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Will the country turned into the world market, then everyone will feel happy? Commented one of the main supporters of the American economist Milton Friedman's major markets. But the last few years, reality shows us quite the opposite. The market makes a lot of miserable people in the world. At the same time, precisely the state that became a helper when the market was unable to help themselves. So what happened in the U.S. and some European countries have recently become a real example. When the financial crisis, government is helping the company out of crisis. Markets that have glorified it actually makes a lot of people are harmed.Anti-Capitalism
- twps2 - pendulangforex sSebagian majority of Americans were
expressing their disappointment with the conduct rallies Occupying an
extremely provocative to occupy Wall Street or Wall Street (OWS). Wall
Street financial district is located in New York, where the world's
largest stock exchanges of New York Stock Exchange and a number of giant
financial institutions like Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley
office. A
few giant financial companies such as JP Morgan and Citigroup even
though it is no longer based in the region but are …
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hakala avatar
hakala 8 Dec.

:) That is one way. But what happens after???

ritesh avatar
ritesh 10 Dec.

Nice article. keep more coming +1

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radjaforex 14 Dec.

thanks all

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 18 Dec.

I believe you may be right. We will see another kind of social, economical,political and financial system very soon +!

mielec avatar
mielec 19 Dec.

Agree...Every social thing and system fall after some time. people live so short that they must satisfy a manny
number of ideas

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Trading GOLD on FX-trading platform or market, is NOT SAME as trading one currency (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY).
It's a little bit more SIMPLE.
That is good for you!
Because, we can make some comparison with free market of gold. Gold is a metal, people like it, industry like it, investors like it. At this moment, we have GLOBAL financial crisis, or at least in Europe we have it! There is practically no one investing in real estate, stocks are falling from the sky, deposits in banks are LOW.
Where should we invest our money? Where should or could invest money Asia, South America, India?
There are two or three currencies to invest to, but CHF for example was so getting so strong, that the Swiss National Bank lift the price of EUR/CHF to 1.2. Now it is not so effecitve to invest in this currency.
OK, here we have GOLD. We know, that this is a great way to invest. So we buy gold. The price is going to the sky. For the last 3 years, the price was going up in a nice manner. On the magical value of 1.900 $ for one ounce, the price made a correction. 21 % if we are counting!?
If you would check on the internet for articles about production cost for 1 ounce of gold, you …
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lolka1 avatar
lolka1 29 Dec.

Nice hammer on daily today forming.

Boris avatar
Boris 30 Dec.


hakala avatar
hakala 30 Dec.

@ Boris: How far down you think it will go? If you add 20 % to your assumption, you have the perfect reason to buy and to put SL under your assumption. But you never know how far down will it go, therefore, you can not do long SELL.

musmus avatar
musmus 30 Dec.

It is not good to buy gold now.

musmus avatar
musmus 30 Dec.

Gold is great opportunity to earn a lot of money.Some are seling gold to other and live on commissions.Smal money.Others trade gold and earn big bucks.Live long and prosper to trade like big boy do.

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Before explode of financial crisis in 2008 Swiss franc gained compared to US dollar almost 20% in six months. Now his quotation rise even faster. Only from beginning of spring Swiss franc gained more than 20% compared to euro and US dollar and most of this move from beginning of the July. This situation forced Central Bank of Switzerland to intervene by throwing 50 billions francs on market and decreasing bank rates. This brought temporary abreact on markets. But why investors buy francs and take him on all-time highs? This is all cause by losing fate in euro and US dollar. Considered as safest harbor for money in insure times, franc can indicate incoming financial storm. Rising public depts, low efficiency of saving programs and no solid plan from western governments to solve this problems this was real cause of investors exodus from stock markets in recent weeks bringing down world indexes. Recent decision of Standards & Poor about downgrading the nation credit rating of United States from AAA to AA+ has been surprise for some of us but macroeconomic data clearly shows that global economy is slowing on both sides of Atlantic. United Kingdom probably will enter in second p…
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Quant-Trader avatar

+1 :) Crazy times.. fatal reality :>

ritesh avatar
ritesh 25 Aug.

Nice and timely article. Yes, it's all can be called in two words: Financial Terrorism. +1 for ya buddy

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LinnuxFX 25 Aug.

Well done with this article, good luck for the contest ... vote for mine here :

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ritesh 28 Aug.

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