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In the jungle where a lot of animal species live, every animal is different and has its own lifestyle and the way of living, but all of them are controlled by the same instinct which is the hunger and hunting. The survival and fear of death are enough reasons to keep animals looking for foods and a good hunt to stay alive. Animals are following their instinct very strict and they invented and innovated a lot of tricks and ways to get the food they need to keep alive, some predators wait for days and weeks patiently until an unlucky prey get trapped, hunted and eaten by them. Some animal species such as lions, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, and Wolves share the same goal of getting the prey trapped and hunted but every animal has its own tricks and characteristics which make them very successful hunters.
In fact, the animal kingdom is full of lessons and tricks that strongly associated with being successful and lucrative Forex Trader, and if we closely observe animals we will be surprised on how intelligent and creative animals are. Therefore valuable tricky lessons can be learned and adopted by Forex Traders to improve their profitability and to be successful in Trading. Animals have succes…
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NonFarm Payroll was a big disappointment for March 2015, it also continue to precede the same tendency in April 2018 as the key bright spot in the global marketplace, the US economy is starting to lose its luster. Weak data in April is causing Forex Traders to look for another disappointment in the US labor picture. Like most fundamental news points in the marketplace, there are three sides to every newsprint that Forex traders need to understand.
Reading the News Print It's common to have a client call into a brokerage and asked why a currency pair has moved so much. The short answer is often that there has been a news release but that's not a fair answer because there's more than meets the eye in a news release. First, there is going to be an expectation of the news release based on the trend in fundamental news announcements and any developments from minor news releases and that expectations relation to the news release. Volatility Volatility is a fancy term that simply means prices moving aggressively relative to prior price history with less regard to direction. Because of the significance of nonfarm payroll for the US economy a large beat or a large mass will often result i…
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Hello, my dear friends and Dukascopy Community Members, We are talking about Fundamental Analysis and Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest.
Fundamental Analysis :
Fundamental Analysis is a popular method among traders to predict price changes in the Forex market. The basic analysis is based on an analysis of indicators of leading economies and statistical data on developments in economic sectors produced by major countries. The fundamental analysis takes into consideration important political and financial news, Which may affect prices. Based on the nature of the information analyzed.
Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest :
  • Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest is competition prepared for participants to forecast the Fundamental Analysis on the selected currency , Discuss potential outcomes with other community members before and after the release the news . Technically, This competition is like trading binary options.
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In the world of trading, you have to be ahead if you want to have the potential to succeed. If you interview successful traders or investors in the Forex market, they will undoubtedly highlight their audacity, ability and knowledge of how to predict the future price action in the Forex market.
But what must be remembered to answer the question?
Above all, you should know that Forex is a decentralized and global market for currency trading. It's the largest market in the world, dealing with trillions of dollars worth of transactions every day. Notable players are central banks, hedge funds, governments, trading companies, investment institutions, global corporations and, of course, retail brokers and traders.
To predict price movements in the market, we recognize that a trader needs to have a thorough understanding of the factors that can influence future movements in the exchange rate of a currency. And to succeed, remember that there is no prediction formula. In the ultimate forex, it all depends on your skills, your experiences and your commitments to succeed.
There are factors you need to understand to predict well. For example, they are: Economic Growth, Recessions, Geopolitics…
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What is double top & bottom patterns?

After a Strong move towards Upwards/Downward market does show a pattern called Double Top/Bottom. It is a Reversal Pattern. Most of the people familiar with this Reversal Pattern but they end up searching for a New system just because they don't know how to use it. Well here i am gonna show you the actual way to trade double Top/Bottom.
First Look at this images which shows the Idea of Double Top and Bottom Patterns.
Two things you have to notice here-

1.The Area Between point 1 and 2.
By these two images we can elaborate that market does react like this but the question arise that "How to read them?"

1. At point 2 Market should not close above the Previous Highest Close.
2. At point 2 Candle high at least touch the previous Highest Close.
3. Always Look Left.(For Support and Resistance)
Lets see some examples.

