The time for traditional investment methods has passed and now financial engineering has taken over and the emergence of complex financial instruments such as digital currency is testament to this fact. By far Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency, but the volatility is in the digital currency market as well as the acceptability of it as a medium of exchange has hampered its attractiveness as a safe and secure alternative investment. As the famous saying goes “All that glitters is not gold.”
It is on this background that this article retraces the footsteps and looks at Gold as an investment that has stood the test of time. We also explore how Dukascopy can be your trusted friend in investing in Gold.
Gold Price
Gold like any other commodity is affected by market supply and demand dynamics. The global economics play a huge role in the determination of the price, and without dwelling much on the fundamental and technical aspects on pricing the chart of daily prices is shown below.
Fig 1: Monthly gold prices
Advantages of investing in Gold

Hedge against inflation
Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation. It has shown positive results even du…
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Interesting article

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Yes it's very important to talk and write about GOLD and USD. Because there is a perfect correlation between these things on the global economy. Congratulations! It's a nice article!

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This week is slated to be a down week for Gold and the Euro, according to the sentiment discounting indicator. Both $FXE and $GLD are trading at a premium, and there's enough reason to believe that these two financial instruments have had enough of a rallying cry for the past couple weeks. Expect some steam to come off both for the week ending January 19.
In one of the previous articles, there was a correlation matrix showing how much of a correlation Gold has with the Japanese Yen, soon after the posting, there was a big move for the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar. There's two thing that are remarkable about this correlation. First, the U.S. Dollar has seen a surprising amount of weakness, due in large part to the QE in reverse. This rollback in quantitative easing effectively makes the U.S. Dollar weak by increasing the reserves, inching up interest rates, while lowering the quantity supplied of currency. I suppose this trickling down in the value of the USD will continue until interest rates are raised.
Secondly, with regard to the relationships of the Japanese Yen, the U.S. Dollar, and gold, there's a great amount of interest for the Pacific Rim in general to acquire gold, …
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This article is well inspired ! And well done!!! Congratulations! May Jesus Christ blessed you!

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Hi my dear Dukascopy traders. Some of my forex trader friends in Azerbaijan say that gold is the one of the most difficult commodity to trade. Over my 4 years of monitoring the gold market noticed me many profitable strategy. Today I will show you my gold strategy. I have tested this several times and gain many pips from the trading and I am sure that this strategy will useful for you.
WARNING: Please read this article carefully and test it in you demo account 5 or 6 month.
In this strategy we will use 3 indacator (Moving average, MACD and RSI)
1. Add 4 Exponential Moving Averages
  • 25 days Exponential Moving Averages (color blue)
  • 50 days Exponential Moving Averages (color yellow)
  • 100 days Exponential Moving Averages (color green)
  • 200 days Exponential Moving Averages (color red)

Exponential moving average show us support and resistance, indicate take profit and stop loss. I use moving averages to track the candle and put take profit and stop lose.
2. Add MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator)
  • Fast EMA - 12
  • Slow EMA - 26
  • MACD SMA - 9
  • Apply to - close
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Sentiment Indicators have signaled a down week for FXE and GLD shares, which represent the ETFs for the Euro and Gold, respectively.
What's more, in the US the big talk is about passing the final details for tax reform amidst what is a huge debt crisis. The argument with this debt basis, coming off the heels of a slackening net exports figure, is can the US economy justify a substantial enough growth rate to sustain what is an alarmingly large debt balloon.
The silver lining for the time being is a floating bellwether for quality, a strengthening US dollar. It's uncertain if this will become a trend, however, it's a solid signal that the flight-to-quality trade will eventually overtake global markets. This is yet another reason why holding off investing in FXY is still a good idea. See the article titled "Holding Off Investing In FXY"
In the meantime, there's still enough road left to wager markets based on a sentiment paradigm, and that means, all else remaining equal, the Euro has a chance to rally some more until the end of the year. However, many of the factors for the Euro are in fact bleak, given a relatively less strong economy than the US, and the contingencies upon Great B…
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Now in the stages of correction to complete the climb, note that the 78.6, which rebounds from them strongly and is continuing to rise in order to complete the journey to rise to face strong resistance as shown to you in green color where we note that the rising trend over more than 10 days you break
So that has proven the strength of the direction in which you are showing the Barbolic delight and explains the continuation of the Ascending as well as shows that gold is in positive areass
As for the Polynecker Band, we have the average band that has been exceeded and has risen strongly above it in the light of that possibility. It is a continuation of its march to the top. If a drop occurs, this means a downside correction and we note that the support you have drawn is 50-61.8 Fibonacci
Point C is the strong starting point for the pair to form the second leg that came close to reaching point D of a pattern
Open the daily session and decide to enter more positions with 20-40 pips in anticipation of action or any sell saturation on a smaller scale
Basic Analysis
Gold rallied strongly against the dollar, a major rally that has led to a rise in gold after the politica…
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1280 -1300 Very strong level. A significant trigger is needed to implement the forecast .

