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5 Tips for Trading During Volatile Markets
Increased volatility leads many traders to seeing an increase in trading opportunities. The huge market swings trigger thoughts of monumental upside, but also for potential loss especially if traders do not take the necessary precautions. During times of volatility, traders need to adjust their strategy to compensate for erratic market. When trading during these market conditions, traders should follow the rules below.
1. Be More Selective Before Placing Trades
Wanting to take advantage of all the trading opportunities that present themselves in volatile markets, traders are tempted to place an increase number of trades. This temptation should be avoided. It is important to remember that in volatile times, losses are likely to be big. Before placing a trading, assess risk tolerance levels. Determine the level of risk that is acceptable for the trader both psychologically and financially before placing any trades.
2. Use Less Leverage
During high market volatility, losses can be traumatic. With the average trading range increased in volatile times traders should be considering how …
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rupesh1984 20 Nov.

well described but if u put any image detail too it can give u extra point too however ur detail is good :) good luck :)

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ak10 22 Nov.


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brilliant 24 Nov.

nice advices

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good luck in contest

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Aviator 25 Nov.

well done

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The answer is no. You need just one monitor for the profitable trading. You could have several monitors of course but it doesn’t help at all. Quantity of monitors can not have any influence on your success, so better don't waste your money on that.
There are some important factors that will help you to become the successful Fx trader. I could easily name them, it's your knowledge, experience and patience.
Each experienced trader has his/her own portfolio of indispensable features for successful trading. These features varies from trader to trader and mainly depend on a particular strategy and trading style. You can use 6+ monitors and implement some quite expensive features there, if you wish, but firstly ask yourself, whether you really need all these tools, such as:
- Technical analysis charts (to analyze currency pairs in different time frames);
- Economic Calendar (to get a quick rundown of the major daily, weekly and monthly economic events);
- News heat map (to see the relative importance of each news story);
- Research reports on equities (to buy, sell or hold ratings from research reports);
- TV clipster (to monitor multiple financial TV channels in real time);
- Squaw…
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anna_n 12 Jan.


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Airmike 13 Jan.

really doesn't matter if you have 1 or ten monitors . trust me. more monitors cannot bring you higher profits.

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Good article!

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tdbatinkov 23 Jan.

for success is not necessary to trade too much instruments

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Skif 27 Jan.

Of course multiple monitors much easier to trade a good topic

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Knowing how much to risk per trade is important in forex career. Managing risk is a very important concept to understand in this business . So, to make money with money you have to understand the logic of leverage. Where it can be in our favor, and when and where it is not in our favor to use high leverage for trading.
Scalpers are traders who like to close trades for 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50pips they are usually using high risk or medium risks, as they use tight stops for their scalp trades. The long term traders however use lower risk, who don't have time to site in front of pc 24/7, they are known as investors who like using long time frames h4-daily-weekly. Short term investors or scalpers and intraday traders like to refer small time frames like 30min, 1hour and h4.
So, now let's understand now what leverage is?
Leverage is investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses).
Many brokers offer investors 1:100 leverage for foreign exchange trading or forex trading. What does that mean, it means if you invest 100$, you'll have the ability to use 100$x100times leverage=10000$ borrowed capital for amplifying your gains. This mone…
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very good

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good job

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very interesting article!

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so nice!

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The psychology of successful FX trading
They are plenty of trade methods, which turn a few traders into
successful whereas many traders experience failure. The important question is: Why
do many traders fail?
Several researches show that numerous factors contribute to
their failure. For instance, they expect to get lucky and make money. They trade
in luck in order to make money. They think that the trade is a game of chance
and luck and don`t study to acquire a trade system of knowledge to succeed. They
are attracted to the market by greed whereas their greed overcomes their need,
which lead to self-destruction. They don`t focuses properly and as a lack of
concentration, they dismiss opportunities. They don`t have a defined trading
strategy. Unsuccessful traders follow emotions more than reasons and they
are unable to handle the stress. They don`t pay attention to the facts and logics.
Various researches indicate that the human brain is divided
into two lobs: the left and the right lobes. The left lobe functionality is
analytical, logical, rational, realistic and intellectual in contrast, the right
lobe involves emotional, subconscious, intuitive, sensitive, and imagi…
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ikhall 26 Nov.

So true about implementing the proper indicators for your specific strategy! Would you mind reading my article and letting me know what you think?

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AdrianWS 29 Nov.

Nice article, hope to read more from you in the future! Definetely agree, you have to be able to control emotions.

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