In above Figure every condition satisfy that's why it can be called a valid double top setup.
Now the lets look at image below it does look like a double top but it is not a valid setup as per rules.
it is time to learn some double bottom patterns too After that we will take a look
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Hi Friends,
Welcome to first month of financial year, you know one bitter fact in the forex market. Forex is war between individuals where expertise tigers will hunt down new deer’s and share the flesh of profit among them so my aim is to save as many deer I can so I love to share my new leanings to new deer’s to escape from the clutches of tigers and to become one of them without giving away their flesh.
When I am was deer to the forex trading I used to have 100 of doubts, 1000 of confusion, I used to search an answer for all of those and spend some time in reading to learn forex. I am so scared like other deer’s and used to do lot of practice without proper knowledge and used to fallow forex gurus and their signals.
Every new deer will do the same at the beginning life of trading like:
1.Searching a 100 percent working strategy .
2.Searching signals providers.
3.Searching any website that gives an signals for trading.
4.Searching for indicators.
5.Searching for trading systems.
Ask yourself now; did you search any of the above?
You say yes,I know searching a pearl in ocean is difficult but you will get a pearl one day but searching a boat on dry land to get your destination i…
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My understanding on fundamental analysis is that a review on real economic activities or events which are affecting foreign currencies exchange strong or weakness that is refleceted in the forex spot market. Some factors that affects a country currecy exchange rate in corresponding to forex fundamental analysis comprises of country inflation, interest rate, current account, public debt, terms of trade, political stability, economic growth, and so on. Meanwhile, forex technical analysis is basically a review on the currency market movement up and down on chart tool based as a utility to identify market direction, level, and momentum. Perfectly, we should look at both analysis together so that we can grab all aspects of the market in one basket. The advantage of the fundamental analysis will give us the market’s insights of current economic information and technical analysis will give us clues to the probability movement based on chart historical data. While we are trading by using charts as tool then technical analysis knowledge and skill will much help us for example to find the best momentum, entry location, exit target, and determine position size.
To make it easier to understan…
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Generally, there’s some truth and some myth about managing your capital in trading. Effectively, there’s relevant information about fund management as there is on the other hand worthless information that will not bring success in trading. The reason is obvious: each amount of investment in traders’ accounts will be different. And engagement to take risk will be different depending on the trader as well.
This fluctuation is due to an initial fund in question and to the level of skill of the trader.

What helps us manage our funds well in trading?
Everyone knows that money management is a must to succeed in trading. However, most traders don’t spend enough time on elaborating or planning the money management. In this article, you will find out what would be the best professional perspective on money management in trading and we’ll also mention the ideas that can fit it.
After acquiring experience in that, we finally understand that most traders (after our investment) need method – Fund management – Readiness spirit.
All this reminds us to have a good working methodology, a good management practice, and a good intelligible approach.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -…
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RBA Interest Rate Decision
In the meeting held on 5th September the RBA kept the interest rates unchanged at 1.5 % but gave much more positive indications about growth in economy. As per recent economic data inflation is expected to rise gradually, business investments is picking up, employment growth has become stronger, though labor hours remains week. The various forward-looking indicators point to continued growth in employment over the period ahead. Economic growth is still expected to increase gradually over the next couple of years to a little above 3%.
In recent meeting held on 1st August RBA kept interest rates unchanged but gave much more positive indications about growth in economy. Governor Lowe said, business investments have picked up, employment growth has become stronger, though Wage growth remains low, however, and this is likely to continue for a while yet. Inflation is expected to increase gradually as the economy strengthens. The various forward-looking indicators point to continued growth in employment over the period ahead. He said, economic growth is still expected to increase gradually over the next couple of years to above 3%.
House Pric…
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The present Forex market is not what it used to be before decade, before century. It has evolved the same way as people are evolving during millennium but way faster.
To be successful in trading you probably have read a lot of books and maybe you think you know what to do. Let’s assume you have made the best of yourself and succeeded to make a good profit. But this is not everything and only if you withdraw your wining you can claim that you are successful. A lot of traders ( if not probably all of them) think that they can continue winning and making profits the same way as they start and here comes the great disaster. Market is like a hound for such traders it smells the greed from thousand miles. You will probably enter a huge leveraged position assuming that nothing wrong would happen and then it comes, the storm more horrific than Irma. You find yourself with most of the Equity gone caused by some major bank speaker or change in interest rate which was not expected. I am sure that I am not the first one to write about this but this is a reminder for every trader, newbie or veteran.
The best way to keep your Balance positive or at least pink not red is to avoid huge leverage.…
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Definition and Economic forecasting

  • Fundamental analysis can be defined as the study of country’s economic and financial performance in order to determine the fair market value and future direction of its currency.
  • Fundamentals focus on factors that determine exchange rates, such as countries’ economic health, political stability and environmental events.
  • A popular way to gauge the health of countries’ economy is through looking at its economic indicators and data releases, which is why every trader should be familiar with them and how they influence the value of a currency.
  • If the European economy is doing better/worse than American economy then we expect EURUSD price to go up/down.
  • Our target is to evaluate how well the economies in question are doing, and find which currency will appreciate/depreciate.
Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Interest Rates
  • Inflation
  • Gross Domestic Product – GDP
  • Unemployment
  • Trade Balance