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Like this article! Well done!

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Life can be difficult for a financial market trader, particularly in the current economic climate.
From Donald Trump's chaotic Presidency in the U.S. to the host of geopolitical conflicts unfolding across the globe, it is almost impossible for even the most deterministic of investors to remain focused on executing their strategies.
It is important to remember that the financial markets often gauge the pulse of the economy as a whole, however, meaning that investors who remain focused on the performance of their assets ultimately have the best of identifying long-term trends and making informed decisions.
What Are the Markets Really Telling Us About the Economy?
With this in mind, let's look at the current market symbols and attempt to determine precisely what they are telling us about the marketplace:
The Emergence of the Weak Dollar Will Empower Currency Traders
Despite it being argued that the protectionist Trump favoured a weaker dollar and more competitive exports, the greenback was the single biggest beneficiary in the wake of the property mogul's election.
This trend has reversed in recent times, however, with the dollar having experience losses against all other…
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I think until the fall we are waiting for the weakening of the dollar

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Most export oriented countries prefer their money to be weak for export purposes....some government, notoriously China for instance, will intervene to keep their currency low to remain competitive in the world market for their goods.

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detailed info

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  • Торгуется вверх.
  • Уровень поддержки находится на отметке 1,0873 , а затем на отметке 1,0690 .
  • Более сильный уровень поддержки расположен на отметке 1,0500 .
  • Был пробит уровень сопротивления на отметке 1,0950 .
  • Я ожидаю рост к отметке 1,10000 , а за тем 1.1300.
  • Но весь технический анализ может быть сломан результатами второго тура выборов во Франции , который проходит сегодня.

  • Последние несколько дней торгуется в боковике.
  • Уровень сопротивления задан отметкой 1,2950
  • Уровень поддержки находится на отметке 1,2770.
  • Маловероятный пробой данного уровня поддержки подтвердил бы дальнейшее ослабление.
  • В пятницу было пробито сопротивление 1.2950 .
  • Пробой уровня 1.3000 , означает сигнал на открытие Long в длинной перспективе.

  • Золото всё ещё снижается после того, как металл ослаб вблизи уровня сопротивления на отметке 1295 .
  • Был пробит уровень поддержки на отметке 1262 .
  • Открыта дорога для дальнейшего снижения.

При пробое 1198-1200, вероятно движение вниз к уровню 1127
К техническому анализу добавляется тот факт , что сейчас весь сырьевой рынок под давлением медведей ., поэтому вероятность продолжения снижения оче…
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Nice article

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interesting article

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Хорошая статья. Но я для анализа лично использую VSA и опционный анализ.

