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GBP Flash Crash

Threads for landing GBP indicate a lack of knowledge and Lack of understanding of the market
Sure, a lot of threads opened for falling pound but strangely looking for an explanation and interpretation is in front of him because the market is just supply and demand
One of these articles and with respect for the writer, who I will not mention his name, who arrived to accuse of stealing the market. In fact this shows a lack of knowledge !!!!
We often hear about Black Swan And how it was born of a black father and white mother and white brothers, Why it was born black, we have no explanation, That's what we saw after falling pound in one second More than 5.6% after touching almost 1,195 levels And corrected at least minutes by approximately 4.46%, Leaving a gap between the lowest price and the highest price after correction by approximately 1%.
Is there an explanation of what happened ?
Is this what we call the Computer Glitch (technical problem in the computer or program) The officer of the equations of trading?
There are some call Erroneous Trade (false trade literal translation) as stated by Bloomberg, It is known that type of error was due for correction within hal…
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al_dcdemo avatar
al_dcdemo 21 Oct.

Excellent work!

priceaction113 avatar

The BoE also want low rate of gbp

FXNOAD avatar
FXNOAD 24 Oct.

Yes this is the next move after hard brexit @priceaction113

FXNOAD avatar
FXNOAD 24 Oct.

Thank you @al_dcdemo

SvetLena avatar
SvetLena 25 Oct.

very good!) thanks

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Have you ever wondered if you can trade the same way as you can gamble in casino games? In theory, you can use gambling techniques in trading too, but with a few adjustments.
We can view trading as a simple up or down movement of the price, which can be compared to an occurrence of black and white in roulette. Imagine a standard casino roulette which has a 37 component wheel: 18 black, 18 red and 1 white. The white one has a 2.7% chance of happening which assures a loss the same way the trading costs are in trading. Statistically, if we bet continuously on only the black or red we will break even over a long horizon, less the 2.7% from the white slot. So the only way of changing the odds is by managing the money, meaning to vary the size of the bets. Some well known methods of gambling, like Martingales, are based on the probability of sequences occurring, the Theory of Runs. On each roulette spin, the likelihood of the same color reoccurring is 50%, ignoring the white slot. If we want to define a run of 3 reds, for example, we need to take a black on each side for a complete run, like this Black - Red - Red - Red - Black. Because we have a probability of 50% at each spin, the tot…
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rh6899 avatar
rh6899 20 July

in gambling there is a probability that we always get head and never see tails; for 600k ++ spins in slot i only meet once 5 wild in line(pay 1000x bet) and never meet 5 wild inline iside free spins (pay 3000x bet), and the nature in gambling is get worst is always breakout while we never meet simultaneously jackpot.

Ivory avatar
Ivory 23 July

Thanks for the feedback. The probability that you won't see one side in a coin toss on the long run is so small that won't happen. That is if we speak about a pure 50/50 chance of happening, you exemplify something else. With the slots the probabilities change.

WallStreet6 avatar

Very interesting approach! Have a question: Does the coin toss theory applied to FOREX means that if a currency pair appreciates then the probability of depreciation increases? This could lead to the impresion that it's better to trade against the trend- which usually is no good. Long term trends occur on the markets and they don't fit this thoery, I think.

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Poker v Currency Trading - for me, there's a very clear correlation.
How many people would regard poker as a financial investment ? . Is it simply gambling ? .So tell me then why forex broker websites are set up exactly the same way as poker sites .
On any poker site you have the poker school 'come my friend,we here at shyster poker will teach you how to play,free of charge, because we nice people'.
On any poker site you have the demo (play money ) .'Come my friend get a taste, win a little play money,No harm no foul ,The real money side is just a click away after all ' .
On any poker site you have the bonus offer ( * Turnover required) . So School ,Demo, Bonus ...Sound familiar !!.
Why do forex brokers spend a whole lot of money setting up demo software for you to practice on and why has every second broker now got several contests where you can win cash ( * turnover required ) . It's all candy for your predictable gullible human nature and your lust for easy money . A fool and his money are easily parted and in this day and age it's just a mouse click away for you to get your endogenous morphine hit that the risk of Poker or forex can bring .
A few years back when regulators …
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JockPippin avatar
JockPippin 14 Nov.

Why is it obvious though ?? . We must ask !! . I thought trading was finance an not gambling . So most people in retail forex are gambling and brokers know it and set up websites like poker sites to entice clients . Have you seen some of the elite trader sites ( no poker ,no trading contest,No Beauty pageant ) .No $50,000 .no entry lol . The high end of the market is aimed at  the Financial Sector . The rest is on the look out for "dumb money " .

MobNaga avatar
MobNaga 16 Nov.


VictoriaVika avatar

Why Poker and Trading is always go nearby? :)
Very interesting article, thank you for share!

Elani avatar
Elani 18 Nov.

you can read my blog about Forex Trading vs Gambling )))

Elani avatar
Elani 18 Nov.

Also I want to say that all those things you mentioned in the comment about contests are for marketing purposes that I would say work quite effectively ))))

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After I realized that my lack of success in trading was not down to bad luck or an inability to read charts nor even to faulty strategies but mainly due to psychological shortcomings, my next step was to take Eric Clapton's advice: “Before you accuse me (others), Take a look at yourself”. Having been forced to cast a closer look at myself I had to ask two questions: Do I want to continue trading? If yes, then how am I going to progress? To answer the first question I needed to come to terms with yet a more fundamental issue: was trading just another form of gambling or was there a skill involved? Was I entering a trade the way I would place a bet on a number in Roulette, or the Lottery? If not, then what was the difference? Because in the past it seemed to me that no matter how carefully I analysed the charts and fixed my entry point the market did just exactly the opposite of what I thought would happen. After suffering through a few of these experiences there is no way that you don't ask yourself whether it wouldn't be easier to decide on buying or selling by tossing a coin. Of course this would have taken the blame off me and I could have excused myself by saying that…
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Jester avatar
Jester 4 June

Nice article, but one remark. Not J.B. Nash but B.J. Nash ;) And don't forget about "Pain and Pleasure" concept ;) It will help to look inside ourselves.

geula4x avatar
geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: Nice read. Psychology is one of the most important aspects of trading!

nilsaedagar avatar

Well done)) Just carry on.

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