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Your investment sum, the investment period, and the risk that you will face ... Before you choose a financial instrument, you need to consider these three factors. Choosing the most appropriate financial instrument for the various fluctuations in financial markets, experience and revenue expectations is your first step in the investment world. When directing your individual investment, you can always use asset management professionals to identify the most appropriate financial instrument for your investment approach.
Forex (FX)
In comparison with other financial markets, the FOREX market has many advantages. Opportunity to trade through lending, lack of speculative transactions, ability to trade 24/7 on a weekly basis make the FOREX market attractive for market participants. Among those traded in this market include currency pairs, commodities, difference agreements, stock and stock indices. FOREX is included in a highly profitable financial instrument group.
Commodities (CMDTs)
Along with covering energy products such as commodities, precious metals, metals such as silver, copper and steel, agricultural products such as wheat and corn, petroleum gas, many financial instruments suc…
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Generally, there’s some truth and some myth about managing your capital in trading. Effectively, there’s relevant information about fund management as there is on the other hand worthless information that will not bring success in trading. The reason is obvious: each amount of investment in traders’ accounts will be different. And engagement to take risk will be different depending on the trader as well.
This fluctuation is due to an initial fund in question and to the level of skill of the trader.

What helps us manage our funds well in trading?
Everyone knows that money management is a must to succeed in trading. However, most traders don’t spend enough time on elaborating or planning the money management. In this article, you will find out what would be the best professional perspective on money management in trading and we’ll also mention the ideas that can fit it.
After acquiring experience in that, we finally understand that most traders (after our investment) need method – Fund management – Readiness spirit.
All this reminds us to have a good working methodology, a good management practice, and a good intelligible approach.
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Most traders who try to succeed in trading Forex face a question – „is it possible to be profitable in Forex at all?“. This is common because many beginners make similar mistakes – look for „Holy Grail“, use too many fancy indicators or think that complex systems are better than simple ones, etc. In Forex experience is the most important thing. So it is normal that after a strike of failures such questions arise. Some beginners lose faith and quit Forex. In this article I will try to give information about funds that trade Forex, how they perform and what methodologies they use. I hope that this will give faith at least to some. Some may dissapoint too. Most of the information I‘ve gathered from „BarclayHedge“ databases. How did they perform In a table below is a list of top 30 performers in Forex during 1 year (2011).This table might give some wrong understanding, as we should also look at total return, drawdown and how much time it is „on market“. But as we can see such funds are profitable and some generate really solid returns. Keep in mind that most of these funds use good money management and they never use full leverage like 1:100. There are much more fu…
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