После того, как данные по розничным продажам в марте в Великобритании оказались хуже ожиданий, курс GBP/USD вновь под давлением.
  • Инвесторы ошиблись, обнаружив, что продажи сократились на -1,8% в месяц, что говорит о том, что потребители начали резко сокращать расходы.

  • Поскольку в ближайшие месяцы инфляционное давление будет расти, даже когда темпы роста заработной платы не будут достигнуты, продажи, скорее всего, еще долго будут испытывать слабость.
  • С политической неопределенностью, порожденной всеобщими выборами, которые также могут ограничить внутренний рост в ближайшей перспективе, прогноз курса GBP/USD кажется медвежьим.
  • Если Тереза ​​Мэй продолжит поддерживать жесткую Брексит во время агитации, это может привести к ухудшению настроения по отношению к Стерлингу, учитывая, что рынки держат пари, что большее Консервативное большинство увеличит шансы на более мягкий выход из ЕС.
  • Между тем доверие к доллару США упало, так как шансы повышения процентной ставки в июне от Федерального резерва снизились.

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What the market has priced in already...

As we see, we are around the level of post referendum, when Brexit, especially hard Brexit was not certain at all. This is quite an optimistic and strong reaction from the market. The market has priced in almost a reversal in British approach.
No hard Brexit is just a hope

What we have to remember as traders is that right now it is just hopes priced in, without generally any hard facts to support them yet.
As it is used to be said 'sell the gossip, buy the fact'. The facts are still to be seen and assesed while gossip sold pretty well, giving disconnected with reality 180 degree sentiment change in the market.
Why disconnected? Well, maybe polls are not trusted recently, but this time they show Conservative Party being 20% ahead. That is quite a decisive prediction. Lead by Theresa May and her party, British would have hard Brexit almost assured, that is unless the party itself had huge internal differences in Brexit approach.
It seems that market just might have gotten a bit too excited again, this time to the upside.
The most positive scenario
Even if hard Brexit was somehow forgotten by the government, there still would be Brexit on the…
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Dear Valuable Reader,
Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.
The Chinese Yuan is now the 8th most traded currency in the world, for a total share of 4.0%.
That means its share has doubled since the 2013 BIS report:
But what is bitcoin’s trading volume like, relative to other currencies?
Bitcoin: In the last 30 days, about $3 billion of bitcoin has been traded, which averages out to $100 million per day.

Other Currencies:
The total amount of forex transactions per day is $5.1 trillion. The estimated daily turnover of just the Chinese yuan is $202 billion per day.
That means that the yuan has approximately 2,000x the volume traded of bitcoin, while total forex is 51,000x the size. In other words, bitcoin has a way to go to become one of the world’s most traded currencies.
Almost the traders in the world are trading now EUR/USD , which came in the 1st rank in 2016 for the most traded pair, by which reflects that it is the most volume of money fl…
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How did I come to conclusion that avoiding pairs with USD might be a good idea for some time?

Although I agree that US election definitely was a great, tradeable opportunity (though not an easy one), right now I see no certain direction that FX majors will go this month. After the election things went out totally out of control. We had several situation when USD moved opaque to data reads due to new President's decisions causing major upset and mayhem across the markets. Probably some will say it is their kind of environment to trade on - volatile, sometimes rapid. Yet everyone has to agree that we have a high risk of unscheduled and unpredictable events moving USD now in a rather unknown direction.
Sometimes it is better to play safe instead of lose looking for enormous moves, in other words, better safe than sorry. The conclusion to avoid USD pairs for some time comes logical as we should base our trades on past, meaning technical analysis or on extrapolation of past data, meaning fundametal analysis and both do not work as it should now. It is also difficult to base trades on Mr Trump since he uses to tell contradictory things.

Is there anywhere to run?

