Introduction :

Understanding the market we trade is vital.
In this Article, I would like to take a brief overview of the current World Economic Climate, together with factors that influence. Should it be enjoyed, I will continue to delve into the statistics, to offer a complete understanding, at the end.
Key To Charts :
These charts are prepared for ease of reference. In all cases, I have calculated the World average (from the data available). White is favourable. Colour is above the average to a maximum of double. Grey proceeds thereafter and black indicates that data was not available from my reliable sources.
In the case of Food Inflation and DEBT/GDP, I have set the roof for colour at a maximum of an additional 50% of the World average.
The statistical data is included for ease of reference.
Overview :

At a glance, S & P Ratings offer a picturesque view of the current economic climate. It is, however, a stagnant picture.
Interest Rates are vital to analyzing the future potential of a country and its economy and currency. Higher Interest Rates attract investors, whilst lower Interest Rates do not. For traders, the difference between two Interest Rates offers a clue to th…
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