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The price action in silver since the 17th of April 20117 has been downright ugly to say the very least. Having reached its 2017 high on that day after trading at $18.725 per ounce, silver has declined in twelve sessions of the last thirteen, reaching a low of 16.72 on May 2nd. Having lost about 10.7% of its value from the peak, there seems to be no end to the plunge in silver prices.
Fig 1: Daily charts of Silver and gold prices
Fig 1 shows the daily chart of silver and gold, and the recent plunge in silver prices is quite evident. What is also glaring from the chart is how silver has under-performed gold in the period. Gold reached its high for the year on the same day as silver and has dropped from $1297.50 to lows of $1252 on the second day of May, a decline of 3.5%, which is nothing compared to the losses suffered by silver.
Is there something fundamentally wrong with Silver? Has the market overreacted? Will the markets have the courage to catch the “falling knife”? This article seeks to analyse the short to medium term outlook for Silver and possibly answer some questions in traders’ minds.
The Silver to gold Ratio
As can be seen in Fig 1, there is a stro…
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Many of you perhaps vote for the survey of Dukascopy:
What asset class would you invest in for 1 year + term?

From curiosity I have looked at the result and I was a bit surprised, because nowadays a really bearish Gold was the leading class. This result showed me perfectly, that traders believe in Gold, better than anything else.
After this I had a deeper look at the current situation in Gold’s market and I would like to share my experiences with you.
Fundamental Analysis

Although many articles were written about both the Brexit-vote and the US-election, just a few could predict the final results, which fact confused the Forex-market and many instruments, for instance XAU/USD, showed strange behaviour.
In both cases the reaction was strong, but the latter one was a bear-sign, too. Since then the rate is descending (mainly because of the strong USD).
The following snapshot shows XAU/USD Daily Graph:
In the picture we can see the difference between the current and the Brexit-price, and – according to many forecasts – it is complacent optimism.
In December Janet Yellen and the Fed have increased the interest rate (as the forecasts said), and this move made the USD stronger, but t…
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Nice article!! Happy New Year

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Отличная статья!

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Gold seems to be up and will try to manage to achieve the 38% of Fibonacci level.
After that no very knows!!! That is my opinion.
I prefer do not get involved with this security, the spread is too high.

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nice article .very good

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INDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 50.298 - 52.913
Brent W1 chart have shown a bearish/trendless tendency as indicated in fig 1, the pair candle close around the middle Bollinger Band. In this TF the linear regression slope and the cycle seems to support with a greater probability of having a bullish retracement even if the market tendency should prefere the sellers.
This W1 analysis for that reasons suggest a bullish indication with W1 first objective around the 52.913 zone.The W1 objective could integrate the SMA_100. A bearish objective in a W1 scale could be considered at the 46.603 price zone.
On a D1 scale the candle close between the SMA_200 and the SMA_100. In this context the trend is considered with a bullish rally. The objective for this tf could be indicated at the SMA_100 objective zone. In this scale the Volume analysis shows a no positive derivative but in value still greater than the October 2016 (reference system for a trendless/indecision indication). So technically also the D1 scale suggest a bearish analysis with a possibility of a bullish retr…
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Since the brexit sparked another round of gold buying, I was prompted to read and analyze correlation between the gold, inflation and public debt. As from the 2000s, the Gold prices have participated in a bull run. As a key reason, the "easy money" policies of majority of key world's central banks are to blame. So, why is the gold traditional hedge against inflation ? I have been hearing this line on the CNBC and Bloomberg for years and years, especially since we are currently in the phase of deflation.
So what are the conditions that represent inflation? That list include rising property prices, a rising stock market, and increasing asset values. But also the debt burden, representing debt with relation to income, is increasing.
Inflation v Debt
High inflation usually travels hand in hand with higher debt burdens. What does this mean ? Let me try to explain this. Imagine a situation where the government borrows $10 billion today from the market and that inflation is 5%, and the government bonds yields 10%. After a year, the government owes the same $10 bn that they borrowed. Add to that 10% interest and a total is $11 bn. Since the bond yield (10%) is above the inflation rate, th…
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1. Introduction.
Depuis mardi 19 avril 2016, l'opérateur des métaux précieux, le Shanghai Gold exchange dispose de son propre système de cotation de l'or libellé en yuan.Tout comme à Londres, le cours de l'or sera actualisé deux fois par jour. Participent au fixing; des banques d’État, des banques étrangères dont ANZ Bank, des compagnies minières chinoises, au total une petite vingtaine d'acteurs du marché fixeront le prix de l'or par le jeu de l'offre et de la demande. Le premier fixing affichait le gramme d'or à 256,92 yuans, soit 1.233,85 dollar l'once, au même moment il cotait 1.232,25 dollar à Londres.

