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From time to time assets make big, unexpected movements which cause price jumps. Such jumps leave gaps in stock price charts. They usually take place after trading pauses, when trades are stopped for a night, weekend or holidays. Sometimes such gaps are the result of some breaking news also. So, when supply exceeds demand, the price will decrease and often it will drop to that closing price of the previous night, and the gap made by it will be closed.You may now utilize it for your successful trading. In this instance you should seek for overnight, weekend, holiday or news gaps in Forex. As soon as you find one, you are able to forecast the asset price movement direction and convert your knowledge into profit.
Gap trading can be used in binary options of several types, lets have 2 recent examples on EURUSD to analyze for a while:
1- first was in date Monday 30th January , at Market opening in 22:00pm(Sunday) .
Market recent close was ( 1.0696 )
Market opened on price (1.0722 )
so gap distance is (26 pips-up)
in 1st hour gap shorted to (22 pips-up).
Price went under the line of starting price at (7:00am)
then gap totally closed in (9:00am)
So time spent…
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Illya 31 Mar.


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Vlad73 31 Mar.


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FXRabbit 31 Mar.

Good article!

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Verona888 31 Mar.

Great job!)

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SikmaN 31 Mar.


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GBP Flash Crash

Threads for landing GBP indicate a lack of knowledge and Lack of understanding of the market
Sure, a lot of threads opened for falling pound but strangely looking for an explanation and interpretation is in front of him because the market is just supply and demand
One of these articles and with respect for the writer, who I will not mention his name, who arrived to accuse of stealing the market. In fact this shows a lack of knowledge !!!!
We often hear about Black Swan And how it was born of a black father and white mother and white brothers, Why it was born black, we have no explanation, That's what we saw after falling pound in one second More than 5.6% after touching almost 1,195 levels And corrected at least minutes by approximately 4.46%, Leaving a gap between the lowest price and the highest price after correction by approximately 1%.
Is there an explanation of what happened ?
Is this what we call the Computer Glitch (technical problem in the computer or program) The officer of the equations of trading?
There are some call Erroneous Trade (false trade literal translation) as stated by Bloomberg, It is known that type of error was due for correction within hal…
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al_dcdemo 21 Oct.

Excellent work!

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The BoE also want low rate of gbp

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FXNOAD 24 Oct.

Yes this is the next move after hard brexit @priceaction113

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FXNOAD 24 Oct.

Thank you @al_dcdemo

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SvetLena 25 Oct.

very good!) thanks

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1.0 What is “Gap”?
A “gap” is a break that appears on chart between the prices that occurs when the price changes instantly towards up or down without having a trade between. Factors that can create gaps might be pressure on buying or selling, announcements about earning or a change in an outlook given by an analyst or other sorts of news.
The usual thought about the forex is that it is totally closed for the weekends, but that is only true to some extent. For the retails traders, it is closed, but for the central banks and organizations that are related to it, it is actually open 24/7. Transactions at the forex are always on, and they are being conducted electronically, so they can never be stopped. Since this kind of work is always going on, the prices are always changing – due to supply and demand, as somebody is always buying and somebody is always selling.
In article Trend Trading Strategy: Departure Trendline Setup we can see excellent chapter about gaps. There is table in this article where we can see 4 types of gaps. Runaway gap and Breakaway gap are gaps in strong market trend ( "no fill" gaps).
1.1 Runaway Gap
Figure 1: Continuation Gap or Measuring Gap or Runaw
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Likerty 30 Jan.

yes, bastards often use ower the weekend period to run away from sensitive areas of the range:)

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alfonsora 30 Jan.

Likerty is right.I hate open trades during weekend - never win.

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moyhedlow 31 Jan.

What do you think about this weekend gap for USDJPY forex pair? Good article.

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SalviLeana 31 Jan.

Well done !!

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Does this we can apply for daily swings on daily basis or only weekly ?

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The instant of sign trade occurrence is a key factor in success, each major shift (posterior / anterior) between the sign and the price movement may be the major cause of loss , in these contexts we speak on leading indicators such as the RSI and stochastic, and lagging indicators such as MACD and MA.My articles (Prices, Material Point ... Laws in Common (part 1) and (Prices, Material Point ... Laws in Common (part 2) in which I presented my arguments about the possibility of 'mesuring' the price movement by the simulation of concepts and physical laws was implicitly an attempt to better predict the next destination ie avoid as much the (Wipsaws). The fruit of this work was an indicator of buyers relative strength and a sellers relative strength.Work is ongoing to better combine these two indicators and make other indicators derived to generate the most reliable signs and timely, to make I initially grouped the relative strengths indicators on the following way (indicator called NPINDEX).The blue histogram represents the buyers's relative strength (in relation to a given period). The pink line represents the sellers's relative strength (in relation to a given period)The next step i…
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Nacerdz 25 Apr.

thank you friends

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scramble 26 Apr.

don't worry, the article is readable. ok a better format would be better speaking about contest points.. anyway, will soon manage to build further steps in an "old" work. i beleive the concept you exposed will help me to make some good steps. good luck for the moment and will contact you with some data+results :)

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Nacerdz 27 Apr.

I'm much more interested in the content but I will take these remarks into consideration, no bp, happy to discuss this topic

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SpecialFX 30 Apr.

Nacerdz, for next articles use less "bold" text, you will get more "quality" points that way from Dukascopy :) Very interesting article, and hope to see more of it when you finally get to a final version of your indicator(s)

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Nacerdz 30 Apr.

Thank you for this remarks ,in these articles I present the idea much more in the next article I'll discuss The application of the presented version

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