Yes, the…
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GBP Flash Crash

Threads for landing GBP indicate a lack of knowledge and Lack of understanding of the market
Sure, a lot of threads opened for falling pound but strangely looking for an explanation and interpretation is in front of him because the market is just supply and demand
One of these articles and with respect for the writer, who I will not mention his name, who arrived to accuse of stealing the market. In fact this shows a lack of knowledge !!!!
We often hear about Black Swan And how it was born of a black father and white mother and white brothers, Why it was born black, we have no explanation, That's what we saw after falling pound in one second More than 5.6% after touching almost 1,195 levels And corrected at least minutes by approximately 4.46%, Leaving a gap between the lowest price and the highest price after correction by approximately 1%.
Is there an explanation of what happened ?
Is this what we call the Computer Glitch (technical problem in the computer or program) The officer of the equations of trading?
There are some call Erroneous Trade (false trade literal translation) as stated by Bloomberg, It is known that type of error was due for correction within hal…
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The bank of England, contrary to some expectations, left an interest rate without changes, having used meetings for "blamestorming session" to preparation of actions in August. Japan has confirmed an additional packet of stimulation. Representatives of FRS were active. RBNZ throws up suspicions. David Cameron has sung. The European Central Bank will hold a meeting on Thursday.
Abe gives a green light
On Monday, the Prime minister of Japan, Abe, has confirmed that he has given instructions to the government to prepare a new package of stimulation. USDJPY has reached new maxima having started on rumors.
All bargained to week on this information. To a package of stimulation to be, will be, the yen has left on this track.
The bank of England left a rate invariable and left probability of its decrease in August
The pound has shown activity since Monday, and political news became the first geyner of growth.
Speech of the alleged new Prime minister, Theresa May who on Wednesday became the new head of the country has been announced. Originally Cameron had to remain with a steering wheel till September, but processes have accelerated, and David Cameron has sung to us at parting on Tuesday
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Not sure that Bank of England will decrease the rate, I suspect that they could use it for pushing up the GBP - expectations to lower the rate, but keep it the same again.

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1. Introduction.

Les sujets de Sa Très Gracieuse Majesté devront se rendre aux urnes le 23 juin pour décider de quitter ou de rester dans l'union européenne. A défaut de pouvoir confronter les idées que le temps ne permet plus, les deux camps s'affrontent à coup d'arguments péremptoires. Tout le monde aura bien compris que l'enjeu de ce référendum va bien au-delà de l'avenir seul du Royaume-Uni dans l'union européenne.
Face aux déclarations des uns et des autres, les autorités européennes se veulent optimistes mais se gardent bien de tout commentaire qui pourrait retourner l'opinion publique. Les marchés, quant à eux, sont à la baisse face à des sondages indécis. Nous reviendrons plus en détail sur chacun de ces points.
2. Opinions

Les sorties du premier ministre britannique, David Cameron, ont été nombreuses ces derniers temps. Il a exhorté ses concitoyens à voter en faveur d'un maintien du Royaume-Uni dans l'union européenne en insistant sur les conséquences d'un Brexit.
Selon le premier ministre, une sortie de l'union aura l'effet "d'une bombe sur l'économie britannique"...."Nous aurons une décennie d'incertitude.... qui pompera l'énergie du gouvernement et du pays", en référe…
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Today’s session is expected to be uneventful with bank holidays in France, Germany and Switzerland and no significant economic data due until Empire State Manufacturing Index during the NY session. As always on Mondays I prepared the currency update so you can familiarize with the situation in the markets.
Currency Update
USD: NFP for April missed on the headline figure at 160k vs 202k expected. However, Average Hourly Earnings came in as expected at a solid 0.3% rise for the month, which bodes well for the inflation picture and prompted some upside in the USD post release. The Fed’s April 27 statement failed to provide any further clarity on when the Bank may raise rates. There was no indication in the statement that a rate hike is likely in June, with Fed fund futures pricing a less than 20% chance of a hike at that meeting. CPI for March slightly missed estimates with Core dropping to 2.2% y/y from a prior of 2.3% and for the month, missing estimates at 0.1% versus 0.2% expected.
EUR: Flash GDP for Q1 missed expectations at 0.5% q/q versus expectations of 0.6%, and at 1.5% y/y versus expectations of 1.6%. Inflation data for April has pushed the Eurozone back into deflation. CPI …
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1.0 Introduction

