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In the year 70 AD the city of Jerusalem was Sieged by Roman legions commanded by Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus.
Jerusalem was guarded by three walls: on the 25th of May 70 AD the Roman legions breached the city’s third wall, Jerusalem’s external wall; and five days later they’ve breached successfully the city’s second wall.
Titus next move detached the legions. Half we’re committed with earthworks in order to attack the Temple and Antonia Fortress, while the other half was focused on assaulting the Upper City.
Titus knew that their enemies commanded by Simon bar Giora and John of Gischala would fight for every inch of their city and understood that the Siege of Jerusalem would take a long time.
The Jews under the leadership of John of Gischala endorsed a strategy to settle fire on Roman’s earthworks structures. In order to accomplish that task they’ve built an underground passage to reach the Roman’s occupied territory.
However, building windows at such a low level undermines the ground’s load capacity. And one night, the wall of Antonia Fortress collapsed and opened the way for the conquest of Jerusalem by the Romans.
As Jerusalem’s Siege, the European Union is no…
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fx_lmcap 25 Sep.

“The euro is far stronger than they want, and stronger than the economy deserves, but they don’t know how to weaken it,” Hans Redeker, head of currency at Morgan Stanley, told The Telegraph recently. “This is exactly what happened to the Japanese.”

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fx_lmcap 26 Sep.

On the 25th of September 70 AD the Romans took the Upper City and on the 24th/25th of September 2016 the German leader ruled out to step into Deutsche’s legal imbroglio with the U.S. Justice Department!

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A day after, on the 26th of September 70 AD the Romans were in control over the whole city and settled fire in Jerusalem.
On the 26th of September 2016 Deutsche Bank shares dropped to a record low. The shares dropped 6% to nearly 10,7 EUR.

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US retail sales climbed 0.5% in May surpassing 0.3% forecasted by analysts. The Commerce Department said that retail sales gauged 2.5% compared with the same period a year ago.
Dukascopy Research Products [1] revived that:
US Federal Reserve was forced to keep the target range for the Federal Funds rate flat at 0.25-0.50% after its June
14-15 meeting (...) Domestic data has been uneven recently, with mild payrolls report considered to be the key
trigger for accepting the status-quo.

On the short-term basis, several overseas risks are still weighing on Fed’s decision to hold rates steady. Britain's vote to leave the EU, China’s lack of demand and miscalculated debt levels, Brazil’s political crisis and Japanese bond yields deepening further into negative territory.
The effect of a Fed interest rate hike could dampen the economic outlook, posing serious risks for equity markets.
Ray Dalio interviewed by Bloomberg Reporter Erik Schatzker [2] earlier this year said that the Fed’s next big move:
This point of view seemed me unappropriated at the time, however at the current standings, I give up my own bets on Fed’s rate hikes and curb myself to Mr. Dalio’s point [/2][/1]…
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With the EU referendum on June 23 for Great Britain to exit from the EU currency bloc, we should expect to see greater volatility from currencies. So far, the consensus going towards an exit has been unfavorable, as trading has been negative with any hint of them leaving. Yet the financial polls show strengthening support to the contrary; people think that, essentially, Great Britain will stay. There is also rumor that investors believe this should be good for the Euro, based on consensus.
Systemically, there are plenty of indications that currency volatility should go up with Poland, Greece, Sweden and France expressing a loss of confidence in the EU, in addition to Britain. This run-on effect points to greater volatility in the FX markets.
Also noteworthy are comments from former prime minister, John Major, who had been in favor of a free-floating currency during his tenure, is reported saying that Britain’s intention to leave the EU is ‘a campaign verging on the squalid’. Here’s a link to the report at MarketPulse.
I’m keeping an overall negative bias on the Euro, despite there being volatile upside potential, I would look for overbought le…
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I’ve heard a lot and have been discussed a lot about Futures contract and
Spot Forex. A lot of people try to argue that futures contracts are much “better”
than Spot Forex. The term “better” here could be interpreted in a way that it’s
easier and more transparent to trade with. In this article, I’ll try to break
through the argument.
People said that futures contracts are traded on a centralized exchange but
likewise spot forex is not being traded on a centralized exchange.  People
talk about the “shaving” and “shady” activities made by brokers since there is no
centralized exchange and also regulated exchange. People talk about how broker
profit from event such as news to widen spread or even to catch stoploss. Those
who talk to me use such argument to talk down spot forex not to be traded with
and there’re little way to profit unless you are a broker. 
It’s correct that spot forex is decentralized market. From what I’ve seen,
pricing is also a little bit different from broker to broker; and out there,
there’re a lot of shady brokers with no real information who take advantage of
trader to benefit themselves when they shading price and widen spreads or even
take out stoploss when…
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@foreverloser, I already told you, it would take time in this business. You must take it seriously, handling your loss, control your risk, and go with a set-up which has high percent of winning. Take a break, reflect yourself, what did you do wrong and then PM me, I'll give you more info.

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@Rambo: I believe that scalper is quite difficult for us but for those arbitrageurs and quant funds, all they do is to catch 1/10 of a pip.

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