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Making money from the Forex market is easy for some people, but it can turn into a dream for others. The losers either blame Forex companies for their lack of money or their luck. If we do not make any money from this market, we will almost believe in those who do not win ... But the only answer to the question "Why do I lose in Forex?"
What am I missing ?
Forex attracts the attention of every individual who has some capital and internet. However, these qualifications do not mean that you will get rich if you enter Forex. Never comes across this market without investing in training, without researching methods of earning money in Forex.At this point, the only way to get into the Forex market is to be impatient and impatient. Before trading on Forex, have you done enough to learn the market with virtual money in a demo account? Or are you trained at a brokerage house? Do you plan to use your capital to make transactions? If you did not do any of these, you are inevitable to lose. First you must apply these steps and then invest in the markets.
I tried all but I still can not win
You participated in the training's, you read dozens of books and articles about Forex, you even start…
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This is very important part of trading strategy, how to set up your Money Management to achive your goal. Once i started with trading, my goal was simple, i wanted just more, more and more, to be rich as soon as possible, but i found that this way is very often very short. Of course, i was at the top, i made from very small amount big one, but fall faster than i flew up. After this experience i found that it take some time to be rich, thanks to Forex, so i started think about my goal, what i really want and i found, that you can be rich with only 10% monthly, for somebody seems to be very small number, for another big, it depends on your deposit. Once you are money manager and you have under management 100 accounts with 10 000 USD, you can make 5% monthly to be happy, to get good income. When i started with calculation, i found that if i will be able to make 10% monthly, i will make 30 times of my deposit in 3 years, which is wonderfull and its real! So once i will be able to make 10% monthly with my initial deposit 30 000 USD, i will make 1 000 000 USD in 3 years and 2 months term.  Graph 1. - At X-axis are months and at Y-axis is deposit in thousand dollarsIs that possible? I pe…
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