2. Objectifs.

La Banque centrale chinoise a annoncé, en juin 2015, que ses réserves d'or étaient de 1.658 tonnes, soit une augmentation de 60 % depuis la dernière évaluation en 2009. La Chine détient ainsi la cinquième plus grande réserve d'or au monde avec en tête les États-Unis et ses 8.100 tonnes de métal jaune. Rappelons toutefois que la Réserve fédérale des États-Unis refuse un audit indépendant de ses stocks, que même les propriétaires d'or n'ont pas ce droit.
Faisant suite au lancement de l'or coté en Yuan, la Chine s'est engagé à publier chaque année le v…
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very good

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In this article AUDUSD will be analyzed both fundamentally and technically and as known nothing is impossible in Forex so different scenarios will be drawn to express about the most probable scenarios with the AUDUSD.
What is affected the move of AUDUSD nowadays:
Fundamental analysis:
AUDUSD is affected now by two different policies by both Reserve bank of Australia (RBA) and United States Federal Reserve (FED) and also affected strongly by commodity prices which strongly hit Aussie in the last year, finally Aussie and other currencies is affected due to strong growth in US in the last months which make US$ to be favored.
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Первый сценарий тоже считаю наиболее вероятным.

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Thanks everyone for support

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Scenario 1 still preferred for me as 0.7400 holds.

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1.0 "Paradoxical" trends
The string of bad data from China and a drop in oil prices returned gold from safe investment harbor in uncertain times.
After three years of losses, gold has strengthened since the beginning of the year more than eight percent, becoming the best the investment in this year globally. An ounce of gold last week reached a price of 1,155.30 US dollars, the highest level since 29 October, and analysts believe that the best is yet to come.
Since the developments on the financial markets by buying and selling their causes people who are by nature emotional and often irrational, the value of all financial instruments has always exaggerated rise or fall.
With the advent of the financial crisis and much greater interference of states and central banks in the developments in the stock markets, there was a new phase of the irrationality of financial markets and the seemingly paradoxical situation. Suddenly, the good news construed as bad, and bad news as good. At any news about the correction of the economic situation in the US, stocks around the world began to fall sharply as investors felt that the growing likelihood of termination massive injection of money into th…
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what will be in next week with GBP ? Any ideas?

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While the US Federal Reserve (Fed) has given up on printing money, the other major central banks continue to print. While sovereign debt around Vold continues to explode, most countries still have stagnant growth. The quantitative easing experiment failed to stimulate any economy, but he pushed the prices of stocks, bonds and property artificially high, as Bernanke said that, as many individuals an illusion of greater wealth. But this is only used a small number of people on this planet, and most suffer from a huge transfer of wealth.
While investors around the world use gold as a store of wealth, and many believe that is superior to any and all paper currency, gold price is currently stagnating well below its peak of nearly 2011 $ 1900 per ounce. This is a sharp dive halfway to 2013, reaching around $ 1.250 mark, and then fell below $ 1,200 at the beginning of 2014. Since then, it has continued to fall, and in November 2015 was trading below $ 1.100.Investor sentiment in terms of gold was very low at the moment and traders remain fixated on a possible interest rate hike from the Fed. However, the demand for physical gold is still very strong from Asian countries in particular Chi…
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I agree with you that its about time that investors start to accumulate gold, when the price is still low. Thanks for the insight.

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Hey, very interesting insight into gold commodity. Appreciate your effort.

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