GBP has depreciated in the 7 months up to February substantially. This was most conspicuous on the GBP/JPY pair which
was down by over 20% and GBP/USD pair which has dropped by over 12% and reached a 7 year low at 1.3835. Afterwards
the GBP has bounced back up to around 161 and 1.44 and is currently trading at around 159 and 1.41 respectively.
The two main factors determining it’s further trend direction for the upcoming months will be the potential Bank of England’s interest rate decision as well as the referendum taking place on June 23rd and being decisive on whether United Kingdom will stay or leave the EU.
1.1 EU Referendum
The Fitch Ratings agency has issued a report stating that Brexit would “drive short-term disruption and long-term risks” and that the “precise impact would be highly uncertain”.The referendum factor is solely political and unpredictable, although BoE Governor Mark Carney has reassured that additional liquidity will be provided to the banking sector before and after the referendum in order to avoid any potential insolvency problems. However, as the campaign unveils we will probably see many turnarounds in polls and predictions and this wil…
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  • Introduction

Le Brexit, composé des termes Britain et exit, désigne l'éventualité d'un retrait du Royaume-Uni de l'Union Européenne. La question n'est pas nouvelle et a été maintes fois débattue au Royaume-Uni depuis son intégration au sein de la CEE en 1973. La ferveur des débats ne porte pas sur l'attachement culturelle de ce pays à l'Union Européenne mais tient seulement à l'intérêt économique des Britanniques à se maintenir dans l'Union Européenne, et ce, en dépit du régime dérogatoire dont il bénéficie depuis son intégration. Rappelons pour l'exemple que le Royaume-Uni n'est pas dans l'espace Schengen et a conservé sa monnaie.
Le premier Ministre, David Cameron a entamé depuis longtemps des négociations avec les autorités européennes portant sur un ensemble de concessions en échange d'un maintien dans l'Union Européenne. En date du 19 février 2016, un compromis qui accorde un statut spécial au Royaume-Uni a été trouvé. Cet accord sera soumis à référendum le 23 juin 2016.
Les débats s'annoncent d’ores et déjà houleux avec en tête de file le Parti pour l'indépendance du Royaume-Uni et son représentant emblématique, Nigel Farage. De même, le maire de Londres, Boris Johnson, se po…
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С периодом в один месяц по британской экономике выходит определенный список экономических данных, которые обращают на себя внимание со стороны форекс-игроков и заполняют любой форекс-календарь, в выходе этих новостей есть свои закономерности и последовательности, которые соблюдаются на протяжении немалого времени.
Почти вся масса макроэкономических данных публикуется в 9-30 по лондонскому времени, небольшую часть этих данных предоставляет частная организация MARKIT, которая также публикует данные по экономикам европы. Другую часть экономических данных и более весомую, предоставляет государство в лице Office for National Statistic (ONS). На их сайте http://www.ons.gov.uk/ есть самая актуальная статистика по Великобритании, взятая из разных сфер жизни страны.
Экономический календарь от ONS
ONS начинает публикации с 4-5 рабочего дня, избегает понедельника и изредка может выпустить по 2 различной новости в одно время, первые данные выходят всегда по Industrial Production, также в начале месяца есть Trade Balance и Construction Output, в середине месяца в среду выходит Claimant Count Change - данные по безработице, во второй половине месяца Retail Sales, Consumer Price index, Public …
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Hello all,
This is my first post and I hope it finds you good.
I am following the UK economy news for sometime and I found that the news and information are not good with respect to their economy. Please follow some of my views. The reason I have mentioned that the economic outlook of GBP looks little worrying because of the following fact,
Manufacturing and Production sectors are struggling. Factories and Outlets are reducing the workers since September which means the unemployment rate is growing. On the other side, UK has increased the biggest pay hike last month whereas the unemployment continue to rise because of the manufacturing sector dullness which is a big bubble in employment rate and salary ratio. One such jobless incident is, last month SSI Redcar steel plant stopped it's production and 1700 workers will be unemployed.
