like to add one thing regarding this end of the world madness, the Mayans never predicted anything regarding the end of the world, that is just the absurd interpretation that some people have made. Imagine you have a car that has reached 999.999km, if you drive one more km, it will show 000.000, simply because it only has 6 digits, so in order to continue adding kms it goes back to zero. Same thing with the Mayan calendar. Everything else is just insanity :) Wasnt the world supposed to have ended in the year 2000 anyway? ;) I predict that there will be another prediction soon

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Nicco 19 Dec.

Man kind have many obsessions and one of them is the obsession of round numbers. And everytime man prove a great stupidity: one who can split the atom or a nuclear particle may believe he can forecast the apocalipse, or a lot of strange paranormal things. But he can't forecast the next EUR/USD price...

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You will find a possible UGLY TRUTH of how with some
craftiness one can make practically any trading robot perform with such trading
results to make the best professional traders in the world green with envy.  You will understand why selling trading
robots is a potentially very profitable business. Consequently, you will be able to see
marketing campaigns for trading robots in a new light.
What proof
do we get for trading results of trading robots?
Have you ever seen a marketing promotion for a trading
robot? The promise of trading results (fantastic profits in the shortest period
of time) is head spinning.
Have you ever gone to check the web site in the
promotion? If you have you saw many charts as proof of successful trades. All
those charts could be bogus. This is why buyers of trading robots demand to see
trading results.
So trading robots promoters show trading results from
their DEMO accounts. But those could also be forged. This is why buyers of
trading robots demand to see trading results by logging into the trading
So some trading robot promoters allow you to log into
their account. And some (very few but nevertheless!) allow you to check their
LIVE trading accoun…
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@LinnuxFX. Very often a channel forms overnight, called the Tokyo channel. It is defined by the resistance and support when the Asian market was active. At London open you have many false breakthroughs of those levels. So you need to fade the move. Backtesting and optimization will show you the best times, SL, TP and other parameters.

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@LinnuxFX. There is a known tendency for the price to oscillate around a round number (00 or 000 and sometimes even at 50) before breaking through of reversing. Find out a statistical distribution of one or the other, optimise with backtesting and go for it. Scalping, of course. Contest rules probably will not let you do this one, I guess.

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kkforex 23 May

very well researched article 1+

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belman 24 May

Nice article +1

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Furian 26 May

man I should read You regulary. exelent job! +1

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Most traders who try to succeed in trading Forex face a question – „is it possible to be profitable in Forex at all?“. This is common because many beginners make similar mistakes – look for „Holy Grail“, use too many fancy indicators or think that complex systems are better than simple ones, etc. In Forex experience is the most important thing. So it is normal that after a strike of failures such questions arise. Some beginners lose faith and quit Forex. In this article I will try to give information about funds that trade Forex, how they perform and what methodologies they use. I hope that this will give faith at least to some. Some may dissapoint too. Most of the information I‘ve gathered from „BarclayHedge“ databases. How did they perform In a table below is a list of top 30 performers in Forex during 1 year (2011).This table might give some wrong understanding, as we should also look at total return, drawdown and how much time it is „on market“. But as we can see such funds are profitable and some generate really solid returns. Keep in mind that most of these funds use good money management and they never use full leverage like 1:100. There are much more fu…
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jurga1s 18 Feb.

Thank you for your work. Very interesting!

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aurelijus 18 Feb.

Really interesting. +1

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good article

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Thank you everyone for a kind comments. Today is the last day and new month starts.

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