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В прошлой статье я приводил пример расчета статистики о закрываемости ГЭПов, из которой следует, что большинство ГЭПов закрываются в первые два дня. В данной статье рассмотрим стратегию торговли ГЭПов, на примере валютной пары GBP_USD. Перед открытием любой сделки необходимо определиться с такими параметрами, как точка входа, TP и SL. Если с двумя первыми параметрами, в случае торговли ГЭПов, все понятно, то с величиной SL могут возникнуть вопросы.
Выбор SL при торговле ГЭПов

При образовании ГЭПа цена далеко не всегда стремится сразу же его закрыть и некоторое время продолжает двигаться в направлении ГЭПа. Именно величина этого движения и поможет нам определить наиболее комфортный уровень SL. Ниже я приведу результаты анализа величины ГЭПа и пройденного ценой расстояния в его направлении в течении первых двух дней после возникновения ГЭПа.
Рис.1 Гистограмма величины ГЭПа (синие столбцы) и величины пройденного ценой расстояния в направлении ГЭПа (красные столбцы) в пунктах для закрытых в течении двух дней ГЭПов.

Рис.2 Гистограмма величины ГЭПа (синие столбцы) и величины пройденного ценой расстояния в направлении ГЭПа (красные столбцы) в пунктах для незакрытых в течении двух дней ГЭ
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отличная работа!!!

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As we already know the quotes represented by bar or candle charts provide a more detailed information than a continuous curve prices. A major advantage is the information given in relation to the position of the opening and closing rates of each session, and the scope checked in relation to previous days. Another great advantage is supplied to us by the analysis of the gaps formed in the bar charts. GAPS represent discontinuities in the prices on charts, constituting blanks, ie prices at which level there was no transactions. This discontinuity in prices is caused by the fact that the expectations of either supply or demand are equal. Suddenly, for certain reason, all investors realize that the particular asset price is too low or too high in relation to its real value. It follows that no transaction is made until the price has fallen or risen to more accurate values.
There are different ways to define GAPS, each giving rise to a different type of gap. Also the gaps have different names and meanings, depending on the location where they occur during the price movements. Usually they are divided into two types:
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excellent article!

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I often use gaps when trade stocks

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1.0 What is “Gap”?
A “gap” is a break that appears on chart between the prices that occurs when the price changes instantly towards up or down without having a trade between. Factors that can create gaps might be pressure on buying or selling, announcements about earning or a change in an outlook given by an analyst or other sorts of news.
The usual thought about the forex is that it is totally closed for the weekends, but that is only true to some extent. For the retails traders, it is closed, but for the central banks and organizations that are related to it, it is actually open 24/7. Transactions at the forex are always on, and they are being conducted electronically, so they can never be stopped. Since this kind of work is always going on, the prices are always changing – due to supply and demand, as somebody is always buying and somebody is always selling.
In article Trend Trading Strategy: Departure Trendline Setup we can see excellent chapter about gaps. There is table in this article where we can see 4 types of gaps. Runaway gap and Breakaway gap are gaps in strong market trend ( "no fill" gaps).
1.1 Runaway Gap
Figure 1: Continuation Gap or Measuring Gap or Runaw
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Likerty 30 Jan.

yes, bastards often use ower the weekend period to run away from sensitive areas of the range:)

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alfonsora 30 Jan.

Likerty is right.I hate open trades during weekend - never win.

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moyhedlow 31 Jan.

What do you think about this weekend gap for USDJPY forex pair? Good article.

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Does this we can apply for daily swings on daily basis or only weekly ?

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