Pic 1 - Major Indicators which can move the currency pairs

Interest Rates

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Best strategy for news trading I have ever know and at the same time which makes good profit in long run and I have given its name as Double rocket because we will be waiting on both sides to get lunch to sky high in seconds. Rockets are always too dangerous so proper money management requires otherwise we will be busted mean to say our account will become zero in minutes.
In the above picture please check his standing position it’s exactly looks like double rocket position it looks funny but very dangerous. Let’s assume that you’re standing on both the cars and you want to catch the Flight but you don’t know which car will reach the airport and don't know the drivers performance so you decided to check drive capacity and standing on both cars.
Now you have three outcomes:

1. If you selected right car then you will catch the flight and reach your destination.
2. If you selected wrong car then you will get down in the half way and cancel the flight.
3. If you decided to ride on ride on both cars then you will die (Forex account zero) if there is no proper safety.
When and how to apply double rocket strategy?

1. Double rocket will work only at the time of major news release …
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Simplest, dumbest, but the best ever :D  just remember to send orders just a  couple of seconds  before release so you avoid the pre release spike. Concerning the news spike, just backtest. Gdp on gbp and usd will always have the spike, usd interest also, nfp when not together with cad employment. These are best to fade, just let it run then go opposite. The rest i think all good for rockets hahah good luck!

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Oh and be careful with nzd, rub, try!  Their data like interest rates and gdp will lag, have huuuge spreads, even get you- instrument unavailable, so best skip the release and enter on retracements

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Рыночный анализ, в зависимости от принципов, лежащих в его основе, может быть техническим или фундаментальным. Концепция технического анализа строится на утверждении, что соотношение спроса и предложения, которое отражает ценовой график, подчиняется законам математики. Согласно фундаментальному анализу, рынок меняется исключительно в силу политических, экономических и финансовых факторов.
О последнем я и хотел бы сегодня поговорить, а именно о таких его аспектах как:
  1. Фундаментальный анализ ка метод
  2. Факторы влияющие на фундаментальность
  3. Основные показатели фундаментального анализа
  4. Индикаторы фундаментальности на уровне стран
  5. На что необходимо обращать внимание при принятии решений
  6. Критика
Теперь, как всегда, давайте по-подробнее о каждом данном аспекте, и начнем пожалуй с основы.
За причиной всегда идет следствие: как если в квартире включили отопление, то обязательно станет тепло, так и каждая политическая или экономическая новость обязательно повлияет на кус валют.
Эрих Грэхем

Фундаментальный анализ как метод:
Фундаментальный анализ складывает некоторое представление об изменениях цен на валюты вследствие развития той или иной экономической ситуации. Трейдеры в своих прогнозах относите…
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5As we all know, most of the forex traders begin their arduous journey by dreaming about an amazing future which will endow them with the precious freedom of money, time and locality. Money is a renewable resource but other two in this group are really precious. However, in this article we are going to discuss about a much more valuable gift than these three benefits of our business. And by the end of this scenario, the reader is sure to love his trading with a different way of looking at it. Moreover, those traders who have been considered themselves as losers will find a rejuvenated vigor to fight on and succeed. So come along.The holy grail I am going to reveal here is not going to come from any external agent or broker but from within each and every one of us. It is nothing less than an active and pulsating brain and a fit and healthy physic for you to live longer in every meaningful sense of life.
The world has not yet seen or heard of an amazing miracle like human life and much more miraculous is the vagaries of our little brain which leads, controls and contorts this life. But the most refreshing thing about this super computer is that it can be u…
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What the market has priced in already...

As we see, we are around the level of post referendum, when Brexit, especially hard Brexit was not certain at all. This is quite an optimistic and strong reaction from the market. The market has priced in almost a reversal in British approach.
No hard Brexit is just a hope

What we have to remember as traders is that right now it is just hopes priced in, without generally any hard facts to support them yet.
As it is used to be said 'sell the gossip, buy the fact'. The facts are still to be seen and assesed while gossip sold pretty well, giving disconnected with reality 180 degree sentiment change in the market.
Why disconnected? Well, maybe polls are not trusted recently, but this time they show Conservative Party being 20% ahead. That is quite a decisive prediction. Lead by Theresa May and her party, British would have hard Brexit almost assured, that is unless the party itself had huge internal differences in Brexit approach.
It seems that market just might have gotten a bit too excited again, this time to the upside.
The most positive scenario
Even if hard Brexit was somehow forgotten by the government, there still would be Brexit on the…
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