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The Head and Shoulders pattern is reversal pattern that used to enter a bearish position after a bullish trend, a bullish position after a bearish trend. It consists of 3 types of tops with highest in the middle is called head, left side is called left shoulder and right side is called right shoulder. If the candle breaks the neckline and closes below candle, then pattern has completed.

Head and Shoulders (Bullish and Bearish) rules. When we must open position
1. The left shoulder is set at the end of a precious advance. This movement usually occurs in a high-volume period. After Move up, the price drops to some extent to create a side.
2. After the maturity of the left shoulder, the price reaches a higher level than the left shoulder peak. Then, like the left shoulder, the price move again and falls less. The side should be at the same level as the previous side at the end of the left shoulder formation.
3. In general, the right shoulder is created in the left shoulder and lower volume. The main purpose of the right shoulder is lower the main head.
4. Now the Head and Shoulders model has been created.
5. When we finish all off this rules, we are waiting t…
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ok, very interesting

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good article!

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As I have announced in my previous article, I’m still expecting very interesting and surprising developments in the coming months and actually it has been happening in May, but certainly this is not the end of excitement in the forex. In the series of articles titled “Forex Weekly Outlook” will continue to provide my opinion to readers together with detailed information analyzes and forecasts for the currency pairs that they are asking for. Of course, I want to encourage readers to any suggestions, questions or requests to write in the commentary box. Based on the suggestions from Dukascopy community members, this week I will analyze the USDJPY and I expect the biggest volatility in this pair. I want to introduce a novelty – a new subtitle, which will go from now on every week and will represent a review of the last week in which I will try to remind you about the most important events of the last week.
Review of the last week
After several days of weakening dollar, Tuesday was a U-turn day. In almost all USD currency pairs daily candle was inverse hammer or a hammer. Investor’s concerns are that the currency with negative interest rates strengthened against the dollar so that is…
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bokafx 29 May

Good technical analysis for USD/JPY, useful article.

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I like your idea for writing several articles!

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Yup, I'm waiting for the bounce all right ^_^

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Thanks all  for support!!!!!

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As we seen in friday and yesterday 106.50 support is in play again and as i mentioned in the article buyers are ready to put the trade on the price range from previous low of 105.4-106.50. Every move in this range we seen after strong bounce.

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