About housing sector, the price is continuously climbing high. But there are also several criticism over the housing and mortgage sectors, that it's is failed to meet the housing requirements of common people. Also two days earlier, there was a statement from UK banking sector about Household sector problems and financial downturn risk because of Mortgag…
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Currency fluctuations in the currency market is essentially caused by the appreciation or depreciation of currencies; at every point in time one currency in the market is either gaining in value (appreciating) or losing in value (depreciation).
The global economic scene is very diverse, with different economic activities and data being processed daily. Economies with strong growth and development tend to have appreciating currencies, while economies not perceived to be doing well tend to have depreciating currencies.
So a currency’s appreciating is directly tied to the state of its economy. When the USD (United States Dollar) is appreciating, what happens to the EURUSD?
The best way to visualize this is to use a scale. If the USD is appreciating over the EUR, it means the USD has more weight or demand than the EUR. So the market will go in the direction of the “heavier” currency.
However, some economies may choose to devalue their currency in order to spur economy growth.
An example is the Japanese yen (JPY), which the Bank of Japan regularly devalues through acts of intervention in the currency markets. By keeping the Japanese yen low, the currency is cheaper and attractive to f…
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The announcement
The Bank of England has decided to change it’s communication form and has squeezed in many releases into one announcement starting this month. The previous form of communicating was criticized for being inconsistent as information was divided into many releases across two weeks interval.
For the first time under the new order information was provided on the 6th of August. The Monetary Policy Committee vote took place as well as the minutes report, both on one day. The Monetary Policy Committee has voted against a rate hike with the votes divided 1 to 8, with 1 for and 8 against.
The consensus was at 2 to 9 with Ian McCafferty and Martin Weale voting for and possibly a third person as well. This outcome was disappointing for the market. The minutes have shown that there is a divide when it comes to the time of starting to cut down on the QE program. Additionally the inflation report was provided. The forecasts concerning inflation rate have been lowered for the rest of the year. The 2015 forecast has been lowered from 0.6% to 0.3%. It has also been mentioned that the downward pressures from low energy prices may persist until mid 2016. Howoever, by that time inflat…
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I have decided to write a follow up to my previous article about GBP due to the fact that last week there was important news coming from the UK which gives insight into the upcoming monetary policy of the Bank of England.
The week in review
On the 14th of July we saw the release of the Consumer Price Index for June which disappointed as it retreated to 0.0% YoY and MoM from 0.1% growth in May. Although the reading was better than in April which saw a drop of -0.1% which was the lowest level in over 50 years, the retreat comes in as a hindrance to the plan of the BoE of embarking on a rate hike schedule. The core CPI, which measures price changes among energy, food, alcohol and tobacco, has slowed to0.8% from 0.9% in May.
These data releases gave a bearish perspective for the GBP. However, afterwards the governor of Bank of England MarkCarney said in his statement that the BoE expects inflation to pick up later this year when the effects of lower oil and food prices subside. Thus, the time for interest rate hikes, which are going to be gradual, is coming closer, however he did not specify when. He said, "the point at which interest rates may begin to rise is moving closer with the p…
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I was sure the cable would hit 1.6 and went long this month in the trader contest boy was I wrong :-) In August I believe it will. Lets wait and see

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Thanks:) Yes, I think it may continue to appreciate in August and maybe even hit the 1.60 level. Especially that today's GDP came on target. But later on I think it will go the other way:)

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